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ZimRights & MISA file urgent chamber application to stop search of Econet premises

Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Zimbabwe together with Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) filed an urgent application with the High Court forbidding the ZRP and CID from searching Econet’s premises and obtaining a database containing all subscriber details. MISA & ZimRights argue that the warrant of search and seizure threatens citizens’ various fundamental rights, […]

Social Media A Threat To National Security – Zim Army Commander

Zimbabwe National Army Commander Edzai Chimonyo reportedly told senior military officers that social media has become a threat to national security. As commander of the Zimbabwe National Army, I am happy that the course laid a proper foundation in the areas of cyber security, which pose a dangerous threat to our national security. Social media […]

MISA Zimbabwe Declares “Latest Internet Data Price Increases Unjustified”

The Media Institue of Southern Africa (MISA) has had its say on the recently increased cost of mobile internet data. Posting on their own blog here are the views expressed by MISA On 30 April 2019, Econet Wireless became the latest mobile network operator to hike the cost of mobile data. In February this year, […]

MISA Zimbabwe Condemns Attack Against Rights Of Content Creators

After the arrest of online content creators Samantha Kureya (Gonyeti) and Sharon Chideu (Maggie) by CID officers, MISA Zimbabwe has released a statement defending the online content creators and called out the government for using such tactics for censorship purposes. The two content creators were charged with criminal nuisance for disturbing public peace by wearing […]

MISA And Its Army Of Lawyers Agree With Us: The Order To Shutdown The Internet Was Not Lawful

Early today we published our opinion on whether the internet shutdown was lawful or not. Econet’s Strive Masiyiwa claims that his companies were following a legal directive issued in terms of the law when they shutdown Zimbabwe’s internet. I could not disagree more, while it is true that Zimbabwe’s government forced Econet and others to […]

Here are some takeaways from Zimbabwe’s Cyber Indaba

Some of the issues touched on included the cyber crimes statutory matrix in Zimbabwe, the best practices for ICT legislation, a brief review of MISA and DSZ’s position on cybersecurity and cybersecurity resolutions from the Internet Governance Forum.

Here’s what to expect from the upcoming MISA Internet Governance Forum

MISA will hold an Internet Governance Conference which will dwell on Internet reach, sustainability, governance, content creation & dissemination. While the media will dwell on issues surrounding their viability, it is also prudent for general consumers to join the wider discussions towards coming up with an internet governance framework.

Econet appeals to Supreme Court. Trustco fires journo over Econet article

When judgment was handed down last week against Econet in the Econet Vs Trustco case, the Namibian mobile firm was quick to announce to the market that it would be business as usual in Zimbabwe. It appears Trustco was keen to assure shareholders the mess in Zim had cleared up, or maybe they just believed Econet would give up the fight this early.