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Mobile Network Operators Revenue Rose Drastically In The 3rd Quarter But So Did Their Operating Costs

Given that mobile network operators and fixed internet providers increased pricing for data, voice and SMS services a number of times during the year it’s no surprise that the revenue for these entities rose quite significantly in the 3rd Quarter. Unfortunately due to the current state of our economy (inflationary pressures) and investments by the […]

Techzim Turns 10 This Month, It All Started With Mobile Internet #techzim10

So I for one don’t see why there is such a fuss. What’s the difference between being 9 years old and being 10 or more importantly between 10 and 11? Human beings however, have a fascination with round numbers so yay 10! All of us here at Techzim are really humbled to be part of […]

An open letter to Econet Zimbabwe

Dear Econet The management, technical and support teams. This is a letter based on experiences using Econet products by Van Lee Chigwada. I am a software developer. I have been an Econet subscriber since 2010. According to usage statistics developers get from Google, you account for over 75% of the traffic they handle. You have […]

Econet launches Wi-Fi in kombis

Matthew Masiyazi, Head of Broadband at Econet Zimbabwe Econet Zimbabwe has today introduced WiFi in public transport in Harare.  The company will have WiFi installed inside kombis for customers that are commuting in and out of the cities. Eventually they’ll also have the WiFi service in long distance kombis. Speaking at the launch of the service, Econet executive, Mathew […]

NetOne quietly introduces data caps on its unlimited WhatsApp and Facebook bundles

NetOne, Zimbabwe’s second largest mobile network operator also made adjustments to its own broadband lineup. It recently placed data caps on its social media bundles. This means that daily, weekly and monthly bundles for Over the Top services like Facebook and WhatsApp now have a data limit on them. Daily bundles have a 20 MB cap, […]

Telecel upgrades data network as it plays catch up in coverage and services race

While reserving capital from operational profit might seem even harder for Telecel than its peers its absence on the new base station front is likely a reflection of a shortage of capital for aggressive expansion, something that its new majority owner, the government, will hopefully be able to remedy.

Opera jumps onto “…best for Netflix in Africa” bandwagon with Opera Max

So the latest way to sell your internet service or app in these post #NetflixEverywhere launch days, is to claim that it’s best for Netflix. Lots of free advertising it’s getting this video streaming service. The latest on that bandwagon is Opera, who most of us know for the much loved Opera Mini. Opera Mini is ofcourse just not enough […]

Here’s a comparison of Zimbabwean internet packages

With a lot of people seeking a full comparison of what their money can get them we created a page that offers a comparison of Zimbabwean internet services. The options are listed according to the service provider as well as the type of internet (3G, ADSL, Fibre, VSAT, WiMAX).

Sponsored: Techzim & Powertel Festive Faya giveaway

Powertel has launched a new promo where customers can access unlimited mobile broadband services at rates significantly lower than you would normally find; $50 unlimited access at 3G speeds.

NetOne launches promo offering free data for recharge data card topups

This is a mobile broadband promotion set to run from the 3rd of December until the beginning of March 2016. It is offering free data to NetOne mobile broadband subscribers that top up their data using the physical recharge data cards.

NetOne takes lead on national LTE rollout, now has 45 active base stations

State-owned Mobile Operator, NetOne has taken the lead in LTE rollout with 45 base stations active throughout Zimbabwe and another 15 set for activation in the short term. What is the operator’s strategy and will it be any better than what Econet has tried?

Econet now offering 1 GB for $1 in latest data bundle adjustment

Econet has generously adjusted the Dream Data Bundles that were introduced last month. 1 GB of data is now going for $1 and 3GB for $2. The validity period has also been changed to a 10 pm to 8 am window.

Looking for WiFi locally, here are the hotspots

Here is a list of WiFi hotspots in Zimbabwe and the costs involved for each respective service.

Blame WiFi hotspots and bundles, the Zimbabwean internet cafe is dead

The internet cafe is as good as dead, what with all the changes in tech like mobile broadband penetration and the rise of WiFi hotspot provision from the different internet companies. There is a way to make the most of what’s happening for cafe owners though.

Econet offering free 640 MB, discount of up to 25% if you’re browsing on its WiFi Zone

Mobile data is expensive and there’s nothing that can be done about it in the short term. Let’s not flood the regulator, POTRAZ, with our complaints. Our best bet is in the shift in economic conditions that might get operators to angle for our money with promos and discounts. But this doesn’t seem to happen […]

Saving data on Android devices

There is a saying doing rounds in the capital when referring to “Gold digging” people: “Anodya mari kunge Android.” The simile, among other things, suggests that Android phones will burn a hole through your pocket which although not strictly speaking true is certainly understandable. Most Android devices come with a host of applications installed by […]

POTRAZ will not force MNOs to reduce data tariffs. To let market forces regulate

With internet out-of-bundle prices ranging from US 7 cents (NetOne) to 15 cents (Econet) per megabyte, Zimbabwe’s data tariffs are considered relatively – to the average incomes that is – high. This however, a directive to MNOs issued by POTRAZ last week suggested, is not high enough to warrant POTRAZ’s intervention. POTRAZ will, for now, leave data charges to […]

Some fascinating facts about internet services stats in Zimbabwe

Yesterday, we posted the the latest Zimbabwe internet subscriptions statistics that POTRAZ, the telecoms regulator in Zimbabwe, released. There are some interesting facts apparent in the subscription trends locally. Here are the ones we picked. Note that these are stats for the quarter ending June 2014. 1.   Dial-up is not dead If you thought dial-up internet was dead, you […]

Zimbabwe’s internet penetration almost 50%. More than 99% of that is mobile

According to data sent to us by Zimbabwe’s telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, Zimbabwe’s internet penetration is now 47%. The total number of internet subscriptions in the country as at the end of June 2014 was 6.1 million, up from 5.6 million in March this year. The most remarkable but still obvious thing from these stats, as usual, is the number […]

Powertel ditches unlimited mobile internet plans, introduces usage based bundles

Powertel notified its subscribers today that starting 1 October, all mobile internet will be usage based. That is: subscribers will have to buy Gigabytes of data to use at a time. This is a departure from their daily, weekly and monthly unlimited bundles which they had come to be loved for. Here are the Gigabyte based […]

WhatsApp accounts for 23% of all internet traffic on Econet’s network

WhatsApp now constitutes 23% of internet traffic on Econet’s network since the introduction of WhatsApp bundles in February. This is according to a press released published by Econet’s technical partner in the implementation of the app-based bundles, Sandvine. The release says Econet has experienced tremendous success with the WhatsApp bundles thanks to “Sandvine’s Usage Management solution implemented […]

Econet to introduce Wi-Fi Hotpots to ease mobile broadband congestion

Econet will, in the coming weeks (or months, not easy to tell right now) be launching WiFi hotpots in a bid to ease congestion on the regular mobile broadband networks that use GPRS, Edge and 3G. We were tipped to this development by some subscribers to the network who told us they received calls from Econet inviting […]

Solving the Ubuntu USB internet dongle perenial problem

Ubuntu has come a long way from those early days when your hardware worked out of the box or you were in for a hair rising experience of compiling kernel modules and drivers that was enough to make most flee Linux-land for ages and sometimes forever. Nowadays there is a 99% chance that Ubuntu will […]

Opera Mini report reveals Facebook’s dominance and Zim’s love for local content

The latest report from browser service Opera Mini on African internet trends has revealed insights on the most popular websites as frequented by users on the browser. Opera Mini is a proxy based browser designed for mobile devices. It has a huge following because of it’s data compression functionality which allows for cheaper web browsing […]

Africom’s 100mb for $1 is OK, but not good enough because it’s not unlimited

Today’s online media was awash recycling the story in the Herald on Africom’s extended Crossover promotion which now has an added 100mb for $1. Africom is now offering 100mb of data for $1 with the data valid for 1 day. At face value the promo looks like a game changer. $10 for 1GB? Econet gives […]

Please give us uncapped mobile internet

Shakespeare said: Brevity is the soul of wit and so I will be succinct and get to the point. I find the pricing model employed by Econet, Netone and Telecel for data usage to be particularly expensive (overly-expensive) and in other aspects unfair as it is illogical. Also I cannot understand, for the life of […]

Powertel introduces 0.50c/day unlimited mobile broadband package for students

Powertel has introduced a new package or promotion targeting students called the “Scholar Pack”. The new package is offering college and university students unlimited surfing and downloads for just $0.50 per day. Over a thirty day period, this will translate to $15 for unlimited broadband, making it the cheapest broadband deal in Zimbabwe. The prepaid […]

New Africom voice promo: Pay for 3 minutes for an unlimited call

How would you being charged for just the first 3 minutes of a call and the rest, no matter how long the call, is free. Internet and VoIP operator, Africom, thinks you’ll love the idea, and that you’ll probably start making more calls. Or even better, that you’ll migrate to their network. The company announced […]

ZOL to launch a dongle based mobile WiMAX broadband service

Earlier this week, we received a tip in our inbox about a mobile broadband service about to be launched by ZOL, one of Zimbabwe’s largest ISPs. Here: ZOL has just introduced mobile WiMAX in the 2.5Ghz frequency range. Initially this was available via Econet at 2.5c per Mb with a window period of 30 days […]

Powertel launches $1.20 a day unlimited data… how big a deal?

Last month, when Powertel finally implemented its billing system, they promised to release some exciting products soon. Well, that soon has come and it’s exciting. Well, the price point at least. Powertel mobile broadband subscribers will now be able to buy prepaid internet for as low as $1.20 for a day of unlimited web surfing. […]