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Tag: Mobile Money & eCommerce

Telecel soft launches mobile money service, Telecash. USSD code is *888#

We can exclusively reveal that Telecel Zimbabwe, has just done a soft (and likely partner as well) launch of its mobile money service, Telecash. Those with access can now transact on the mobile money platform using the USSD access code *888#. We tried the code on our Telecel lines and got the screenshot below. So […]

EcoCash… what’s next?

Following closely developments in mobile services provision, I predicted EcoCash’s savings account before it was launched. I even proposed a Mobile phone directory for my wish list which Econet launched recently. I did not see Ecofarmer coming, nor EcoSchool although EcoCashCredit was kind of obvious after the savings account. All this leaves us with the […]

Econet uses cash-in-transit robbery incident to push salary payments via EcoCash

As you probably know, there was an incident last week where a cash in transit security vehicle lost almost half a million to robbers that pounced on it. The money was headed to pay plantation workers in Honde Valley. If for some reason you are wondering why they are paid cash, then let me just […]

EcoCash platform provider, Mahindra Comviva, wins another global award

So this has been a great year for Mahindra Comviva and EcoCash. The mobiquity platform that runs EcoCash, and more specifically, the EcoCash implementation of Mobiquity, has won Mahindra Comviva at least 2 other awards this year, including this latest one; a Meffys Award. Unlike the other two though, the Meffys award was under the […]

EcocashSave now has 900,000 subscribers. Should Econet celebrate?

Econet Wireless today announced that subscribers to their Ecocash Save mobile banking service have now reached 900,000. 50,000 more than subscribers to typical brick and mortar banking services in Zimbabwe combined. The announcement was made in the same release announcing that Ecocash Save will start lending cash to subscriber in early 2014. The numbers are […]

EcoCash Save: Econet to give away $400,000 in bid to encourage savings

Econet Wireless has just launched a new promotion to encourage its mobile money customers to save money using the recently launched EcoCash Save phone based savings account. The promotion dubbed “Waya Waya promo” is named after last year’s “EcoCash One Million Dollar, Waya-Waya Promotion“. Unlike last year’s promo though where the company basically gave out […]

Some Telecash branding; apparently “It’s easy with Telecash” mobile money

So far Telecel has been unwilling to say much about their soon to launch Telecash mobile money service but we get bits to piece together every now and again from a few generous souls. Today was such a day and we got to learn a bit about the branding and messaging that will likely carry the […]

AfricaCom 2013: EcoCash platform wins “Best mobile money” award

Mahindra Comviva, the company powering Econet’s mobile money solution, EcoCash, today won the “Best mobile money service” award at the AfricaCom Awards in South Africa. The awards are a big deal on the continent as they are part of the AfricaCom conference which is currently Africa’s largest conference for the telecoms and tech sector. More telecoms. The […]

NetOne to re-launch OneWallet, introduces off-net money transfers

Information we’ve just received confirms that NetOne is the company running teaser ads in the print press in preparation for a re-launch of their OneWallet mobile money service. The re-launch, a source tells us, comes with the introduction of transfers to other networks. So far, OneWallet subscribers could only transfer money to other NetOne subscribers. […]

Telecel’s Telecash will be powered by the Obopay mobile money platform

Reliable information we have received from sources says Telecel will be using the Obopay platform for their Telecash mobile money service. This is contrary to market information that has been all along suggesting they’d be using the Mahindra Comviva platform that Econet uses. The reasoning so far was that Telecel was working to match Econet’s […]

Econet CEO on why they suspended EcoCash transfers to other networks

Almost 3 months ago, Econet suddenly announced a suspension of EcoCash transfers to other mobile local mobile networks; Telecel and NetOne. We suspected ofcourse that this was a move to encourage people to ditch their Telecel and NetOne lines to access the mobile money service. Or at least a move to have sons and daughters […]

Telecel’s mobile money is called Telecash, and it launches November (Exclusive)

So yesterday when Telecel called a press briefing we were almost certain the company would announce their new mobile money service. It’s been known for a while now that Telecel is working on a product to compete head on in the market with fellow mobile operators Econet (their EcoCash product) and NetOne (OneWallet). They didn’t […]

Zimbabwe apps review: Pay4App internet payments

Some very innovative people have sat down on this one. See, the relevancy of an app to the populace is not necessarily in the cutting edge technology (that’s for tech people), it’s also in the usability, the ability to accomplish the task in as simple a way as possible, as economic and just as secure. […]

2 years after launch, EcoCash mobile money subscribers reach 3 million

A report in a Zimbabwean weekly, the Financial Gazette, said today that EcoCash has reached 3 million mobile money subscribers. The new subscription numbers come as the company celebrates the second anniversary of the service. The article unfortunately doesn’t mention however if the number represents active subscribers or just the total. We’re guessing it’s the […]

Why, outside Zimbabwe (& Kenya), mobile money in Africa hasn’t succeeded

Whenever I’m in a foreign country in the region, I try to observe and ask questions about mobile stuff. Mobile money especially is a big interest and the one thing I have wanted to understand more is how mobile money hasn’t been as remarkably successful in these other countries in the region, as it has […]

Zim startup launches mobile money management desktop app, Capu

A local startup has launched a desktop based mobile money management tool called Capu (short for Cash Application: Universal). Universal in that the tool can be used to manage transactions any mobile money service locally. The app, which is Windows based, so far allows users to manage their Textacash and EcoCash transactions more conveniently.

Econet to launch EcoCash powered insurance for sme farmers, EcoFarmer

We are getting information that Econet will in a couple of days launch the new EcoCash service called EcoFarmer which has been talked about a bit locally in the past few months. Contrary to what we believed – that EcoFarmer is an attempt at creating something like eSoko – the information we are getting suggests […]

Econet increases EcoCash platform capacity increased 4 times

Econet just announced via a press release that they are upgrading the capacity of the EcoCash mobile money platform to 4 times its current size. The upgrade is a multi-million dollar project according to the announcement. Information of the upgrade was first released last week on Friday when the company notified subscribers via an SMS […]

Econet Zimbabwe banks on EcoCash mobile money to create shareholder value

At the company’s AGM recently Econet Wireless Zimbabwe explained to shareholders that the group is looking to services such as the mobile money service, EcoCash, for continued profitability and new value for shareholders. According to a report by local financial analysis email service, Financial Express, Econet Wireless Group Chief Operations Officer Tracy Mpofu said at […]

ZimSwitch: an update on the ZimSwitch Shared Services (ZSS) platform

The article below is a statement issued by ZimSwitch on the state and progress made with the ZimSwitch Shared Services payments switching platform. The statement was issued to us as part of the research that we made over the past few weeks for the article Zimbabwe: Of banks, Mobile Money and EcoCash. It has been a busy year […]

Zimbabwe: Of banks, Mobile Money and EcoCash

Many like myself are probably wondering about the future of Mobile Money in Zimbabwe. On one side we have EcoCash bullishly rolling out merchant after merchant gathering enough momentum to fully implement a system perhaps even more speedily adopted than M-Pesa of Kenya. On the other hand we have the banks under the banner of […]

One agent’s experience choosing between EcoCash and Textacash

If you have worked or stayed in the Avondale area in Harare, you probably know of a popular food place at the flea market where lots of people religiously enjoy their lunch everyday. I visited the place with a friend today and we were quite intrigued to find they are now accepting Textacash mobile payments.

EcoCash international money transfers coming soon, starting with South Africa

Econet Zimbabwe has finally announced that it will be launching a remittance service under EcoCash. The suggestions that they were working on a service to rival international remittance services using their mobile money infrastructure started as early as last year.

Crowdfunding and business smarts could have saved Gringo film from piracy losses

So the Gringo investors are yet to recoup their $50 000 because of piracy. Well, if they had stopped to consider all options before releasing their film perhaps they would have made a profit before production started.

Econet breaks EcoCash as interconnection dispute with Telecel continues

The smooth convenience of using mobile money for transfers and payments is exceptional. The idea of being able to send money to anyone that has a mobile phone and them being able to pick it up immediately in any part of the country is something that a few years ago wasn’t imaginable. Anyone with a mobile phone!

New Steward Bank banks on Econet relationship for product innovation

Today we attended a (now former) TN Bank event where the company launched its new name Steward Bank. The rebranding comes a few months after the bank was acquired by Econet Wireless from its former owner Tawanda Nyambirai. It was made clear at the event by the bank CEO, Kwanele Ngwenya, that the bank’s services will be tightly integrated to its telecommunications parent Econet Wireless.

Telecel Zimbabwe considering mobile money re-entry?

Last year, Telecel Zimbabwe pulled a ‘surprise of the year’ move on all of us; A mobile operator killed its mobile money service. No one knows (well, except them and probably ZimSwitch) when exactly Skwama was killed because it was done silently, only to be disclosed when we asked about the disappeared product in September last year.

Zim government approves tax increase for telecoms & “mobile banking” to fund elections

A report in the state owned Herald newspaper today says that government has approved an increase in taxes for ‘mobile network charges’ and ‘mobile banking charges’ apparently to fund an upcoming general election. The revelation was made by Zim finance minister Tendai Biti yesterday as he addressed the media on the state of the economy. […]

Econet partners Paynet for EcoCash payroll service (updated)

We just got information that Econet and Paynet, a local payments & payments software company, have partnered to offer a new EcoCash service that will enable companies to pay salaries directly into their employees’ EcoCash wallets. The service will likely be announced in the coming days.

Mukuru launches mobile prepaid debit card in South Africa has just announced the launch of a new cellphone based debit card in South Africa. It something like mobile banking services locally, except this is optimised for existing Mukuru services in addition to using the card for regular banking and point of sale. The new card is backed by Standard Bank.