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Is there a cartel forming in the financial services sector?

Speaking on regulating bank charges and mobile money tariffs, Mr D. Chinoda of the Competition and Tariff Commission first elaborated on the cash crisis in Zimbabwe giving possible reasons for it. He acknowledged the huge appetite for imports and underfunded nostros being some of the major reasons. With the cash crisis undeniable people have had […]

EcoCash lowers tariffs, maintains charges for cashouts

Some good news for the 6 million people using EcoCash, Econet’s mobile money service. It has reduced some of its money transfer tariffs. This comes after it also removed merchant payment fees last month.

Review of bank charges welcome, now mobile money tariffs should be lowered as well

The assumption was that the as the high cost of electronic transactions has been highlighted as a barrier to a “cashless society”, the charges for sending, receiving and cashing out money from mobile money wallets would also immediately come under review. That is yet to happen.

Zimbabweans let down by government & bankers who are avoiding solutions to cash crisis

The government – represented by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe which is the industry regulator, and the entire collective of bankers – unified under the banner of the Bankers Association of Zimbabwe are the two entities – the collection of officials, that should have responded to the crisis with emergency measures.

Local mobile money tariff calculator app tweaked, now includes OneWallet, Nettcash

A local Mobile Money tariff calculator app released last year has now been tweaked to catch up with some of the changes in local mobile money services. The app it now incorporates calculations and comparisons for OneWallet and Nettcash and the user interface has been dusted up a bit.

POTRAZ and RBZ crack whip on operators, move to lower mobile money tariffs

Like a lot of other Value added services, mobile money services have always had more than one regulator monitoring activities around service delivery and in a lot of respects, protecting the consumer. Now, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) and POTRAZ (Post and Telecoms Regulatory Authority) are out to¬†offer some form of relief to mobile […]

EcoCash tariffs reduced slightly. Who’s benefiting from this move though?

You probably saw it in a couple of adverts yesterday; EcoCash tariffs have been reduced. Not that the advert said it explicitly, it just listed tariffs effective 1 February 2014.These are only slight reductions, something that probably explains why this wasn’t promoted extensively. The new tariffs are in the table below. The adjustments have largely […]

Predictions 2015: What can we expect from the Zimbabwean technology space?

It’s only a few days into the new year and a lot of things have started to change in the Zimbabwean technology space. From tariff reductions to promotions being ended it looks like¬†there is going to be a lot to expect. In all of this here are some of our predictions for 2015. The adjustment […]

Telecash zero-rates mobile money transfers

In a move that will definitely change the competition dynamics of local mobile money, telecash, the mobile money arm of Telecel has made it free to transfer money to a registered telecash subscriber.This automatically places telecash as the cheapest mobile money transfer option for the Zimbabwean market. The new wave of “tariff treats” also comes […]