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DStv is not the problem, government’s restriction of the media is

It’s high time the government wakes up and be driven by economic rather than political interests in its policies.

Government explains why it pulled plug on ZBC/Kwesé TV deal & English football on ZTV, exposes its hypocrisy

image credit – Manchester United Facebook Page We recently mentioned how a content sharing deal that had been entered into by Zimbabwe’s national broadcaster ZBC and Econet’s Kwesé Free Sports collapsed under unclear circumstances. Under the arrangement, ZBC’s ZTV was able to flight content from the 2016 Olympics as well as one live English Premier League […]

Zimbabwean government issues more warnings against social media abuse, singles out “diaspora cyber terrorists”

The statements from the Minister follow a string of other warnings against social media abuse issued by the government over the past month and a half. Zimbabwe has experienced an upsurge in online civic engagement and political activism popularised by campaigns like #ThisFlag and #Tajamuka.