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Why are telecoms companies hated so much?

I wasn’t planning on writing this but two things changed my mind. First, as I was working on another article, I came across this quote; Unfortunately, telecoms brands continue to struggle to earn the respect of consumers, with average reputation scores for providers brands right at the bottom of our sector league table. Consumers love […]

Cell C Planning To Move Its Network To MTN

Cell C is in dire straits. Most recently the company declared that it had made an R8 Billion loss in the past financial year. When the results were reported, however, the CEO was confident they could turn the ship around and now some of the strategies they hope to do this are being revealed. Cell […]

Econet Engaging RBZ To Help Out With Forex

Just like everyone, (some) telecom operators and Internet Service Providers(ISP) are grappling with foreign currency shortages problems. This problem has a trickle-down effect where subscribers are affected by downtime and poor services. It’s awful. And these kinds of things seem to have been happening with Econet’s network of late. That’s why the largest mobile Network […]

Telecel Woes Continue As MNO Faces Eviction

Most people are going about their business with a TGIF-infused confidence today but for Zimbabwe’s smallest mobile network operator by subscriber base trouble always seems to be around the corner. First Mutual is in the process of evicting Telecel from two of its sites due to failure to pay rentals to the tune of $40 […]

Infrastructure Sharing Reduces MNO’s Cost By 16%-35% Says Minister Of ICT, Kazembe Kazembe

According to one study cited by the Minister of ICT Kazembe Kazembe statements, infrastructure sharing is something Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) must seriously consider since their costs can be significantly reduced by 16% to 35%. Apart from providing wider consumer choice and enhanced service-based competition, which in turn promotes creativity and innovation, infrastructure sharing significantly brings […]

Part Of The $60 Billion From FOCAC Will Be Used To Retool NetOne

The just ended Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) resulted in a $60 billion loan coming Africa’s way and the government has started disclosing how the funds will be allocated. Interestingly, NetOne will be one of the beneficiaries and maybe this injection of much needed funds will turn the ship around and make the MNO more […]

Here Is What Zimbabwe’s New President, ED Mnangagwa Wants To Do For The ICT Sector

Zimbabwe now has a new president, President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa. The honor comes with the task of delivering the promises he made in his party’s manifesto. He made many promises across different areas but as techies, we are more interested in the promises he made for the Information Communications (ICT) Sector. Here are the promises; Promise#1-Liberalizing the […]

POTRAZ ‘Begs’ For Forex From Government On Behalf Of Telecoms Operators

POTRAZ is begging the government to prioritize it when it comes to foreign currency allocation so that it acquires infrastructure to increase network coverage in the country.  POTRAZ Director General, Mr. Gift Machengete said; …..we seek your assistance in securing the prioritisation of the sector in the allocation of foreign currency by the authorities……………the ICT (Information […]

500 SMEs To Receive Funding From Netone

Zimbabwe’s second largest Mobile Network Operator (MNO), Netone has drawn up a programme to finance 500 Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in a move meant to incentivize entrepreneurs to create profitable business ventures. The programme will be bankrolled by a $71 million loan facility availed to the MNO by Zimbabwe’s long-time creditor, China Exim. The loan facility will […]

Government Fears Congestion Of Spectrum, Considers Increasing It

The increase of Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), radio stations, tv stations etc. is giving goosebumps to the government fearing that the congestion of the available radio spectrum (spectrum) will have systematic problems in ICT. Spectrum relates to the radio frequencies allocated to the mobile industry and other sectors for communication over the airwaves. Speaking to […]

Econet Agent Accused Of Defrauding $3346 From A Customer

An Econet customer was defrauded $3346 from his Steward Bank and CBZ bank accounts after an Econet agent replaced the customer’s sim without his knowledge and permission. The Econet agent is alleged to have been cheated by a syndicate of two people who claimed to be relatives of the defrauded customer that were seeking to […]

My 2 cents on the way forward for our MNOs

Potraz reports continue to indicate a decline in voice calls while mobile internet data usage increases. The 2017’s 1st Quarter report reveals a 7.1% drop in voice calls from the previous Quarter (2016) while a 4.7% increase of mobile internet data usage from the last Quarter was noted. In February, we wrote on how the […]