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NetOne adds over 100k new subcribers while Econet lost about the same number in Q3 2020

NetOne added over 100k subscriber in Q3 2020 while Econet lost about the same number according to POTRAZ’s sector performance report.

Why are telecoms companies hated so much?

I wasn’t planning on writing this but two things changed my mind. First, as I was working on another article, I came across this quote; Unfortunately, telecoms brands continue to struggle to earn the respect of consumers, with average reputation scores for providers brands right at the bottom of our sector league table. Consumers love […]

POTRAZ Gives Mobile Operators Additional Spectrum For The Rest Of 2020: Internet Use Has Ballooned

The Director-General of POTRAZ has announced that mobile network operators will be allowed to access additional 3G and 4G frequencies at no cost. Radio spectrum is a finite resource which is used for various radio-communication services which include cellular telephone operations and broadcast television stations. During the Covid-19, Potraz will be assigning additional 3G (Third […]

Econet vs Netone vs Telecel : Here’s Which Network Offers The Cheapest WhatsApp Bundles

We can whine all we want about the new data prices/data allocations the Mobile Network Operators have (conspired) to give us but just have to make do with what’s there. MNO’s are profit-making organisations for crying out loud- they had to adjust in line with changing economy. We either have to cut back the amount […]

Econet Engaging RBZ To Help Out With Forex

Just like everyone, (some) telecom operators and Internet Service Providers(ISP) are grappling with foreign currency shortages problems. This problem has a trickle-down effect where subscribers are affected by downtime and poor services. It’s awful. And these kinds of things seem to have been happening with Econet’s network of late. That’s why the largest mobile Network […]

Netone Increases One-Fi Prices Again In Less Than 2 Months

Of all the Mobile Network Operators (MNO), Netone seems to be feeling the heat, of the economic turmoil, more. Just over a month ago, the state-owned MNO, Netone increased the price of its internet bundles and now it has also increased the price of its Wi-Fi device, One-Fi. Check out the new prices (the prices will be effective from […]

Minister Of ICT Urges Mobile Network Operators To Increase Free WiFi Zones

Newly appointed ICT and Cyber Security Minister, Kazembe Kazembe is setting his sights on seeing urban areas well-mapped out with free Wi-Fi zones. With many Zimbabweans owning gadgets, constant connectivity is fast becoming a necessity. Minister Kazembe Kazembe seem to understand this no wonder he is urging Mobile Network Operators (MNO) to increase free Wi-Fi […]

Zimbabwe Now Has The Second Most Expensive Mobile Data In Africa: $25 For 1GB

When benchmarked against other countries, monthly mobile data costs in Zimbabwe remain one of the most expensive in Africa. Ecobank’s report found that Zimbabwe ranks number 2 across 47 African countries, in a study that examined the average monthly cost of one gigabyte of data. The monthly average cost of mobile data in Zimbabwe is […]

Judge Dismisses Former NetOne’s CEO Application For Refusal Of Further Remand

Former Netone Boss, Reward Kangai has been dealt a slight blow after his application for refusal of further remand was dismissed in the magistrate court. Mr. Kangai is facing  20 counts of criminal abuse of office and concealing personal interests in business transactions conducted with Netone. The alleged abuses range from failing to follow procurement […]

POTRAZ Calls Government To Reconsider The 5% Tax On Airtime As It Is “Hurting Consumers”

Telecoms regulator, POTRAZ is taking the consumers’ side by calling the government to reconsider the 5% excise duty on airtime. The 5% excise duty was introduced in 2014 as part to raise funds for government expenditure but concurrently in increased the cost of airtime for consumers. POTRAZ general Director, Gift Machengete is saying that government should take time […]

What do POTRAZ And The ZANU PF Candidates Who Sent Unsolicited Messages Have To Say About Accessing People’s Data?

The ongoing controversy of targeted bulk SMS by Zanu-PF aspiring candidates is nothing short of drama. The notable burning questions which were raised out of this drama were, “Where did Zanu-PF get the database?” and “What does the law say about accessing people’s data and sending unsolicited SMSes?” A Recap Naturally, people (initially) accused Zimbabwe […]