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Econet announces that it’s reversing tariffs, complains about unfair playing field

Econet Wireless, the Zimbabwean mobile operator that kicked up a storm with the introduction of higher broadband tariffs has announced that it will be reversing the tariffs. This comes after the Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira suspended the tariff increase, which was declared by the telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, and had been set data at a minimum of […]

Zimbabwe’s internet penetration rate stalls at 50.1%. Will government intervene to trigger a new growth surge?

Zimbabwe’ internet penetration rate – a measure of the percentage of the population that connects to the internet – has been registered at 50.1%. According to recent figures shared by the telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, at the end of the third quarter of 2016 (September 2016), 6,732,470 connections were recorded from all internet providers in the country, […]

LTE coverage in Zimbabwe triples in 12 months as Econet & NetOne invest in broadband coverage

Between October 2015 and October 2016, the number of LTE base stations across Zimbabwe increased by 343% as Econet and NetOne, the country’s largest and second-largest mobile network operators expanded their mobile broadband coverage.

Local mobile data use up by 16.1% as Zimbabweans embrace the power of the internet

Mobile data utilisation in Zimbabwe increased by 16.1% between July and September 2016 registering 2,157 billion megabytes (MB) from the 1,857 billion MB recorded for the second quarter of 2016. This is according to data shared in the latest sector report from the telecoms regulator POTRAZ. This increase maintains the upward trajectory on mobile broadband consumption which was represented […]

Zimbabwe has the third most expensive mobile data in Africa

Zimbabwe has the third most expensive mobile data prices in Africa with the cheapest monthly 1 GB data package in the country set at $30.

TelOne extends its public WiFi presence, makes smart play for high density areas but still limits focus to Harare

It just shared a list of 7 new public WiFi hotspots that have been introduced as part of its ongoing plans to activate the use of its growing fibre network and maintain the strong growth of its public WiFi count which now stands at over 100 hotspots.

NetOne unveils generous daily and weekly data plans offers 5 GB for $5 with new bundles

For a minimum of 50 cents subscribers can receive 50 MB of data, $1 gets 300 MB daily bundles, or 150 MB weekly with the biggest allocation being 5GB of data for a $5 daily bundle.

Mobile internet use in Zimbabwe increases by over 100% in just a year

However, the most pronounced increase is evident in the year on year comparison of mobile data consumption. In the first quarter of 2015, mobile data use stood at 750.154 million megabytes. That number has since jumped by 101.3% to the 1.510 billion megabytes total recorded for March 2016.

TelOne grows public WiFi presence, now has over 100 hotspots nationwide

TelOne, the Zimbabwean fixed telecoms operator recently shared information on its WiFi hotspots. According to Chipo Mtasa, TelOne’s Managing Director, the operator currently has 103 hotspots nationwide.

100,000 new connections registered for LTE as Econet outpaces NetOne in its national rollout

is moved the total of active LTE connections to 124,179 up from a previous 26,185 connections. That’s almost 100,000 new LTE subscribers in 3 months. This increase is easily explained by the aggressive investment and promotion of LTE services from the two networks that have committed to 4G/LTE investments; Econet and NetOne.

Econet now offering 2GB of data for $3

Local mobile operator Econet has adjusted its mobile broadband lineup and introduced new data bundles. Tucked under the Daily Bundle menu are two new bundles – a 1 GB priced at $2 and 2 GB of data set at $3.

The cost of internet in Zimbabwe – an overview of broadband packages

However, we are still not at a point where data service costs become an afterthought. Local internet prices are still steep, particularly for the majority of Zimbabweans who use mobile devices to go online. The absence of regulatory intervention hasn’t helped either. All the changes we’ve noticed so far are a reuslt of macro-economic forces in a tough economy.

Econet bundles,’s $1.2 mil, Rocket Internet & Free WiFi in Africa: Podcast

The latest Techzim podcast with open discussions on trending issues in local technology. This episode covered the Econet Social Bundles misstep, raising $1.2 million, DEMO Africa coming to Zimbabwe next month and free WiFi in Joburg and Harare.

Telecel finally starts promoting its bundles, but the service has one flaw

Econet messed up with a price adjustment and product fix on its social media bundles. Telecel has finally responded to this by promoting its own bundles. The only problem is Telecel isn’t disclosing the download caps on its own bundles. Is this because its service will become potentially as expensive as Econet’s bundles?