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Zimbabwe’s “Cashless” Economy Trend Continuing; Mobile Money Transactions Grew By 37.9% In Second Quarter Of 2018

I’m sure we have all heard how Zimbabwe is ahead of the curve and we are already a “cashless economy”. Of course, if you are on the ground you understand that we are literally cashless but the trend is showing no signs of slowing down. Mobile money transactions grew by 37.9% from Q1 to Q2 […]

A lighter Version Of Google Maps Is Now Available For Testing

Google Maps Go, the lightweight version of Google Maps is targeted at developing countries. The app works on devices with memory limitations and on less reliable connections without compromising speed, and accuracy. The introduction of Maps Go is in tune with Google’s recent approach of introducing lite apps for lower-end devices. We covered Youtube Go and now take […]

Android beats Windows: Now most popular platform globally for 1st time in history. But not in Africa!

Technology usage statistics provider GlobalStats announced today that Android has finally overtaken Microsoft Windows as the most popular operating system in the world – in terms of internet usage. The Google owned but open source mobile operating system  is now the top platform in the world with 37.93% market share of internet usage. Windows is at […]

The state of tech in Zimbabwe (February 2017)

So, we’re frequently asked about the state of the technology ecosystem in Zimbabwe, by people in Zimbabwe as well as people outside: The diaspora trying to understand what’s going on at home better People outside Zimbabwe trying to do things here: usually investment, but also NGO/Donor types Embassies in Zimbabwe Business analysts looking to report on (usually listed) companies in Zimbabwe […]

Republic Of Gamers : How big is gaming in Zimbabwe?

Entertainment is not all that big in Zimbabwe, more so when looking at the case of local gamers and how gaming communities are so isolated. Looking at our neighbor South Africa we could see how big gaming is in our region, where there are forums as well as commercial LAN and online gaming tournaments. Me […]

10 things Zimbabwean startups need to consider when developing Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions

For the effective adoption of electronic health information systems over the less convenient paper based status quo, there are key functionalities that every EHR system on the market should have. One bad apple can really spoil the whole bunch.

Interview: Cellulant’s drive into the B2C mobile VAS space

Last week, Cellulant launched a USSD service allowing Zimbabweans to buy electricity tokens, ADSL internet and in future other bills from their phones by just dialing *365#. We had the opportunity to discuss the company’s new drive – both the local and as a continental company – to expand into the B2C market. The company has up to now […]

Zimbabwe’s most downloaded Android apps (ongoing)

This article is an ongoing attempt to document Zimbabwean mobile apps with the most downloads in either the Android or iOS store.

A quick one about the changing Techzim look

When we introduced a new look about 6 months ago, we made great strides to make the site more extremely lovable but we still had lots of room to improve the desktop experience. We promised we would continue working on the site to make it more usable and the latest changes are exactly that. We hope this […]

Tecno enters Zimbabwe, targets half a million phones within 12 months

If you’ve traveled around Africa, you’ve likely already come across a Tecno phone. They sell tens of millions of phones on the continent. Now they are entering Zimbabwe!

Changing Techzim: Here’s our new look and the future

What you’re seeing now is the new Techzim design. If you’re mobile you probably love it. And if you’re on desktop, you’re probably wishing that we bring back the old design. Think of this as the first iteration of the future of Techzim. We will continuously adjust aspects of it to make it easier to see the content you care about!

Another high minimum spend promo from Econet: Any takers? (Update)

Update: We have since learnt that the promo is an intelligent form of daily bundles. Each user get’s a different minimum spend to qualify so while we got the $2.5 threshold, some got SMSs that said they just needed to spend $1.10 and so on. A few weeks ago Econet Wireless, the country’s largest MNO […]

Zimbabwe’s telecoms stats (2013): 103.5% mobile penetration rate

We just got the full telecoms subscription statistics from the regulator, POTRAZ, for the 3 months ending December 2013. So, very current. There are two key things you will notice with the new stats;  One is that the mobile penetration has gone past the 100% mark to the now 103.5% and the second is that […]

Smartphone Review: Karbonn Titanium S5 bold and competitive for $329.

The Karbonn smartphone brand is one of the low cost smartphone brands that is getting popular with the Zimbabwean market and their flagship Titanium S5 (at least locally) makes a good case for value for money. We are told the Indian brand is outselling trusted brands like Samsung and Sony in some local chain retail […]

EcoFarmer: Econet’s 4 pillared approach to tech for agriculture

Even though at launch, the most visible and touted component of EcoFarmer was the micro-insurance, the service is more than just that. The company discussed in detail the EcoFarmer offering at an event we attended a few weeks ago in Harare. The event, organised by the Market Linkages Association, brought together tech startups in agric, […]

Preparing for your final ZIMSEC Exams using a technology

It is that time of the year when pupils and some adults get to sit for the public exams from various boards: HEXCO, ZIMSEC and Cambridge. For those who are still unprepared it is not too late to swot for these exams.Most students with internet access,smartphones and tablets hardly ever use this technology for their […]

#TechTips: Privacy apps for your device

As we pointed out yesterday a lot of people have things to hide sitting in plain view on their smartphones and tablets. This includes intimate videos and pictures of themselves or other things that are likely to bring them to ruin if the material was to “leak” to the tabloids like H-Metro. These leaks might […]

Tomorrow: 7 things to definitely maybe expect from the next iPhone(s)

September 10, tomorrow is the big day. The launch of Apple’s new flagship iPhone(s),  the smartphone conjured by the brand that started it all. The smartphone age at least in the form we now have it today was shaped by one company and epitomized by one man.  It’s no surprise then that when Apple announces […]

Who is in charge, you or your gadget?

With the prices of the internet and technology gadgets falling and the competition increasing the gadgets are becoming more and more accessible to everyone. With this access to gadgets also comes the access to things like social networking sites such as Facebook, chat apps such as WhatsApp, Mxit, mobile games etc. All these require and even demand our every minute attention: the phones, tablets, PCs even the apps and programs themselves are constantly ringing, vibrating, popping up, ringing and flashing; cajoling and enticing us to attend to them. This has given rise to a new affliction: Tech Addiction.

How to get a tablet for under $150

For those of us who are price sensitive and living on a tight budget the “No Name” brands might be the right solution. As has been noted countless times however, most Zimbabwean businesses simply cannot part with their habit of wanting a 100% profit on anything so now might be a good time to exercise your online shopping skills

Press Release: Latest version of Sage Pastel Evolution includes mobile module

The Pastel division of Chips Enterprise Solutions has announced the new modules and features that will be included in the latest version of Sage Pastel Evolution, Version 6.82, which is due to be launched in Zimbabwe soon.

Smartphone survey

In the previous instalment there was a lot of debate and impassioned discussion as people championed whatever their favoured smartphone or smartphone Operating system. We live in a country where some statistics are scarce and so for the most part our arguments were fuelled by educated guesses and intuition.

WhatsApp now more popular globally than Twitter. Challenging Facebook on usage

It goes without saying especially locally, that WhatsApp is more popular than other social (or instant messaging services). We can’t even compare Twitter usage to that of WhatsApp in Zimbabwe.

Brainstorm: Startup brings exam revision material to students via mobile

Their mission is clear, and 25,000 Facebook fans in just a few months is testament to the need for the service: Helping students excel in school by providing useful revision tools and information. And they couldn’t have launched at a better time.

Econet appoints SA Banker as new TN Bank CEO

We just received a statement from Econet announcing the appointment of South Africa banker, Kwanele Ngwenya, as CEO of it’s newly acquired financial institution, TN Bank. Ngwenya was Director of Commercial Segment at First National Bank’s (FNB) Botswana operation.

5 tech initiatives we would love to see in Zimbabwe in 2013

Open data would enable accountability: it is difficult to conceal something if the facts are there for all to see. Not only will it result in transparency, just Data alone in the right hands is a powerful resource for our national economic and social development. It’s also an incredible opportunity for local talent to build locally relevant tech solutions, a very huge gap currently.

Is Flash dead?

As all web developers know, they do not develop for themselves. These days there are more and more things to consider when developing a website: Google rankings, target audience, mobile device compatibility etc. And now you have had to add to the list, should I use flash or HTML5?

Redefining biNu, a mobile content platform with a social framework

Everything is the opposite in emerging markets, there are not many screens in the average person’s life, and the one screen that is there is the mobile and they use it as a primary means of internet access not a secondary or the third level. This is the internet for many consumers, and they are very price sensitive. They are lucky to have a computer with a broadband connection but the desire to have internet and to communicate is huge. If you have never had it it’s a really fantastic thing to have for many reasons.

New yellow pages site launched, & it comes with iOS & Android apps

Zimbabwe Yellow Pages have launched a stunning new website. The website serves as a portal to search for over 350,000 companies in their online database with profiles for Zimbabwean companies. You can basically search for Zimbabwe businesses on the internet; an online version of the traditional Yellow Pages concept but with maps, email addresses & and other stuff in the listings.

Instagram’s new web profiles

I love taking pictures with Instagram, it’s an amazing photo sharing app available on both iOS and Android. For some time now it only had mobile profiles, but now users have dedicated web profiles to view all your  friends’ pictures for the browser. Instagram recently announced the launch of web profiles, a Facebook like collage […]