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Powertel launches payment service known as Dial-a-Payment

Powertel wants you to call someone so they can do what you can already do yourself.

Protecting Monopoly Through COVID-19: EcoCash Scraps Fees For COVID Relief Funds

EcoCash has announced that they will be removing processing fees for cash transfers designated as COVID-19 relief funds. The move seems to be a direct response to the government choosing to exclusively distribute COVID-19 relief funds through OneMoney, the mobile money platform that rivals EcoCash. EcoCash has moved to remove all processing fees for cash […]

EcoCash & Mobile Money Players To Pay Out Interest If You Keep Your Money In Your Wallet

Mthuli Ncube is said to have gazetted a new financial instrument yesterday that will enable mobile money users to receive interest on the money they keep in their mobile money wallets (i.e EcoCash, OneMoney, Telecash and MyCash). At inception, mobile money users will get interest rates of about 0.02%/day; If you keep a $100 dollars […]

Mobile Money Transactions To Be Scrutinised DAILY By Mthuli Ncube Task Force

On launching his Currency Stabilisation Task Force today, the minister of finance touched on mobile money specifically. Mobile money has been a scapegoat when it comes to the runaway inflation and its causative agent: accelerated decline in the value of the local currency. Ncube proposes to: Place limits on daily bulk payer transactions. Bulk payments […]

EcoCash Nicodemusly Raises Charges

For the latest EcoCash Charges, please see this August 2020 update. We recently got a tip to the effect that EcoCash had silently raised charges for EcoCash biller charges, slapping a $5 fee per transaction; Ecocash biller charges have shot up to $5 flat per transaction irrespective of amount. Was shocked today when sending various amounts for […]

Bankers Association Wrongly Says Mobile Money Services Have Unfair Advantage Over Banks

During the recently held Parliamentary Portfolio Committee meeting, Bankers Association of Zimbabwe raised concerns regarding mobile money services and the unfair advantage they have over financial institutions. Dephine Mazambani, BAZs Chief Economist said the advantage stems from EcoCash and other mobile money services being regulated by POTRAZ and not the RBZ, which simply isn’t true: […]

MTN Launches Mobile Money In South Africa Again

In 2012, MTN launched a mobile money service in South Africa but closed it down 4 years later due to prohibitive operating costs. That would’ve been a sad way for the story to end so fast-forward another 4 years and MTN is launching mobile money services in South Africa once again. This time they are […]

[Updated] EcoCash Users Now Able To Reverse Transactions Via USSD

EcoCash has introduced a new option for people who’ve mistakenly sent money to the wrong individual. By dialling *150# and selecting option 3 (Self Help/Reversal) EcoCash subscribers can either submit a reversal or approve the reversal of a transaction. Transaction reversal will require both parties to approve, so those of you who thought they would […]

Vodafone Withdraws From FB’s Libra Association To Focus On M-Pesa

Following Facebook’s announcement of Libra, there was a brief honeymoon phase where crypto and tech enthusiasts celebrated the coming of this digital currency which would leverage Facebook’s digital footprint of 2.45+ billion users. Fast forward 7 months and that enthusiasm has died down. A number of Libra association members have stepped down with Vodafone being […]

Franchise Model One Of The Keys To OneMoney’s Growth – NetOne CEO

OneMoney has been on an upward trajectory for a while now. In October, NetOne revealed that their mobile money platform had gained 97% in a single quarter. In a recent interview, Lazarus Muchenje (CEO of NetOne) revealed some of the strategies behind the growth of OneMoney and offers insight on what has changed at NetOne […]

Telecel Profits Fell From US$55m To US$1m

Telecel has been in a never-ending downward spiral for a number of years now. Subscribers who would expect to get new services and products and innovation from their mobile network have instead gotten board room squabbles, poor network delivery and now it’s alleged shareholders are getting dwindling revenues and no profits. An anonymous source with […]

OneMoney Extends Free Transactions Promo Until March 2020

At the end of November, OneMoney announced that they would 0 rate all transactions on the mobile money platform until 31 December. One would assume that the tactic is working because OneMoney has announced an extension of the promotion until March 2020. To help usher in the year 2020, NetOne has extend the zero-tariff promotion […]

Podcast On OneMoney To Overtake EcoCash In 2 Years

On this episode of the Techzim podcast, we have a discussion on whether the statement by NetOne CEO Lazarus Muchenje that OneMoney will overtake EcoCash in 2 years is even possible. Some of the questions on our minds were: Has OneMoney been growing? What are the use cases for OneMoney? How is NetOne convincing people […]

EcoCash Is Down… Again

EcoCash has been stuck in an upgrade cycle since Saturday 16 November. Whilst the planned upgrade has been announced as complete a number of time since that date the service hasn’t really worked optimally for the last 3 weeks. It seems the platform is now down again with users getting one of many error messages […]

New EcoCash Merchant Payment UX Is Terrible

UX stands for user experience- just in case. Almost two weeks ago EcoCash warned users that the platform would go offline for 24 hours over the weekend. They said this was to make the system better yada yada yada. Besides the fact that things did not go too well, EcoCash introduced some new user experience […]

Safaricom Tried To Launch A Sasai Before Sasai And They Failed

Last year Safaricom attempted to launch a messaging application called Bonga. The premise of Bonga was that it would bank on M-PESA’s (Kenya most popular mobile money platform) reach and integrate messaging along with social features in one place. Sounds familiar? We’d actually like to move beyond M-Pesa by leveraging its power as a social […]

OneMoney To Overtake EcoCash In 2 Years. Is It Possible?

In a recent interview with Trevor Ncube, Netone’s Chief Executive Lazarus Muchenje said: We choose to compete with ourselves and to try and be world-class because we do not believe that at this stage there is anyone world-class in this market in as far as mobile payments are concerned and I say that with a […]

ZACC To Investigate EcoCash And Its Agents For Selling Cash

Zimbabwe’s Anti-Corruption Commission has said like you and me, they are not particularly pleased with what EcoCash agent’s and the EcoCash system has become. The issue of selling cash by agents has caught the attention of the Commission which has opened an investigation looking into this (took them long enough). The commission sent out a […]

EcoCash Launches Digital Bureau De Change

This morning, EcoCash launched what they are claiming to be the first mobile Bureau De Change which will bring some convenience for those seeking to change their money without having to leave their home. How will the EcoCash Bureau De Change work? EcoCash users that have funds in their FCA wallets can sell their forex […]

NetOne Says MDC Can Come Get Biller Code After MP Says They Were Denied The Service Last Year

MDC MP Mr Chalton Hwende claimed that last year, NetOne denied MDC a service that they had given Zanu PF with no issues. The MP says that MDC launched a membership card (similar to one offered by Zanu PF) and NetOne denied them a biller code: Lastyear MDC introduced an electronic card system and approached […]

Users Training WeChat’s Image Recognition System Without Knowing

Some research published has brought to light the fact that WeChat users are unknowingly contributing to a database of blacklisted images as part of Chinese efforts to censor the internet. Due to the fact that Chinese companies have to monitor content on their platforms to avoid getting in the government’s bad books, once you consider […]

Active Mobile Money Subscriptions Grows And OneMoney Registered The Biggest Growth By Far – 2019 First Quarter

Despite Netone losing out subscribers in the first quarter of this year, OneMoney made a big stride in terms of gaining faithful users. From January to March this year, OneMoney’s active mobile subscriptions grew by a commendable 29%. This is way more than the growth experienced by Telecash and EcoCash, 0.9% and 4.2% respectively. OneMoney’s […]

One Top-Up Gives NetOne Subscribers 10% Discount For Buying Airtime With OneMoney

NetOne has been trying to incentivise use of their OneMoney platform and their One Top-Up service seems like a pretty good way to do so. One Top-Up gives a 10% discount to customers purchasing airtime using the OneMoney platform and NetOne is positioning the product as more than just an incentive for customers as they […]

ZANU PF Youth League Deputy Warns Econet To “Stop Abusing EcoCash Facility”

Lewis Matutu, ZANU PF Youth League’s outspoken deputy has come out with a warning for Econet and EcoCash. @econetzimbabwe please stop what you are doing to our economy through the abuse of your Ecocash facility @nickmangwana @NewsDayZimbabwe @HeraldZimbabwe @eNCA — Lewis matutu (@MatutuLewis) July 5, 2019 The youth leader didn’t go into specifics of what […]

Tired Of Exorbitant Charges When Sending Money Using EcoCash? Send $1000 & Get Charged 35c Using MyCash

I’ve heard a lot more grumbles when people send money using EcoCash. Why? Well, the general feeling is that doing so costs an arm and a leg and if there were an alternative a number of people would consider flocking to that. Well, MyCash Send2Cell is that alternative that you might want to check out […]

EcoCash Reversals Are Much Easier Now As EcoCash Launches Self-Service Platform

This morning EcoCash launched a new service they are calling EcoCash Micro Service. One of the most exciting features that will be part of this platform will be the EcoCash reversal. This means users will now be able to reverse some transactions without needing to go to any EcoCash shop. How will the transaction reversal […]

EcoCash Increases Tariffs

Back in November, EcoCash announced a new set of tariffs for transacting on their platform and you would be forgiven for thinking that since then those tariffs haven’t changed. The reality is that EcoCash has a new set of tariffs that came into being today and the new tariffs are said to be 30-80% higher […]

Zimbabwe’s eCommerce Indicators: 9.5% Of Zimbabweans Make Online Purchases

Whilst going through We are Social’s 2019 state of Zimbabwean Digital report. One of the more intriguing sections of Zimbabwe they looked at was the eCommerce indicators assessing how prepared our country is for eCommerce. So here are some of the indicators We Are Social and Hootsuites highlighted: The data being used is from the […]

Econet & EcoCash Apologize For Service Disruptions

You may have been one of the customers who has been facing some challenges using Econet’s network today. Unfortunately the service disruption has meant that EcoCash isn’t working as advertised as well. When Ecocash is down we loose 99% of our orders at Fresh in Box. We have lost orders now for 3 hours. When […]

OneMoney Giving Away $20 Debit Card

NetOne has a new promotion aimed at increasing usage of their OneMoney mobile money platform. Though the promotion doesn’t seem to have any name there’s a $20 debit card up for grabs and you don’t have to do much to stand a chance to win. By simply liking the OneMoney Facebook page or sharing the […]