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Google brings fact-checking to image search

Photos and videos are an incredible way to help people understand what’s going on in the world. But the power of visual media has its pitfalls—especially when there are questions surrounding the origin, authenticity or context of an image. At the end of June, Google announced they would start surfacing fact check information in Google […]

Telecel Says We’re Not Closing, In Fact We Are Opening More Shops

There’s a rumor that has been circulating based on a story run by The Herald 5 years ago. The story titled “Telecel shut down” was stumbled upon mistakenly by someone who assumed it was a recent story and begun spreading it. The story grew legs to the point where Telecel has had to issue a […]

YouTube Bans Coronavirus Videos That Contradict WHO Advice

YouTube has announced that it will remove any content they deem as “medically unsubstantiated”, following misinformation regarding the novel Coronavirus. So people saying, ‘Take vitamin C, take turmeric, we’ll cure you,’ those are the examples of things that would be a violation of our policy. Anything that would go against World Health Organisation recommendations would […]

Reuters Introduces Free Course To Help Journalists Identify & Tackle “Fake News”

Reuters has launched a free shot course to help journalists in their efforts to decipher between misinformation and accurate factual info. The course titled, Identifying and Tackling Manipulated Media covers 3 of the following chapters; How Can Media Be Manipulated? The New Threat of Deepfake/Synthetic Media What Can Newsrooms Do To Tackle Manipulated Media? Reuters […]

UNESCO Says Fake News Could Be Fatal During Coronavirus Crisis

The director of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Guy Berger, has condemned the spread of misinformation relating to the novel Coronavirus. Berger explained that the misinformation regarding the disease has spread to all aspects of the disease and the impact of these falsehoods has real impact; There seems to be barely an […]

8 South Africans Have Been Arrested For Spreading Fake News

South Africa’s Police Commissioner Bheki Cele informed citizens of the country that 8 people had been arrested for disseminating misinformation regarding the Novel Coronavirus. The most popular of these arrests is a 55-year-old Western Cape resident who was arrested for posting a video urging South Africans to resist testing as the testing kits being used […]

A List Of COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories & Misinformation You Should Avoid & Never Spread

This is a list of the most popular conspiracy theories making the rounds regarding the Coronavirus. We’ve made this list and will continue to update it because people continue sharing falsehoods in relation to Coronavirus. Please share this with your loved ones and remember before sharing any theories you hear regarding the virus (and other […]

Zim Journalist Gets Flagged For Posting False Coronavirus Update On Facebook

Social media sites have pledged to fight misinformation as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to spread globally. We’ve seen this happen first hand with Zimbabwean journalist Hopewell Chin’ono getting one of his Coronavirus related posts flagged as “false information”. The journalist who posted a picture of Whilst the virus has devastated Italy and many other countries, […]

CIMAS Dismisses Coronavirus Fake News Circulating On Social Media

If you have been active on social media and WhatsApp over the past 24 hours you may have come across the following message; If you suspect you have coronavirus Call 922 for cimas ambulance. they r not supposed to make u pay even a single cent coz UN is backing them for corona. They will […]

Facebook To Start Taking Down “Deepfake” Videos

Manipulated media is one of the most dangerous forms that fake news can take. We’ve talked about deepfakes before and the horror of deepfakes comes from the fact that they can make it appear as if you or anyone else said or did something they didn’t do at all. Unlike other forms of fake news […]

Nigerian Government Considering Social Media Regulation

World governments have a pretty complex relationship with tech giants and social media companies right now. The Nigerian government is among nations looking at a way of making social media better. The government is reportedly considering ways to “sanitise” social media. Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture was quoted as saying the time was right […]

Google Accuses China Of Using YouTube To Interfere In Hong Kong Protests

Google isn’t so happy with come actions coming out of China in attempts to stop the Hong Kong protests. The tech giant has accused china of spreading misinformation and discord among protestors. The company took action and disabled 210 YouTube accounts they believed to have been working to influence viewers: Earlier this week, as part […]

YouTube To Give Users “Fact-Checks” When They Search On Sensitive Topics

Fake news is still a huge problem and many internet giants are still trying to figure out how they can tackle that issue. YouTube has chimed in with its own solution and soon the video-sharing platform will mark videos that are suspected of inaccuracies. According to Buzzfeed, the site will show “information panels — boxes […]

Facebook: 8 Ways We Are Preparing For Elections In Africa

We want to share an update on our work to reduce the spread of misinformation, protect election integrity and support civic engagement across the continent With a number of upcoming elections across Africa, we want to share an update on our work to reduce the spread of misinformation, protect election integrity and support civic engagement […]

The Older You Are The More Likely You Are To Be Sharing Fake News Study Finds

When it comes to technology it seems the younger you are (within reason), the more prepared you are to handle the technology trends. Nothing proves this more than “fake news” & misinformation. We’ve all been bombarded with unmistakable false texts from older friends and relatives and now according to a study conducted in the US […]

AI Can Have A Dark Side Too: Heard Of Deepfake Videos?

When people think of harmful Artificial Intelligence, we usually think of the Rise of the Machines revolutions where robots get so intelligent they take over everything. The honest truth is there are many other ways AI can be harmful and if you’ve heard about Deepfakes then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. What are […]

WhatsApp’s ‘Fake News’ Struggles Continue As The Platform Is Being Used To Interfere With Brazilian Elections

A month ago, it was reported that Facebook was upping its efforts against election interference on their social media platform. They were said to be building a war room that would be used to fight misinformation relating to elections all over the world. We all saw first-hand how hard it is to know what’s trustworthy […]

ZimFact Is Zimbabwe’s Fact Checking Platform & They Can Help You Separate Real News From ‘Fake News’

So fake news has become a mainstay of modern society… I think if you ask the developers of all social media platforms, one thing they regret is that their platforms have made it easy to spread falsehoods on a destructively huge scale. Remember when there was an oil shortage in the country because of a […]