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Mobile Network Operators Apply For Tariffs Increase To Reflect New Economic Reality

Mobile network operators are now considering increasing tariffs following the Monetary Policy Statement which did away with the fallacy that the bond notes were 1:1 with the US. This move might not come as too much of a surprise considering that Econet recently increased roaming tariffs. POTRAZ has said it is reviewing the proposal which MNOs […]

Zimswitch Digital Payments Conference: The State Of Industry Interoperability

We are at the Zimswitch Digital Payment Conference in Victoria Falls and the conference will be covering many areas to do with ‘cashless’ solutions and how these can be optimized to offer more efficient solutions. Mr Saul Chin’anga, a certified Electronic Banking Specialist and the Head of Electronic Banking and Card Services at CBZ Bank, presented on […]

Hey Mobile Network Give Me Back My Dollar, I Am Serious.

So my colleague shared what they did when the internet went off yesterday and they asked all of us to share in the comments what we did. In the confusion following the re-connection and trying to investigate what really happened (we are still probing at this: dog to bone), I forgot what I did soon […]

Something to learn from Snapchat’s new Snap Map feature

Image credit: Pixabay Snapchat is not so much of a big deal in Zim as it is in other countries. I mean what do I expect since it’s not ‘bundled up’ by any of our local MNOs because data is expensive in Zimbabwe though surprisingly, according to the 1st Quarter 2017 POTRAZ report; internet and data usage […]

Startups: Understand the language mobile operators speak (infographic)

We found this here quite interesting, especially since the government in Zimbabwe has called for applications to an ICT Innovation Drive fund. It’s a great infographic to help startups speak the language that mobile operators use and therefore what they care about. You can only partner mobile operators if you understand them and they understand you. Working directly […]

Mobile telecoms trends in Africa & what they mean for your startup (download)

If you’re a local startup, chances are you’d benefit to some extent from partnering a mobile operator. Despite them being viewed mostly as the uninnovative establishment, mobile operators have a lot to offer internet startups in Africa. It can be distribution, their marketing reach, or just tagging along their brand so customers can trust yours. Anyway, the GSMA, […]

WhatsApp blocking in Brazil, Zuckerberg’s business plea, and why the MNOs are fighting a losing battle

As you’ve probably heard, WhatsApp will be blocked in Brazil by all mobile operators for some 48 hours. The reason: The operators have mourned to the government to block WhatsApp because it’s eating their revenues as people don’t call much anymore. The government, so far, had refused, but then someone (either the government itself or the operators […]

Zim Government announces revised MNO license fees; it’s $137.5 million

The Zimbabwean government (and by that we mean the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Infrastructural Development) has finally announced what looks like the final position on the mobile network operator license fee increase. It’s US $137.5 million and the license is for 20 years. It’s an increase from the previous figure of $100m for 15 years.

Report: The Jumpstart Panel Discussion on Tech Entrepreneurship

Last week, the final Jumpstart event of the year was held at Cresta Jameson in Harare. The event was a panel discussion where we invited some of the judges of our annualJumpstart Challenge (it’s just in the second year actually) and local telecoms executives from Econet, the largest telecoms operator in Zimbabwe. The event was sponsored by ZOL.