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Halfway through 2020, here is the state of digital news in Zimbabwe

Despite spending most of the year in limbo for a significant portion of the world – Zim included, the year has kind of breezed by. We are already past the halfway point of 2020 and we thought it would be fascinating to look at the most popular local news publications online. The stats we used, […]

ED’s Law: 20 Years In Prison For Fake News During Lockdown

I still stick to my position that policing fake news is dangerous no matter the circumstances. Therefore the law just passed is in my book a deadly precedence (just like a coup DE tat for that matter). Besides being a very bad thing to do, policing speech is a losing battle. I guess a few […]

Zim Journalist Gets Flagged For Posting False Coronavirus Update On Facebook

Social media sites have pledged to fight misinformation as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to spread globally. We’ve seen this happen first hand with Zimbabwean journalist Hopewell Chin’ono getting one of his Coronavirus related posts flagged as “false information”. The journalist who posted a picture of Whilst the virus has devastated Italy and many other countries, […]

Netflix Will Now Save 20% Data For Certain Videos On Android Devices

There are fewer things that put a strain on data than streaming videos on platforms such as Netflix and YouTube. Netflix has introduced a new video codex that will utilise 20% less data than usual on Android devices. The AV1 codec – which is enabling this magic – compresses data more efficiently than the V9 […]

Trump Blames Violent Video Games For Mass Shootings

The mass shootings in El Paso, Texa continue to tie in with technology in interesting ways. Cloudflare recently stopped offering their services to 8Chan for the role the message-board site plays in these attacks and recently the US President assigned blame to tech but in a different way. Trump feels that violent video games are […]

ZBC Announced The Launch Of Their App And Social Media Reacted

When ZBC announced the launch of their app, I felt quite happy for the national broadcaster which is edging closer and closer to their goals of “digitalising”. Or is it digitization? Anyway, let’s just call it digital migration. So here I was expecting a good response for the national broadcasters’ efforts in adopting tech but […]

Online Adverts Can Be Annoying, We Are Making Them Better For You, Help Us

First things first: no we are not removing adverts on Techzim, not yet anyway. However we do agree that ads can be annoying and we want to make the experience better for you on Techzim. Why are ads annoying? One (but not the only) reason why ads are annoying is that a number of times […]

What Led To The Death Of Kwese’s Satellite TV Service?

So Kwese satellite TV has been on the market for a year and a half but it seems that Kwese is already shifting strategies and ditching a service that was met with huge waves of excitement followed by an underwhelming sense of inadequacy… Let’s take a look at why Kwese couldn’t hit the home run […]

Ministry Of Information Now Has A YouTube Channel

Soon after the cabinet announcement different ministries starting setting up social media accounts in order to ensure that there are communication channels for them to easily get input from the public. This movement by the government was one we commended and it seems the Ministry of Information wants to continue leading when it comes to […]

Deputy Minister Of Information Energy Mutodi Tells AMH To Restore Normal Prices Of NewsDay & Papers From AMH

So the prices of newspapers from AMH have increased and obviously people are not too chuffed about that!! A few days ago, papers under AMH (Newsday, Zim Independent and The Standard) put out notices stating that they would be shifting prices from the 10th (today): We take pride in bringing you world-class, cutting edge content […]

Herald Brings Their Newspaper Online; Will The ‘ePaper’ Be A Hit?

Making money as an online publication is a very uncertain business and the world over it seems no one is yet to fully crack this code. Of course, some publications have made strides to figuring out what’s the best way to go about making their money online but in Africa the challenges of making a […]

Egypt Worryingly Follows In Footsteps of Other African Countries Tightening Grip On Social Media

It seems a number of African countries are determined to make sure their poor governance extends to social media platforms. One week ago, Egypt joined Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya among governments who believe social media needs to be regulated. The law passed seven days ago in Egypt dictates that any social media accounts and blogs […]

Techzim Reviews: Black Panther After The Post Credits Scene #PotentialSpoilerAlert!

Again before I begin I have 2 disclaimers. First off this might be a potential spoiler so tread carefully. Secondly, this is my own encounter of the movie so just in case you feel burdened with glorious purpose to skin me alive then the comments are our Colosseum. As some of you might know yesterday […]

We’re Currently Not Interested In Zimbabwe Football TV Rights At All, Says Kwese TV

Speculation & rumour that Kwese TV is negotiating a deal for PSL TV rights, it seems, won’t die. This, despite the fact that the PSL itself already denied any such negotiation is going on. The current rumours, apparently, are that Kwese TV has submitted a bid for the TV rights to Zimbabwe’s Premier Soccer League. Econet […]

Record Facebook Livestream Audience for ZBC News Online as Zimbabweans await Mugabe resignation which never came

This is probably the largest Facebook Livestream audience anyone in Zimbabwe has ever achieved. Just a few minutes after going live today, the state broadcaster, ZBC,  had more than 12,000 live viewers on Facebook. The reason? Zimbabweans are awaiting an announcement from the President of the country, Robert Mugabe, who is expected to either resign […]

#BreakingNews: Econet suspends Kwese TV in response to licence cancellation announcement

Just a day after launch, Techzim can confirm that Econet has suspended selling Kwese TV in Zimbabwe. The suspension follows a statement issued by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe last night which said Kwese does not have a valid satellite TV broadcasting licence. Techzim went to 3 Econet shop branches in Harare this morning – […]

ZBC starts broadcasting news bulletins on Facebook Live

Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) is trialing the broadcasting of its content on Facebook Live. The government owned broadcaster started going live on Facebook with regular TV broadcast two days ago on 16 August. Yesterday, the 8PM news bulletin as well as some regular tv shows were broadcast live on Facebook for about 2 hours. The […]

Zimpapers appoints new GM for Digital and Publishing, and what this means for its future

Zimpapers, the country’s largest news company by readership (listener-ship and soon viewership as well) has appointed a new general manager to oversee the group’s Digital and Publishing Division. The new head, Marks Shayamano, is a Zimpapers veteran who has apparently been with the company since 1985. He was recently the GM of Zimpapers in Buawayo […]

The Financial Gazette acquired by ANZ, publishers of the Daily News

Techzim is reliably informed that Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe (ANZ), the media company that owns the Daily News and other titles, has acquired The Financial Gazette, popularly known as just Fingaz. Fingaz is one of Zimbabwe’s most iconic weekly papers and covers mostly business news via a newspaper and online presence. Information that ANZ was acquiring Modus […]

Zimpapers: A profitable media company that is in internet trouble

Zimpapers, the government owned media company that owns Zimbabwe’s dominant newspaper titles (The Herald, Sunday Mail ), a relatively new radio station, a soon to be launched TV station, announced its 2016 financial results last week. The media company competes with the two other major media companies, the privately owned AMH (which owns NewsDay and other […]

Popular Zambian publication, Mwebantu, shuts down website, publishes on Facebook & Twitter exclusively

A popular general news publication in Zambia, Mwebantu, shut down its website in November 2016 to experiment with publishing exclusively on social media. The publication now posts its news on Facebook and Twitter only. Websites, Mwebantu told us, are like landlines in terms of the disruption by social media that they have suffered. With a following of about […]

Advertising industry relaunches Standards Authority. About self regulation and a cure for Prejudice

On Monday I attended the re-launch of the Advertising Standards Authority. It was great for me to attend for four chief reasons: (1) A lady called Odette van der Haar  (2) I learnt a lot about self regulation within an industry (3) Attending cured me of a prejudice I had (4) The food of course. […]

UN says online rights are also human rights and must be protected

In the last several days, some governments around the world raised their hands in solidarity with the importance of internet freedoms. The United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council last week passed a landmark resolution which seeks protection of human rights on the Internet. The resolution is on “the promotion, protection and enjoyment of human rights […]

TelOne and ZOL go at each via adverts… which one is cleverer? (Update)

It’s always entertaining when companies cleverly use adverts to diss & make fun of each other, the ads by ZOL and TelOne in the past weeks (and today) were a welcome refreshment from daily Zim doom and gloom. ZOL started it with these billboards in the past week or so:   And yesterday, TelOne hit back with this: […]

Zim reality TV cooking show, Battle of the Chefs, raises US $150,000

Zimbabwean reality TV cooking show, Battle of the Chefs, has raised US $150,000 from private equity investors enabling it to create what is certainly one of Zimbabwe best TV productions in a very long time.

263chat to Zimpapers – Here’s how much Zimbabwean media is using internet video

Our checks first of all shows that apart from 263chat no other internet-only publisher has taken video seriously enough to post something every week. Of the traditional media companies, only Zimpapers and Alpha media

Out with the old ways… The future is beneath the surface

Here’s how our blogging has worked here at Techzim: we pick up news (we discover, are tipped, or our interest grows in some issue we think should be discussed) and we blog it. The news and our opinion of course. Usually these are quick on the surface updates. Every once in awhile we do in-depth, both in us understanding an […]

Over-aggregation in Zimbabwean internet media

The media industry in Zimbabwe is struggling and facing many challenges including political interference, waning revenue streams, staff layovers, job redundancies and company closures. Some of these challenges are not unique to the country but being experienced the world over. The Zimbabwean media industry is still very print-centric and hesitant to adopt new technologies. The […]

Zimpapers, again, accused of stealing content. And why it’s complicated.

In November last year, we posted an article titled “Zimpapers accused of stealing content by local bloggers…again. In it we talked about the unsustainable practice of stealing content that is rampant in Zimbabwe. What triggered that article was an incident where a Zimpapers publication had copied articles without permission from a local internet publisher called SSN. At that time […]

How well does Econet zero rating work for an app? Here’s biNu’s 400% growth story

About a year ago, when the zero rating of an app called biNu was announced by Econet we wrote in an article titled “Will Econet Zero-rating restore it to former glory“: In terms of popularity, this move may spell biNu’s come back in Zimbabwe. The free in yesteryear’s “free SMS” is back! This past November biNu’s total active users were just […]