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Facebook Messenger extends screen sharing in video calls to iOS and Android

Facebook announced that they will be extending the screen sharing feature for Message Rooms and Messenger video calls to mobile. This feature will now be available in Messenger and Message Rooms video calls on iOS and Android mobile apps. Putting them in step with Zoom, who already offer the feature on mobile. The initial roll […]

Facebook Messenger For iPhones Uses Less Storage But Is Now Twice As Fast

Facebook recently rebuilt their Messenger application on for iPhones and iPads. The result is an app that is quarter the size of the pre-existing application and twice as fast. Why did Facebook do this? Because they felt the utility of Messenger requires that the application be as nimble as possible: We started with the premise […]

BBM Shutting Down On May 31…

The fall of BBM is a pretty great example of how quickly things can change in the world of tech. Blackberry Messenger was the service that everyone wanted to have but it was only available to a select few. Eventually, BBM was opened to the masses but if you used it then you’ll probably know […]

You Are Now Able To Delete Mistakenly Sent Messages On Facebook Messenger

Facebook has finally started rolling a feature that allows users to delete sent messages on Messenger. This means you can now delete messages from everyone’s view on Facebook Messenger just like how you do it on WhatsApp. How does this feature work? The retracting feature works just like that of WhatsApp, allowing users to delete accidental messages or […]

Facebook Wants To Combine WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram Chat

According to various international media news sources including the Guardian and BBC Facebook is planning to integrate WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram so they can cross talk to each other on the orders of the big jefe, Mark Zuckerberg himself. No, they are not going to do this by making a  chimera app with bits taken […]

Facebook Messenger Lite Update Brings GIF Support And More Interesting Features

Messenger Lite, a lightweight version of Facebook’s popular messaging app, finally got animated GIF’s. Users will be able to send and receive animated GIF’s, improving the overall experience of using Messenger Lite. The app, since its inception, has been able to receive GIF’s but, before today, it couldn’t send animated GIFs. In essence, they were […]

Whatsapp To Bring Payments To Their Messaging Platform Soon As They Get Green Light From Indian Government

Whatsapp is under pressure in India. The Indian government recently accused Whatsapp of inciting the recent mob killings in India and the government basically asked Whatsapp to deal with the fake news problem, or else… With Whatsapp users in India making up a large part of the messaging services  overall user base, Whatsapp has reacted […]

Here Are The Best Secure Alternatives To WhatsApp

If you are Zimbabwean and own a smartphone, it’s almost a given that you use WhatsApp for your messaging needs. You kind of have to, everyone else does and most can only be reached on the messaging platform. WhatsApp gained this kind of popularity because it is cheap, like free to use cheap if one […]

Facebook Is Taking Pictures And Videos And Listening To Your Conversations Without Your Confirmation

Do you remember that time Facebook forced everyone onto their Messenger app? How? They made it impossible to view direct messages without the Messenger app, which some got around by using the mobile browser. Most people just simply downloaded the Messenger though. Now it’s a little clearer why Facebook forced that move. The Messenger app […]

These Zimbabweans’ Bots made it to the Messenger Bot Challenge finalists

Two Messenger Bots made by Zimbabweans made it to the 60 finalists of the Messenger Bot Challenge being run by Facebook. The Challenge was launched by Facebook in February this year. The Bots – Zimbabwe: Sphinx The Game and Zimbabwe: PopTime Bot – Movie Companion – are a game and a movie recommendation app respectively. The movie recommendation bot was […]

From instant messaging to instant games. Facebook has you covered

Facebook has been very busy this year with the launch of Facebook for Business sprinkling a dash of seriousness to the social media space. Now Facebook has introduced instant games in their Messenger app. So now you have a way to curb the awkward silence and cold shoulders with a couple of arcade classics. Let her […]

Say hello to the Techzim bot. Go ahead, greet her!

So we now have a Facebook Messenger bot. She’s been live 2 weeks now actually so if you’ve tried to contact us via our FB page, chances are you communicated with a bot. First things first, before we introduce her – while she can respond to some of your random questions, she’s not a let’s-talk-about-anything bot. Her primary purpose is […]

Americans register to vote through Messenger – just another show of what Zimbabwe won’t adopt

To register, a citizen types a greeting which will generate a response from the bot in the form of a menu of options. These will include stuff like a polling location finder and registration options together with supporting links.

Facebook’s Messenger crosses 1 billion user mark, solidifies position as the global app for the future

Facebook recently issued a statement celebrating a major milestone for its instant messaging service, Messenger. It now has 1 billion active users. This was accompanied by a congratulatory message to all Messenger users complete with an interactive emoji. The 1 billion mark is a notable achievement not only because of how staggering that number is but also because it […]

If you can’t access WhatsApp here are 5 great alternatives

Out of the more popular options we’ve listed 5 common IM platforms that are easy to use, provide a somewhat familiar user experience and have core features like VoIP calling and group chat which we are now fond of.

Your WhatsApp isn’t working? Use Facebook’s Messenger instead

WhatsApp is down. Well, that’s in Zimbabwe at least. This is a major disruption for a lot of people who rely on the internet to communicate. However there are many other options that people can still use to communicate including using VPN access to “unlock” WhatsApp. To be honest, though, that’s probably a bit too complicated […]

Tired of juggling all those messaging clients? Meet Franz, the one stop chat enabler

Franz is a new tool that is primed to become your favourite application if you are trying to juggle a host of chat clients as well as multiple accounts for those same clients.

Facebook introduces group calling on Messenger app

Facebook yesterday announced the introduction of group calling on its chatting app, Messenger. Essentially, people in a Facebook chatting group can now have an audio conversation together instead of just typing to each other. The feature is rolling out today and is available on Android as well as iOS.

Petition to save WhatsApp from regulation gains a lot of support

A South African online magazine,, has launched a petition calling on its government to reject the calls being made by the country’s mobile operators to regulate Over the Top (OTT) Services like WhatsApp and Skype.

WhatsApp video calling expected in platform’s next version

According to information in the article, which was accompanied by photos, WhatsApp is set to introduce video calling in the next iteration of the messaging platform. The upcoming version for iOS (it will be launched for Apple first) which is still in testing, will include video chat which works in the same way as FaceTime or Skype.

2014 in review: The winning apps for the year

We are at that time of the year when we decide to take a step back and try to get a better sense of what was really going down in 2014. It’s the end of 2014, and I have had my fair share of experiences this year with quite a lot which includes apps. I […]

5 features that could make WhatsApp even better

Technology is extending our reach in ways that we never thought possible, boundaries be damned. In a way, we’ve grown to understand that talking to the next person no longer involves traveling through distances. It’s just a call, text or WhatsApp away. It’s no doubt WhatsApp is a part of this change. It has won […]