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Econet is calling for a tariff increase

The country’s biggest mobile network operator (MNO) Econet Wireless has called for a tariff increase. The company cited that this will be the only way to keep the telecoms industry viable as the sector is very resource-intensive and relies heavily on foreign currency which is in short supply. “Our headline tariffs were last reviewed in […]

ICT Minister opens Pan African Postal Union (PAPU) 2021 conference

Minister for ICT, Postal and Courier Services Dr Jenfan Muswere yesterday opened the Pan African Postal Union (PAPU) Plenipotentiary Conference which Zimbabwe is hosting at the Kingdom Hotel in Victoria Falls. Here is the Minister’s opening address: It is my singular honour and pleasure to officiate at this momentous occasion, the meeting of the 2021 […]

Full Text: Ministry for ICT e-learning strategy

E-learning’s strategy going forward from an ICT perspective.

Telecel workers pushing for corporate rescue to save the MNO

Things ain’t looking too good for Telecel.

Only 2864 schools of the nearly 9K in Zim have internet access

Progress is moving at a glacial pace.

[Full Text] Minister for ICT’s remarks at 4IR Summit

The following are the remarks made by Minister for ICT Postal and Courier Services Jenfan Muswere at the 4th Industrial Revolution Summit held yesterday.

TelOne’s car tracking service Teltrack launch event

TelOne has officially launched its vehicle tracking service Teltrack. At an event that was attended by representatives from the Ministry of ICT, Car Track, Zimoco, the Truckers Association of Zimbabwe and the press. The event shed more light on what Teltrack is about and what it does. Teltrack Teltrack is a service that is using […]

Full Text: Address by Zim ICT Minister to the WSIS Forum 2020

WSIS FORUM 2020 POLICY STATEMENT DELIVERED BY HONOURABLE DR. JENFAN MUSWERE MINISTER OF INFORMATION COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY, POSTAL AND COURIER SERVICES, ZIMBABWE QUESTION: What are the success factors for trading in the digital economy and how has Zimbabwe fared since the advent the COVID-19 pandemic? Last year, when my predecessor delivered Zimbabwe’s Policy Statement, we thought […]

Understanding this idea of a single international gateway – Does Zimbabwe need it anyway?

So what has changed? Why suddenly is there talk of a single international gateway through which all inbound and out voice and data traffic must go through.

5 issues that the new POTRAZ boss should tackle to improve telecoms in Zimbabwe

While POTRAZ has its own broad definition of what its role is as a regulator along with a breakdown of the duties and responsibilities of the Director General, we have listed just 5 areas that the new Director General will hopefully address.

6 finalists and 3 winners – here are the startups that were honoured at the Ministry of ICT’s Innovation Showcase

Held at Rainbow Towers in Harare, the event managed to bring together over 40 teams of young innovators and tech entrepreneurs who are trying to secure investment and gain exposure for the work they are doing.

Guilty of spam? – here are 13 offences in Zimbabwe’s draft Computer Crime & Cybercrime Bill

That being said, we have listed 13 potential offences from the draft bill. Assuming that the bill isn’t altered to remove or adjust the clauses that relate to these potential offences, violating them could land you in some legal trouble.

Ministry of ICT to oversee disposal of spectrum as government seeks $142 million for digital migration

The Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira So the latest information that’s been shared on Zimbabwe’s digital migration project (aka digitisation aka digitalisation) is that the government will be “borrowing” money from the Universal Services Fund to settle some immediate obligations for the project. However, this is only supposed to be a temporary arrangement. The digital […]

Government to start implementation of $25 million Innovation Fund by late September 2016, structures set up to monitor process

The Zimbabwean government is in the finals stages of setting up the structures for the multi-million ICT innovation fund and will begin the implementation of this pool by the end of September 2016.

Zimbabwe’s ICT policy gets cabinet approval as the country prepares for new tech legislation

According to the Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira, the draft ICT policy was recently approved by the cabinet. This marks a go-ahead from the government and paves way for the policy to become the official framework for the government’s plans relating to Information Technology.

Here are Zimbabwe’s new Postal and Telecommunications Quality of Service regulations

Through this new legal instrument which will be enforced by POTRAZ, local telecoms operators are expected to conform to a set of guidelines regarding the standard of service that they should deliver as well as the sort of customer care that they are obliged to offer all users of telecommunications services.

Zimbabwean Government won’t ban social media but it will penalise those who abuse it

The Zimbabwean government has no intentions of banning social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook, but it will be actively involved in regulating their use by penalising those who abuse such platforms.

Zimbabwe’s failed WhatsApp ban just exposed the mobile operator’s struggle with innovation

The reality, though, is that these operators are responding to changes that they never anticipated and whose effects they can’t control. The request for the ban, or regulation is, as has been the case in countries like Morocco and most recently South Africa, a way to contain the damage. That hardly justifies it, but it puts the request into context.

Zimbabwe’s draft e-Waste Policy to be ready by mid-2016 as government responds to its rising threat

The good news is that the government is aware of the e-waste challenge and steps are underway to curb any risks that it brings. According to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of ICT, Engineer Sam Kundishora, a policy on national e-waste management has gone through the initial draft stage and will be presented in June 2016.

Cybersecurity, Telemedicine & e-Waste dominate 1st day of e-Tech Africa Conference 2016

The 2016 edition of government’s e-Tech Africa Expo kicked off yesterday at its familiar venue the Harare International Conference Centre. This year, the two-day conference is running on the theme “Creating a Climate for Innovation and Access to Global Markets”.

Zimbabwe’s e-Government takes shape as country introduces online company registration & licensing

The site, which is fairly simple to use, offers a number of services which include visa applications, company registration, corporate name change, deeds search, the processing of investment and mining licences as well as the licensing for local government services like operating a liquor store.

Government raises telecoms operators’ Universal Service Fund contributions

Local telecommunications operators are going to have to make larger contributions to the State following the government’s resolution to raise the contributions to the Universal Service Fund from 0.5% to 1.5% of their gross annual turnover.

Telecoms operators encouraged to innovate in the face of WhatsApp rather than regulate it

South Africa’s Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) has released a statement encouraging telecoms operators to innovate in the face of challenges from Over The Top (OTT) Services like WhatsApp and Skype, rather than seeking to regulate them.

POTRAZ effects 1 cent increase on voice tariffs

POTRAZ, the national telecoms regulator has effected an increase in voice tariffs. Under the new tariff structure, a 1 cent increase has been factored into the cost of a call moving calls from 15 cents to 16 cents a minute.

Here’s Zimbabwe’s 2015 draft National ICT Policy

We managed to get a copy of the draft policy at the recent Cyber Indaba. The document touches on most aspects that the government has been passionate about when it comes to ICT and how it has the mandate to facilitate the right environment for ICT to flourish as a pillar for national development.

Understanding Zimbabwe’s draft Data Protection Bill

The Bill tries to ensure that whenever an individual’s data is collected, it is only used for the specified purpose and not abused.In the Bill, data is categorised into broad categories, namely personal information, sensitive data and genetic data.

Child porn, spam & everything illegal under Zimbabwe’s draft Cybercrime Bill

Here’s a look at some of the aspects being examined in Zimbabwe’s proposed Cybercrime Bill and how it will change the scope of IT in the upholding of the law.