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Mobile Network Operators Revenue Rose Drastically In The 3rd Quarter But So Did Their Operating Costs

Given that mobile network operators and fixed internet providers increased pricing for data, voice and SMS services a number of times during the year it’s no surprise that the revenue for these entities rose quite significantly in the 3rd Quarter. Unfortunately due to the current state of our economy (inflationary pressures) and investments by the […]

Zimbabwe Now Has The Second Most Expensive Mobile Data In Africa: $25 For 1GB

When benchmarked against other countries, monthly mobile data costs in Zimbabwe remain one of the most expensive in Africa. Ecobank’s report found that Zimbabwe ranks number 2 across 47 African countries, in a study that examined the average monthly cost of one gigabyte of data. The monthly average cost of mobile data in Zimbabwe is […]

TelOne to introduce fax to email service

TelOne is set to intorduce a new fax to email service. This is according to some sources who also revealed that this is set to for launch within a month. TelOne is said to be partnering with NGN Telecoms, a South African based telecoms VAS provider that has its hand in fixed and mobile services across 9 African countries and presence in Europe, North America and Asia.

POTRAZ activates USF to rollout telecoms infrastructure in Zimbabwe’s remote areas

There was a tender invitation from the local telecoms regulator POTRAZ, for the design, supply, installation of shared passive telecoms infrastructure in underserved areas. This is a project related to the Universal Service Fund (USF), a pool set up in 2000 which applies a levy to all licensed operators with the objective of spreading network rollout in neglected areas.

Using a SIM card? Apple and Samsung want you to get rid of it

Apple and Samsung are planning to kill the SIM card by introducing an embedded e SIM. This would allow phone users to switch between operators at any moment

Ministry of ICT enters into closed-door talks with telecoms operators

This morning, the ministry of ICT, through arrangements facilitated by the telecoms regulator POTRAZ, is holding a closed-door breakfast meeting with the heads of the various telecoms operators.

Salvaging the Telecel wreckage, NetOne offers subscribers option to retain number

It’s only been a few days since word got out that the telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, had given Telecel, the country’s third-largest mobile operator, 30 days to shut down operations. It didn’t come as a shock, this move had been exposed by the Minister of ICT a while ago. Another thing that’s not shocking though, is […]

Want the latest information on Zim telecoms? Here’s the POTRAZ Report

For close to a week now we have been mentioning the latest report to come from Zimbabwe’s communications regulator POTRAZ. Until today, we hadn’t received the official document and had been relying on detailed highlights and extracts. In articles published recently, we have run through some of the major highlights, which include the latest figures […]

Econet reintroduces its voice bundles. Is this a response to WhatsApp calls?

Remember how we started off the year with a reduction in voice call tariffs and the subsequent termination of the Econet Bundles of Joy promotion? Well, those voice bundles have surfaced again. Econet made some changes to the bundles, specifically what you’ll get for each $1 that you spend. Instead of offering more minutes (I […]

Vimpelcom, owner of Telecel releases results with declined revenues, expects tough 2015

The latest financial results (Fourth Quarter 2014) for Vimpelcom, the company with a 60% stake in Telecel Zimbabwe, have just been published. The global mobile operator registered a 21% dip in revenues and net losses of $935 million. A reduction in earnings had been anticipated with an outlook for a single digit decline in sales […]

Techzim Podcast: Our perspective of Africacom 2014

This is special edition of the podcast where we got feedback from Limbikani Makani who had the opportunity to attend the recently ended Africacom 2014. Limbikani shared his perspectives on the different tech entities that were present at the huge regional tech conference including the opportunities for networking and building relationships for anyone in the […]

Service providers should feel obliged to educate consumers

When a customer purchases a SIM card, they get into a contractual agreement with a network provider. However, the contract at the point of sale is a one page document with hardly any information that the customer could be curious to inspect. Nothing is particularly highlighted for your attention. This contract is as basic in […]

Zim Government announces revised MNO license fees; it’s $137.5 million

The Zimbabwean government (and by that we mean the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Infrastructural Development) has finally announced what looks like the final position on the mobile network operator license fee increase. It’s US $137.5 million and the license is for 20 years. It’s an increase from the previous figure of $100m for 15 years.

Comment: Of stolen concepts & VAS

Yesterday’s “they stole our idea” issue is a story we hear often here at Techzim. Reading from what has been made publicly available by both parties so far, how this will progress and end is almost predictable. Telecel will say no to the US $340,000 settlement demand. In fact, they’d be silly to say yes. […]

BarCamp: Thoughts and contributions on building scalable startups & products

Wow! Wednesday was a great day to reflect on for us here at Techzim. BarCamp Zimbabwe; the country’s first grassroots ICT event finally came together. The event was made possible through the support of ZOL and other sponsors like Byers Design, Matamba Anonaka Technology Holdings, Webdev and Zimbojam. It was also the work of great individuals in the organizing team, notably; Joseph Manzungu, Lennex Zinyando, Christine Dube, Chengetai Chikwanha, Richwell Phinias, Richard Mberi, Larry Kwirirayi and many other people who helped leading to the event.

The need for a self-regulating mobile VAS providers body

There’s a growing appetite for mobile value added services (VAS) in the market. This is true for mobile network operators, developers and the mobile subscribers.

Developers and entrepreneurs are seeing the opportunities that Zimbabwe’s (and that of African countries in the region) rising mobile penetration avails. Subscribers too are starting to use mobile phones in ways they did not before. The gadget has evolved into much more than just a device to make voice calls and send text messages. There’s internet, music, TV, file transfer, games, and most recently money transfer.