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Tag: Media business models

ZimPapers testing out WhatsApp news subscription service

ZimPapers is testing out a new WhatsApp-based subscription model as local media continues to battle to diversify their revenue models in the age of the internet. At the time of writing, it doesn’t seem that there’s a pricing model which suggests that the new service is still being trialled with users getting a chance to […]

List: Business Models Used By Zimbabwe’s Online News Publishers

One of the things we’re asked every now and again as individuals working in the online media space in Zimbabwe is, how does the business side of this work. Or put plainly, “how do you make your money?” Sometimes this is asked by some seasoned journalists and content creators keen to understand better what kind […]

AMH e-Papers. WhatsApp Distribution, Privacy And Payments Problems

After launching and then gradually discontinuing e-paper sales and subscriptions about a year ago, Alpha Media Holdings has re-introduced the format and business model. This re-introduction has been spurred more by the government ordered 21-day COVID-19 lockdown, which has meant no sales (or a very steep decline) of the physical paper on the streets. Here’s an advert […]

The Brand New And Cheaper H-Metro Reveals The Business Model Crisis Of The Media Business

If you read the Zimpapers’ Herald on hard copy you should have noticed the full paged teaser adverts that didn’t seem to make sense until they revealed a made over version of the popular tabloid, H-Metro. The new H-Metro now costs 50c meaning a 50% slash in the price from the $1 it used to […]

Zimpapers appoints new GM for Digital and Publishing, and what this means for its future

Zimpapers, the country’s largest news company by readership (listener-ship and soon viewership as well) has appointed a new general manager to oversee the group’s Digital and Publishing Division. The new head, Marks Shayamano, is a Zimpapers veteran who has apparently been with the company since 1985. He was recently the GM of Zimpapers in Buawayo […]

Zimpapers: A profitable media company that is in internet trouble

Zimpapers, the government owned media company that owns Zimbabwe’s dominant newspaper titles (The Herald, Sunday Mail ), a relatively new radio station, a soon to be launched TV station, announced its 2016 financial results last week. The media company competes with the two other major media companies, the privately owned AMH (which owns NewsDay and other […]