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UEFA To Distribute 1 Million Tickets Via Blockchain This Year

UEFA has announced that tickets for this year’s EURO 2020 tournament will be distributed via a blockchain-based mobile application to improve and enhance the security and efficiency of the match experience for fans attending the games. The reason they are taking such an approach is that they believe they can stomp out duplicate tickets by […]

Local Startup Needs Help Naming Their Mobile App. You Might Get A Prize

Housing Hub is one of the best (if not the best) places for local university students to secure off-campus accommodation. The startup has decided that now is the best time to create and launch a mobile application: We believe mobile apps are taking over and we believe they are the next thing. Imagine having an […]

Zim Fashion Blogger Launches Lifestyle App

[Image Source: Kicking It With Mimi] If you’re passionate about local fashion chances are you’ll know who Ameera Mimi is. I came across her once, at the 2018 Comexposed event, as part of a panel that was talking about the local fashion industry and she also went on to win the Zim Lifestyle Blogger of […]

Local Finance App CashLedger Now Available Globally

Locally developed CashLedger is now being rolled out beyond our borders, in what is a serious statement of intent from local development team – Mobisoft. CashLedger allows one to view financial transactions from all Banks and Mobile Wallets and the Business app also allows one to remotely view all their financial transactions online through a […]

Locally Developed News App Competes With Opera News And Stands Its Ground

When I wrote about the Opera News application one of the readers highlighted that they had worked on a news application that was similar to this. Once I knew this was on the market I felt I had to give this application a look. It turns out there are some advantages this application holds over […]

New Ecobank Mobile App allows payments using QR codes

To be honest I wasn’t too excited to hear about Ecobank’s new Mobile app. I thought well just another bank app, what’s new about that? Oh they do have something new. The Ecobank Mobile app comes with Masterpass QR, the one click payment solution from MasterCard. What the heck is that right? Materpass QR is […]

Automating the Agriculture Contracting Value Chain in Zimbabwe

There are clear value drivers that should be achieved which include promotion of technology in contract farming in Zimbabwe The use of mobile technology has been extended to the agriculture sector, particularly contract farming, through Agro Axess, a mobile application developed by Expert Decision Systems (XDS). Agro Axess is an advanced crop input-output management solution, […]

How well does Econet zero rating work for an app? Here’s biNu’s 400% growth story

About a year ago, when the zero rating of an app called biNu was announced by Econet we wrote in an article titled “Will Econet Zero-rating restore it to former glory“: In terms of popularity, this move may spell biNu’s come back in Zimbabwe. The free in yesteryear’s “free SMS” is back! This past November biNu’s total active users were just […]

Local DEMO Africa finalist, Road Rules launches Android App

Road Rules App that was designed by a local startup and demoed in different startup challenges has now been launched on Google Play. We took a close look at what this app does.

5 things to remember when developing a good medical app

Faced with such a seemingly flooded medical app market, what is it that makes an app particularly worth the download? For the developers out there here is a bit of a guide into what constitutes a good medical app.

No home grown mobile games? Here are 4 Zimbabwean titles to consider

There is no mobile gaming industry in Zimbabwe unlike other African countries with world recognised development studios such as Nigeria and South Africa. This may be attributed to lack of app culture which in itself is a result of data costs and mobile phone penetration statistics. This is in addition to the possible fact that this is not an idea that has been seriously pursued as well.

In case you missed it : Highlights from F8 Facebook Developer Conference

Earlier on, we managed to catch the first few hours of the F8 Facebook Developer Conference.  Even though this was just the start of Day 1, a lot was shared by the Facebook team tonight (it’s actually day-time in San Francisco where all this happening), especially in the keynote address made by founder and CEO Mark […]

Android developers, there’s a new way to promote your app on Google Play

Zimbabwe isn’t the only country big on Android. With a presence in 190 countries and more than 1 billion users of the Operating system, it’s safe to say that this system has a vast market that ought to give its app developers enough incentive to work on apps for a market beyond their immediate geography. Which […]

Zim app on iOS and Windows seeks $160k

A while ago we wrote about Twigle, the bird identification app developed by local startup Avelgood and its launch on the Windows Phone Store. This time Twigle has been made available to Apple users following its release on iOS. With thousands of downloads on the Windows Phone Store thanks to a solid bird watching audience particularly […]

ZIMSEC needs to do more on the ICT front

  When compared with other government affiliated entities, ZIMSEC is not doing all that bad on the ICT front. They have a website, poorly designed with images that jump up and fill the a good half of the page and stand in the way of navigation as it may be, but the site is comparable […]

Econet launches own EcoCash Android app. Here’s the download

Earlier this week, when we posted about the re-enabling of the EcoCash long USSD codes by Econet, we speculated that we may start to see some new Android apps in the coming weeks. It has happened sooner than weeks. Our sources in the industry have pointed us to Econet’s own Android app that was released […]

Zimbabwe apps review: C2 Media’s TelOne directory

C2 Media has made some serious strides in the area of mobile applications. They have developed applications for iOS, Android and biNu in addition to other custom software design & development. They have a noticeably long track record of some renowned corporates and small companies that they have worked with.

Mukuru launches mobile app. Users can send money, chat with friends

International remittance service, Mukuru, announced today the launch of a new mobile app that provides money transfer and communication services to Mukuru subscribers.

Experience HIFA on mobile this year: Android app now available

A post on Facebook by local web & mobile app development company, C2 Media, just announced that an Android app for Zimbabwe’s biggest arts festival, HIFA is now live. The app is free. For many lovers of the annual festival (those on Android at least) this solves a huge information pain.

C2 Media launches Zweely, a network of local sites & mobile apps

C2 Media, a local digital design & development company, has launched a network of local web and mobile properties. From information on the Zweely website, a common feature of the properties will be an emphasis on mobile and social. There’s also clear emphasis on appealing design (to us at least), something C2 clearly excels at.

Want some Zim comedy on mobile? Carl Ncube just released an app

We didn’t know about version 1 but we’ve just been notified of the second version of Carl Joshua Ncube’s app and after briefly checking it out, we loved it. Well, the Android version that we used at least. There’s an iPhone (and other devices) a Windows Phone version of the app as well. It’s all content on CJN in one place to make him more accessible.

mTutor wins Forgetmenot app challenge

This weekend witnessed the exciting finale to the Forgetmenot eTXT Apps Challenge (16 – 17 June 2012). The finals featured seven teams of developers three of whom had travelled from outside Zimbabwe’s to participate in the challenge, namely from South Africa and Zambia. The challenge which was organised by Forgetmenot Africa (FMNA) who are based […]

The role of government in fostering an active tech startup ecosystem

One issue often mentioned in discussion about mobile and the web as platforms for technology entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe is the issue of an environment that doesn’t encourage innovation, and one that doesn’t reward on merit. It is no secret that Zimbabwe has fallen behind other top nations in Africa in harnessing the potential of these platforms for economic development. While adoption of mobile phones and the internet has significantly increased, we still just use these platforms to make calls, access emails, Facebook and for the academics, some research.

ForgetMeNot Africa brings the eTXT Apps Challenge to Zimbabwe

Last week we posted that ForgetMeNot Africa has opened up its eTXT platform to 3rd party developers and that the company launched an Apps Challenge in Kenya in partnership with iHub and Safaricom. Well, there’s another announcement this week, more specific to Zimbabwe this time.

Apps4Africa Climate Challenge brainstorming: Learning from the non-geeks

We just returned from the Apps4Africa Climate Challenge brainstorming session that was being held today in Harare. The event is part of the US sponsored climate change app development contest that’s currently running for the Southern Africa region from 1 February to 30 March. The brainstorming session was held to help participants consider the various climate change issues especially from people and organisations that are actively involved in climate change issues.

Mariéme Jamme’s media briefing on Apps4Africa Climate Challenge in Harare

Yesterday, we attended a press briefing for the Apps4Africa Climate Challenge that’s taking place today in Harare at The Media Centre. Doing the briefing was Mariéme Jamme, who is part of the organizing team of the Challenge and will also be facilitating today’s brainstorming session.

Apps4Africa Climate Challenge for Southern Africa begins today

Today, 1 February 2012, is the commencement date for the southern Africa region Apps4Africa Climate Challenge. The challenge will run for 2 months to end of the 30th of March and invites African innovators to develop innovative, web-based and mobile technology solutions to local climate change challenges. According to the Apps4Africa website the challenge centers around the strategic themes that were debated and decided upon by world leaders at the 17th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP17) conference in South Africa last year. The challenge is sponsored by the US government.

Price of an eTXT SMS down to 5 cents

When Econet launched eTXT in March this year, we praised the service for innovation in a space that no other provider is playing; linking basic mobile phones to internet services like Email, Facebook and instant messaging. With a mobile phone just capable of SMS and voice calls, subscribers could now effectively send emails, respond to chats and post to their Facebook wall.

You’re an Android Developer? Here’s a chance to win US$25,000 from Google

Today, Google unveiled the “Android Developer Challenge”, a contest for developers in Sub-Saharan Africa to develop mobile applications for the Google Android platform. The competition is open to people residing in all Sub-Saharan African countries excluding Sudan. We are not sure why Sudan is being left out here. It runs until the 1st of July this year.