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[Update] RBZ Says Money Transfer Services Like Western Union To Start Operating During Lockdown

Individuals/Families who rely on remittances where caught between a rock and a hard place when it was announced that money transfer agents would not be exempt from lockdown. Whilst this decision was made to safeguard the health of the general public, it meant that a significant number of Zimbabweans who rely on remittances were cut […]

A new startup, Bitmari, is launching a Bitcoin money remittance service

We’ve seen some advocacy for Bitcoin locally as well, and now some people are starting to integrate Bitcoin with other common financial services. Take Bitmari for example. This is a new Bitcoin-based money remittance service for the Zimbabwe market.

Facebook reported to be venturing into money transfer services

Facebook is reportedly planning to venture into financial services by providing a facility for its users in select countries to store money, transfer funds and make online payments. A report from The Financial Times explains how the social network is on the verge of securing regulatory clearance in Ireland to become an “e-money” institution that […]