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Telecel employees allegedly stage sit-in protest

The problems engulfing Telecel at the moment don’t seem to have a clear resolution in sight. A fortnight ago we wrote about how the company was still bleeding customers at a frightening pace. It seems in addition to having to deal with subscriber loss, board room squabbles and investing in infrastructure, Telecel is also looking […]

LTE coverage in Zimbabwe triples in 12 months as Econet & NetOne invest in broadband coverage

Between October 2015 and October 2016, the number of LTE base stations across Zimbabwe increased by 343% as Econet and NetOne, the country’s largest and second-largest mobile network operators expanded their mobile broadband coverage.

Here’s how Econet Wireless Zimbabwe could benefit from Coca Cola & a global beverages merger

The Coca Cola Company recently gave notice of its plans to terminate its bottling deals with Delta Corporation and its associate, Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited. This comes after the regulatory approval of the $104 billion merger between Anheuser-Busch InBev NV/SA (AB InBev) and SABMiller Plc, which is also Delta’s largest single shareholder (It holds a 38% stake). Delta […]

NetOne pulls plug on its “The One” mobile data bundles, back to basics

NetOne has put an end to its “The One” product/promotion. In its short-lived lifespan, “The One” managed to capture the hearts and minds of subscribers across all networks. So enticing of a product it was, just last week we handed NetOne the mobile data champions cup! But in a surprise turn of events, NetOne pulled the plug […]

Zimbabwe LTE use increases by 23% – 152,000 active subscriptions recorded

According to the latest quarterly report from the telecoms regulator POTRAZ, in the first quarter of 2016, the number of active LTE subscriptions in Zimbabwe increased by 23% reaching 152,782 from the previous quarter’s total of 124,179 active subscriptions.

Zimbabwe’s mobile telecoms revenues down by 12% as economy & technology take toll on industry

In the first quarter of 2016, Zimbabwe’s mobile telecoms generated $167.7 million in revenue which was a 12.3% decline from the revenue earned in the last quarter of 2015.

No number portability for Zimbabwe as POTRAZ changes goal posts, pushes probable adoption to 2017

It was set for 2014, deliberated on at length but still hasn’t happened and the new date (actually, no date was set, it’s just been pushed to later this year or in 2017), coupled with a could/if/might attitude just means that it’s been overlooked again even after all these years.

Review of bank charges welcome, now mobile money tariffs should be lowered as well

The assumption was that the as the high cost of electronic transactions has been highlighted as a barrier to a “cashless society”, the charges for sending, receiving and cashing out money from mobile money wallets would also immediately come under review. That is yet to happen.

POTRAZ hits back at Econet, dismisses allegations of unfair play

Zimbabwe’s telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, has issued a press statement dismissing repeated allegations from Econet that the local telecoms industry doesn’t have a level playing field.

Econet Zimbabwe profits down by 42% to $40 million as operator faces challenges in environment

Local mobile operator Econet Wireless is currently holding its analysts’ briefing where it has released the figures for the 2015 to 2016 financial year. Though the full briefing is yet to be released some of the highlights have been shared by analysts on Twitter and they indicate a pattern similar to the previous year’s performance […]

Telecel upgrades data network as it plays catch up in coverage and services race

While reserving capital from operational profit might seem even harder for Telecel than its peers its absence on the new base station front is likely a reflection of a shortage of capital for aggressive expansion, something that its new majority owner, the government, will hopefully be able to remedy.

Zimbabwe’s failed WhatsApp ban just exposed the mobile operator’s struggle with innovation

The reality, though, is that these operators are responding to changes that they never anticipated and whose effects they can’t control. The request for the ban, or regulation is, as has been the case in countries like Morocco and most recently South Africa, a way to contain the damage. That hardly justifies it, but it puts the request into context.

NetOne boss Reward Kangai suspended as operator is plagued by allegations of corruption

Reward Kangai, the chief executive officer of Zimbabwe’s second largest mobile operator, NetOne, has been suspended for three months as the operator prepares for a forensic audit to investigate allegations of impropriety.

Here’s the POTRAZ Report for the third quarter of 2015

The Post and Telecoms Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) recently published the local Telecoms Sector Report or 2015 which focused on facts and figures for the third quarter of 2015. The report has offered some form insight into the local telecoms scene and a look at the figures and commentary can give a perspective of where […]