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Want to buy your ZESA prepaid electricity online? – here are 9 options

However, this is not the first tool for online ZESA payments and it likely won’t be the last. In the meantime we’ve listed some of these alternatives nine in total – that you can use if you want to buy ZESA online.

Brainworks officially launches GetCash mobile money platform, sets eyes on being payment platform of choice in Zimbabwe

The new platform, which has been launched for primary use through a mobile application, offers a wide range of electronic transactional services which include the option to apply for a loan (this is linked to Getbucks), bill payments (this covers options like ZESA, ZIMRA, DStv and some merchants) airtime purchase as well as the transfer of money from commercial bank accounts into the GetCash wallet.

Mobile money is the most credible solution to Zimbabwean cash crisis

Despite its mass adoption across the country where it has outpaced formal banking services, mobile money has only been mentioned as one alternative and not as the leading solution that it is primed to be.

Online retailing largely untapped as local payments gateway Paynow records 700 transactions a month for sector

The figures were shared by Vusi Ndebele, the team lead at Paynow in his presentation at e-Tech Africa 2016. Online retailing’s 10% trails four other sectors; namely Telecoms and Internet(which contributes to 48% of traffic on Paynow), Travel and Tourism (18%), Services and Bill Payments(12%) and Donations (12%).

There is a market for food delivery in Zimbabwe, you just have to find it

A look at a local food delivery service Restaurant Runners offers some testimony of this. It has been operating since 2013, offering food deliveries from about 12 different restaurants in Harare. The service normally works with a minimum order price of $15, along with varying delivery charges based on where you are. For some restaraunt order they can even deliver liquor.

Alibaba makes $14.3 billion in sales in just a day. More than Zimbabwe’s total GDP of $13.7B

The company announced that it hit US $14.3 billion in sales in just one day. Alibaba’s singles day is a shopping event the e-commerce company introduced in 2009

Zimpost enters online payments game, offers ZESA & money transfer services

With all these solutions popping up, Zimpost, the state owned enterprise that owns and manages all local postal services didn’t want to be left behind and has now introduced its own online payments and e-money platform.

EcoCash NFC card surfaces as new product – update

The EcoCash NFC (Near Field Communication) card which was being tested last year has now resurfaced.

Kenya introduces bond trading via M-PESA, offers lesson to Zim govt

Earlier this week it was reported that Kenyans will now be able to open Central Bank depository accounts from their phones using their mobile money accounts without visiting a bank or broker, and proceed to buy government paper. Can this be adopted in Zimbabwe as well?

As Ecobank taps into Zimbabwean e-banking it’s leaving out 2 major blocks

Is the latest drive for e-banking from Ecobank adequate for a 2015 Zimbabwe which is a proudly informal economy? It would seem that the glaring omission from Ecobank’s strategy is an aggressive adoption of indigenous retail banking alternatives.

As Parliament tables e-Transactions Bill, here’s how it will benefit Zimbabweans

One of the proposed legislative bills, for the Parliament of Zimbabwe will be the Electronic Transaction and Electronic Commerce Bill, commonly referred to as the e-Transactions Bill. It is set to outline the regulatory parameters for electronic transactions and electronic commerce.

From funding Agriculture to RBZ sentiment; Bitmari founder shares plans for Bitcoin startup

We managed to get some brief responses for the founder of Bitmari, Sinclair Skinner. In the following Q and A, he gave some insight on what Bitmari will be working on, including financing new farmers, and how much the service will cost.

Tengai, the classifieds platform linked to Econet has been hacked by Net Neutrality proponents

Tengai, the new classifieds platform that partnered with Econet Wireless to offer zero-rated access to Econet subscribers, has been hacked by Net Neutrality proponents.

Econet powered e-commerce platform,, to launch in a few days

In a few days, mobile operator Econet Wireless is going live with the online classifieds platform We were invited to the press launch which is slated for Monday 27 July. will operate with free advertising for anything posted on the platform, along with free browsing for Econet broadband subscribers.

ZIMRA launches e-services platform, enables engagement of tax issues online

ZIMRA, the local revenue authority has launched an e-Services platform. This system allows you to monitor your fiscal account and it handles PAYE, VAT and Income tax filings online. At a later stage it will cater for online payments of tax obligations.