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Breaking: EcoCash Tariffs Going Up, RBZ Has Approved

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has just approved the adjustment of transaction fees upwards by Zimbabwe’s largest mobile money operator, EcoCash. According to reliable sources this approval has been granted this very afternoon. We are yet to get our hands on the new transaction fee schedule. Our sources have informed that EcoCash will effect the […]

Transacting Using OneMoney Will Be Free Until The End Of 2019

OneMoney is pouncing on the chaotic fortnight that EcoCash has had. What initially seemed like a passive attempt at winning over market share with media poster has turned into a full-on assault with OneMoney’s latest promotion. From now until 31 December 2019, transacting via OneMoney will be free of charge. The mobile money platform has […]

EcoCash Subscribers Receive Message Notifying Them That The Platform Is Up Again

It’s been a rough week for EcoCash and anyone who depends on it (which is most of us if I’m being frank) but if messages being received by EcoCash subscribers are taken at face value – the storm is over. EcoCash Update Thank you for your support. All services are up. Kindly bear with us […]

EcoCash Minimum Airtime Purchase Increased

It appears the minimum airtime purchase you can make on EcoCash might be getting a 150% increase from $2 to $5. That’s currently the message popping up when users try to buy airtime for anything less than $5: There is a bit of confusion on whether these are permanent changes or if they are tied […]

Here Are Some Of The New Features On EcoCash

The infamous EcoCash upgrade which has been labelled by many as a downgrade due to the inconvenience caused by extended downtimes has been met with hostility because of its failure to work. We decided to scroll through the “new EcoCash” for ourselves and see if there are new features that have been added. The EcoCash […]

Instant EcoCash App Adds Local Language Support

We’ve talked about Instant EcoCash before. It’s a brilliant application that allows users to ditch the EcoCash app which requires data and gives pretty extensive functionality. Outside of all this existing functionality, Instant EcoCash is adding a new accessibility feature that will instantly make it more appealing to a wide number of users. The newest […]

EcoLedger Passes 100K Downloads Making It One Of Zim’s Most Popular Financial Service Apps

A year ago, EcoLedger was launched and though it was revolutionary I wouldn’t have pictured it growing as fast as it has. In the 12 months since the application that allows you to track your EcoCash transactions has garnered over 100 000 downloads making it one of the most popular financial service applications. In fact, […]

The EcoCash App Is Currently Down For Some Users

It seems there are some issues EcoCash app users are facing when trying to use their mobile money application. The error is basically making the app unusable and anyone opening the application is met instead by an error message locking them out of the application. Some users trying to open the application are being met […]

NSSA finally uses Telecash to disburse pensions

When NSSA’s funds were used to acquire Telecel by the government in 2015 year, the assumption was that the social security organisation was interested in not just the investment in a lucrative industry, but that mobile financial services in the form of Telecash had attracted it too. Indeed, NSSA itself confirmed this last year saying it was already looking to use mobile […]

FBC in $21.9 million profit

Local financial institution, FBC Holdings, made $21.9 million after tax profit in 2016, according to the company’s financial results announced yesterday. The bank joins other banks in presenting very positive financials for last year, despite harsh economic conditions for companies and consumers especially around the lack of cash at banks. FBC’s after tax profit is up 21% from the previous year. The […]

How Steward Bank is winning in the age of agent banking

Steward Bank, an Econet Wireless subsidiary, told Techzim recently that their banking network now has some 3,000 agents spread across the country. Agent Banking Manager, Ruth Takawira, told us in an interview that its agents are now transacting $3-6 million dollars a month. The bank launched agent banking back in November 2014 initially with just Econet’s EcoCash agents. Eventually though, […]

Interview: Cellulant’s drive into the B2C mobile VAS space

Last week, Cellulant launched a USSD service allowing Zimbabweans to buy electricity tokens, ADSL internet and in future other bills from their phones by just dialing *365#. We had the opportunity to discuss the company’s new drive – both the local and as a continental company – to expand into the B2C market. The company has up to now […]

Steward Bank to extend its network through Zimpost post offices

Steward Bank is set to launch a services partnership with Zimpost, the entity that runs the country’s postal network. Under this arrangement, Steward Bank services will be available from post offices around the country.

Dear Telecash… … How about this for improving the cash-ins?

We have been following your recent entry into the local market and the waves that it has created. Not too sure if we got to tell you this, but well done! Imagine our excitement when we found out earlier this week that you have zero-rated Telecash transfers to registered users, essentially encouraging the usage of mobile money. We’re sure […]

Telecash’s 600,000 subscribers means its growing almost as fast as EcoCash did

A few days ago, Telecel’s General Manager, Angeline Vere disclosed that the company’s mobile money service that was launched 5 months ago, Telecash, now has 600,000 registered subscribers. This is an impressive number in  a number of ways, but mostly in comparison to Econet’s EcoCash, which has generally been regarded a success. Consider for example that in its […]

Open mobile money ecosystems – inevitable but not urgent for African operators

I had the had the thrilling and awesome privilege to chair the second day of the 7th edition of the Mobile Money and Digital Payments Africa 2014, in Johannesburg at the end of May. Different stakeholders in the mobile money and digital payments industry across Africa and beyond converged at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in […]

Telecel partners ZimSwitch for TeleCash Gold Card. Introduces POS & ATM cashouts

When TeleCash launched back in January this year the company spoke of a Telecash debit card. Spoke way too early actually as the “card” or its concept wasn’t visible except in the press releases. Anyway, the good news is that it’s here, or at least very close to being a reality, and some things about it are […]

EcoCash Diaspora: Here are the countries you can remit money from

As you may know, two days ago Econet and WorldRemit announced the launch of a service that allows people outside Zimbabwe to remit money into Zimbabwe directly into EcoCash mobile money wallets. When we wrote the article initially we said, incorrectly it turns out, that people can use the WorldRemit service to send money from South Africa. South Africa […]

Econet investigated for anti-competitive behaviour in mobile money business

A report in the Herald today says Econet Wireless Zimbabwe is being investigation by the Competition and and Tariffs Commission (CTC) for anti-competitive business practices around it’s relationship with local financial institutions on mobile money and mobile banking. The issue is really that of the banks wanting neutral access to the Econet’s network subscribers via regular USSD (and […]

Use this Android app to pay less in EcoCash & Telecash mobile money tariffs

A few days ago, we posted an article that essentially showed how you can game the mobile money tariffs by splitting the transaction amount so you can pay less. But making those calculations is a hassle. After reading the article, a local developer decided to develop an Android app that simplifies the process. Called Tariff Calculator, when you […]

EcoCash Hack: Here’s how you can pay less transaction fees

I went to an EcoCash Agent to withdraw the $60 I needed to buy a ticket for the Startup Weekend. I had $62 in my EcoCash wallet in my EcoCash wallet then. When I tried to make a withdrawal, I got this message: I didn’t realise that the transaction fee for withdrawing $60 is $2.30 […]

Of the EcoCash Android App and the elusive API

I am excited and disappointed at the news that EcoCash has finally released the EcoCash app. Excited because it was long overdue and this could be the much developer touted API. Much to my disappointed is the calibre of application they chose to release. The application is a simple UI onto which you capture all […]

Econet’s doublespeak on EcoCash auto-signups. Tweets betray true position

When we contacted Econet yesterday about the auto-registration to EcoCash, they basically said that their policy is to not do such stuff. “It is not our policy to automatically register customers, as they are always given the choice to register, as well as opt out of the service.” they said. That sounded so unbelievable ofcourse. […]

Why competition’s such a wonderful thing: Econet simplifies EcoCash access

Predictable how the response came so fast, but lovely to see nonetheless. This is why competition is such a lovely a thing. After seeing Telecash use simplicity as one of the main selling points – and getting praises from the market for it – it finally occurred to Econet more than two years later that the […]

NetOne’s OneWallet in 2,000% increase in transactions since relaunch

NetOne’s mobile money service OneWallet is said to have experienced a 2,000% increase in transaction volume since the re-launch in November 2013. These claims are contained in a FinX report which quotes the NetOne CEO, Reward Kangai. In an interview with FinX, Reward Kangai is quoted as saying. “ There has been a huge OneWallet […]

Exclusive: Econet finally opening up full USSD level mobile money to the banks

Sources in the industry have exclusively told us that Econet has finally given in to the pressure of the banks, regulatory authorities to open up full USSD functionality for the ZimSwitch mobile money transfer services. Specifically, this means in the coming weeks and months, banks, through the ZimSwitch Shared Services platform, will be able to […]

Mobile Money in Zimbabwe: Of EcoCash, Telecash and …well, OneWallet

First, congratulations to the EcoCash team for winning the AfricaCom Best Mobile Money award. No doubt a few heads have turned towards Zimbabwe and we appreciate it. Congratulations as well to NetOne for the OneWallet re-launch. We hold our breath as we await Telecel’s Telecash launch. There has been quite some hype surrounding Telecash’s mobile […]

No Telecash in 2013: Telecel pushes the mobile money service launch to 2014

We just had a lot of energy sapped out of us right now! See one of the most exciting things to happen in Zimbabwe’s mobile telecoms sector this year is not going to happen. Telecel’s mobile money payments service, Telecash, won’t launch this year is what we’ve just been told. First it was it was […]

Telecash improves on EcoCash menus. Here are some Exclusive screenshots

So over a week ago we revealed that Telecash had been opened to staff and that they were accessing it via the *888# USSD code. We have more. Our insider sources at the company leaked the menu screenshots below, which show exactly how Telecash works. And it’s EcoCash, improved. You know some of those things […]

Econet Services holds event to publicise EcoCash Payroll service

Today we attended the launch of EcoCash Payroll, the product we wrote about here in Monday. The purpose of the event was really to have the journalist writing more about EcoCash Payroll as, events like the cash-in-transit robbery, have shown that not enough companies know about the product. In terms of how the product works […]