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My experiences as a Zimbabwean entrepreneur at a Rwandan tech incubator

Zimbabwean tech entrepreneur Clinton Mutambo will be working from a Rwandan tech incubator for the next three months. In this article, he shares some of the insights he’s had of the Rwandan tech and business ecosystem so far , and how that relates to the Zimbabwean environment.

Zim startup Esaja makes it to Rwandan incubator’s accelerator program

A Zimbabwean tech startup, which was founded by Clinton Mutambo, has been selected for an accelerator program in a Rwandan tech incubator called think. This incubator and these programs are another example of mobile network operators’ in tech startups.

Rocket Internet’s Lamudi raises $18 million. How will that trickle down to Zim?

Lamudi, the online property listings company that set up offices in Zimbabwe sometime last year has managed to raise $18 million in funding. This capital will be used for revenue and market share development funding for the global group. According to report on TechCrunch, the capital was raised from Asia Pacific Internet Group. This is […]

Rocket Internet to raise almost $1billion in IPO for expansion

Rocket Internet, the German company builder and incubator recently confirmed that it would be launching an Initial Public Offering (IPO) later this year on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Rocket Internet, which focuses on emerging markets and has a significant footprint in Africa  has already established a presence in the Zimbabwean tech space through online real […]

MTN is actually already in Zimbabwe. Just not fighting with their usual weapons

Unbeknownst to most of us, MTN, Africa’s mobile telecoms giant, is actually already in Zimbabwe. They just aren’t fighting on the highly regulated front of mobile telecoms. In Zimbabwe, and other countries on the continent where MTN doesn’t do traditional mobile telecoms business, the company is now operating internet startups such as a newly launched […]

Mobile operators MTN, Orange, Millicom & Safaricom, see opportunity in tech startups

Yesterday, Orange Telecom, a French owned mobile telecoms company with operations in a number of African countries, announced the launch of a startup incubator in Niger. The incubator is the third the company has launched after similar ones in Niger and Mauritius. Earlier in the month, Safaricom’s CEO, Bob Collymore told Bloomberg TV Africa that they are […]

Africa’s Telecoms Titans: Millicom International Cellular

Tigo Africa is a part of Millicom International Cellular S.A. The company was founded by the Swedish conglomerate, AB Kinnevik and became one of the pioneers of mobile telephony. It began setting up its first network in 1979 in Sweden and went on to become one of the founding members of Vodafone. Over the last two decades, Millicom has evolved into an emerging markets telecoms operator with core interests in Africa, Central America and South America.