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Podcast: Facts from POTRAZ, the rise of Android, Hypercube’s model & Wangu

In this episode of the Techzim Podcast, we discussed the latest figures on mobile OS share, POTRAZ facts on local telecoms, the rise of Android, the new membership model for Hypercube Hub and the local social network called Wangu. What are your thoughts on these topics? Have you used Wangu? What are your thoughts on […]

By the numbers: 6 interesting facts about telecoms & internet in Zimbabwe

1. Zimbabwe’s mobile penetration 87% now. This figure is based on the number of active sim cards in the country.   2. Zimbabwe’s total number of active SIM cards reported, 11.4 million, is actually not the number of people that own mobile phones. Some people have more than one SIM from the same operator (smartphone, internet […]

60% of the Zimbabwean population connected on mobile: POTRAZ

Despite having an “over-subscribed” mobile penetration rate of 106%, POTRAZ estimates that only 60% of the Zimbabweans are actually on mobile device or have multiple-active mobile SIM cards (Unique subscriber penetration). This was revealed by a POTRAZ official responding to a question at the recently held Enterprise Office Communication Summit in Harare. The POTRAZ official, […]

3 major highlights from the latest Ericsson Mobility Report

The latest edition of the Ericsson Mobility Report was recently released, providing analysis of the latest mobile data and predictions on mobility and live networks for the global markets. A lot of the information shared in the report points largely to global trends but the highlights do give an interesting indication of the uptake of […]

Zimbabwe’s internet penetration almost 50%. More than 99% of that is mobile

According to data sent to us by Zimbabwe’s telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, Zimbabwe’s internet penetration is now 47%. The total number of internet subscriptions in the country as at the end of June 2014 was 6.1 million, up from 5.6 million in March this year. The most remarkable but still obvious thing from these stats, as usual, is the number […]

New tech taxes: are we killing the goose?

Yesterday we heard of the new taxes on mobile phones and airtime credit introduced by government. It’s hardly surprising that less than flowery opinions have been shared by Zimbabweans who are now faced by the prospect of a significant price increase on devices and already expensive mobile communication services. The fact is the waiver on duty […]

Zimbabwe’s mobile penetration 106% as Econet grows to 9 million subscribers

A recent Q1 report by Zimbabwe’s telecommunications regulator, POTRAZ, says the country’s mobile penetration rate is now 106%, mowing mostly to the growth of Econet subscribers by about 4%. Econet’s total active mobile subscribers continue to grow and are now 9.07 million. The figure shows Econet has effectively grown it’s market share from about 63% in December, […]

Zimbabwe’s telecoms stats (2013): 103.5% mobile penetration rate

We just got the full telecoms subscription statistics from the regulator, POTRAZ, for the 3 months ending December 2013. So, very current. There are two key things you will notice with the new stats;  One is that the mobile penetration has gone past the 100% mark to the now 103.5% and the second is that […]

Zimbabwe’s tele-density reaches 100%, mobile penetration now 97%

Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ), has released the December 2012 (4th quarter) mobile phone and fixed telephone subscribers statistics. According to statistics that we received from the regulator, Zimbabwe’s mobile penetration is now 97%, up from 85% in June 2012.

Zimbabwe’s internet subscriptions reach 4.5 million

Zimbabwe now has about 4.5 million internet subscribers according to local telecoms regulatory authority POTRAZ. The new internet penetration figure was published today in the state owned Sunday Mail weekly newspaper.

Kenya’s mobile phone subscribers now over 30 million, penetration 77%

According to the latest statistics report published by the Communications Commission of Kenya for the July to September 2012 quarter, the country’s mobile penetration rate grew to 77.2% (from 75% in the previous quarter) on a mobile subscriber base of 30.4 million active SIM cards.

Zimbabwe’s 2012 mobile broadband subscribers: 2.2 mil

The draft policy framework document presented last week by the Ministry of ICT yesterday had some interesting stats on the state of the ICT industry in Zimbabwe. The statistics cover mobile penetration, fixed telephony, mobile broadband penetration and the amount of incoming and outgoing international bandwidth. We thought to share some of that data here, especially the mobile broadband subscribers. These statistics were provided by Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz).

Why the ZAMPS Internet usage survey results are inadequate

The results in the recently released Zimbabwe All Media & Products Survey (ZAMPS) are strange. The internet part at least. Last month, when the report came out, our opinion, after reading about it in the Herald, was that the internet data just didn’t make sense. To be fair on ZAMPS, this was just the Herald’s own interpretation […]

Zimbabwe’s June ‘12 mobile & fixed subscriber stats. 90% tele-density

Zimbabwe’s telecommunications regulator, POTRAZ, has released the June 2012 (2nd quarter) mobile phone and fixed line subscribers statistics. The stats, which were published in the state owned daily, The Herald, today, show that Zimbabwe’s tele-density increased from 81.5% in the year’s first quarter to 89.9% in the second quarter. This is a significant jump and […]

Telecel hits 2 million subscribers. Zimbabwe’s mobile penetration now 80%

A press released we just received from Telecel says the company has surpassed 2 million active subscribers. The new milestone means Telecel has added on some 200,000 subscribers since the March stats released by the company last month. Telecel is the second largest GSM mobile network operator in Zimbabwe by number of subscribers. The largest […]

Mobile Penetration in Zimbabwe (2006 – 2011)

One of the interesting things presented at last week’s JumpStart event, was the rise in mobile penetration in Zimbabwe between 2006 and 2011. The actual significant rise started in 2009 but 2006 shows just how low it was just a little over 5 years ago, 848,000 subscribers.

Zimbabwe’s tele-density rises to 74.7%

Zimbabwe’s tele-density rose to 74.7% as 2011 came to a close. Mobile phone subscriber statistics we received from the Post and Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) recently show that all mobile phone operators registered an increase in subscribers since the last release of stats in September 2011.

So, just how many Zimbabweans have mobile phones?

The latest mobile subscriber stats from POTRAZ show that Zimbabwe now has a mobile penetration of about 64%. Really impressive if you consider that in 2009, the mobile penetration was just 24%. But every time that mobile penetration percentage is mentioned, there’s almost always need to clarify that the percentage may actually be misleading.

Zimbabwe’s current mobile subscriber stats (September 2011)

We recently enquired from the Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) the 3rd quarter mobile subscriber statistics for Zimbabwe. The figures we are as follows:

Zimbabwe’s current mobile user base (June 2011). Telecel now third

We’ve just received the updated POTRAZ statics of Zimbabwe mobile subscribers. We are told the figures have just been updated this past week and represent the statistics for the second quarter of the year.

Zimbabwe’s telecommunication statistics summary (2010)

Last week, we had an opportunity to visit POTRAZ, the country’s telecommunications regulator. There we got some stats of Zimbabwe’s telecommunications as at September 2010 and we thought we would share the data here.

Zimbabwe’s Mobile Penetration Doesn’t Stand At A Mere 20%

Casually reading an article posted by the Herald a week ago, I was met with a statement that made me stop:

…Potential for better returns in the sector is abound considering that the penetration rate by Econet, Telecel and NetOne, largely confined to urban areas, stands at a mere 20 percent in a country with more than 12 million people.