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The cost of 1GB mobile data around the world

Everyone is thinking it, we may as well be the first to answer the question: When I leave Zimbabwe, which country has the cheapest mobile data packages I can buy? (Disclaimer: Techzim is patriotic, it’s right there in the name.) We decided to look at the average mobile data prices from around our little blue […]

Zim No Longer Included In Global Survey On Data Prices Because Of Unstable Currency

Cable UK annually makes cost of data reports comparing the pricing of data in over 200 countries the world over. We’ve referenced their work in a number of articles before and when we received an email with the latest report we were looking forward to seeing how well or poorly Zim was ranked. Unfortunately Cable […]

Zimbos Deem Mobile Data Too Expensive As Usage Declined By More Than 30% In Q4 2019

With POTRAZ releasing their 4th quarter Telecommunications sector report a few days ago, there’s always a lot to unpack in these reports and one of the questions we’ve had is how Zimbabweans have taken the constant hikes in pricing of mobile data over the last 6-7 months. Well, the data is here now and it […]

Econet VS NetOne: Who Offers The Cheaper Data Bundles Now?

This week Econet and NetOne have both reviewed the tariffs for data bundles upwards and it’s now time to take a look at who is offering the better value for money. Off late it has been harder to compare the pricing of data bundles for two reasons; the bundles change almost on a monthly basis […]

SMS & Data Bundles Price Hike Imminent For Econet Subscribers

Econet has announced that from the 4th of February it will reveal new prices for data and SMS bundles: Dear valued customer, Please note that our Data and SMS bundle prices will be reviewed effective Tuesday 4 February 2020. **All other prices remain unchanged. Whilst Telecel and NetOne are yet to announce similar tariff changes, […]

Yo Mix Offering Users Discounted Prices Again (November 2019)

Last week Yo Mix users started receiving a message alerting them to a special data discount which is valid until the end of November: CONGRATS you have won 150% extra value on YoMix data bundles. Download YoMix for Android on & buy any YoMix bundle today. Offer valid until 30/11 The new data discounts […]

Econet’s New Data & Text Bundle Pricing – October 2019

For the millionth time, the price for data bundles has once again been reviewed upwards. Here’s what you’ll now pay for daily data bundles: $4 – 40MB $10 – 150MB $13 – 250MB $20 – 600MB $35 – 1.2GB Weekly data bundles: $$3 – 25MB $6 – 60MB $14 – 160MB $28 – 350MB $55 […]

Yo Mix Offering Good Data Deals Until The End Of October

Over the last few weeks, I had been receiving a Yo Mix message alerting me to a significant discount that I had been ignoring because I thought it was just bait to get more people downloading the app: THANK YOU for using YoMix! You have won a 60% discount on YoMix data bundles. Log in […]

NetOne To Increase Data And SMS Prices Tomorrow

After Econet and Telecel hiked their tarrifs for mobile data and SMSs, Netone is joining the bandwagon. In a post, Netone said that it’s reviewing it’s mobile data and SMSs price on Thursday 8 August: As long as inflation continuously rises or the Zim Dollar keeps on losing its value we’d have to get used […]

Yo Mix Is Now Open For Everyone. And That’s Not The Only New Feature

When Yo Mix was initially launched (the good Yo Mix that is), a lot of people were calling for it to be made available to every subscriber. A lot of these people who were complaining found themselves out of the Yo Mix age ranges of 16-34 and it seems that Econet heard their complaints this […]

POTRAZ Dismisses Study About Zimbabwe Having The Most Expensive Data, Comes Up With Its Own Findings

Following an article that’s been making noise on social media about the cost of mobile data in Zimbabwe, POTRAZ has come out disputing the findings of the study with its own calculation of real the cost of mobile data in Zimbabwe relative to other African countries. In March, we, as Techzim, also disputed the findings […]