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Zim To Have Its Own Currency By Year-End Says Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa earlier today confirmed that Zimbabwe will re-introduce a local currency before 2019 is over. The President said the multi-currency system was no longer necessary as it was adopted to solve the problems of a decade ago: Between 2008 and 2009 our country’s currency lost value and some people became billionaires or trillionaires […]

Full Text: Jonathan Moyo’s Allegations Against Strive Masiyiwa – This Is War

Former Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo beef with Strive Masiyiwa is still on and the Professor has published a series of tweets containing disturbing allegations on the Econet’s Founder. What started as a mere exchange of opinions has turned into a war of words. 1/24 The self-righteous outburst by #StriveMasiyiwa, supported by his fellow bible-quoting juntapreneurs, in […]

Patient Abuse Happens All The Time At Government Hospitals

The Zimbabwean government likes to attack social media and blame it for all its problems but the truth is social media has given us ordinary people the sort of voice that was simply not possible a decade ago. It gives us the opportunity to give feedback on the government’s performance in real time-much to the […]

[Updated] President Sets Key Perfomance Indicators For ICT Ministry

Update: The article mentioned that the KPIs were set by the President, as they were published in the Zimbabwe Independent, but they KPIs were actually set by a citizen and went viral. The Ministers in the new Cabinet have been given their key performance indicators and the new ICT Minister Kazembe Kazembe’s mandate has some […]

PresidentMnangagwa Promises A New Cyber Security Bill, We’ve Heard This Before…

President Mnangagwa gave his State Of the Nation Address yesterday and though there wasn’t much mentioned about tech and the ICT industry one of the more interesting bits came when the President talked about cybersecurity. Mnangagwa hinted at the work that was being done on a total of three separate bills: To mitigate the security […]

POTRAZ Officially Opens New Headquarters

POTRAZ (Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe) officially opened up their new HQ in Mt Pleasant Business Park. They moved into the new building a few months ago but the building was not yet open to the general public. The president was at hand to officially open the new home of the telecommunications regulator […]

President Mnangagwa Has An App That Allows Followers To Get News Updates Directly From Him

When I first saw the President Mnangagwa application I was a bit surprised. This embrace of tech is not what we had become accustomed but looking at the president’s track record thus far it was to be expected. Thus far he has already setup a Facebook, Twitter and a website so an application only makes sense. […]

Mnangagwa’s Govt Getting Facial Recognition Tech From China

The Zimbabwean Government is believed to be importing a mass facial recognition system, Cloudwalk Technology, as they look to ramp up security efforts. The system is being imported as part of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The Belt and Road Initiative is a is a development strategy proposed by the Chinese government that focuses on […]