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The death of the Zimbabwean music record company; the rise of the Independent artist

So the digital music revolution in Zimbabwe rumbles on with today’s news in The Herald about leading record company Gramma Records active consideration of introducing MP3’s. Emmanuel Vhori, Gramma’s general manager is quoted as saying “Recording companies are prepared to give it (their) all, to extinguish the flames of piracy that had literary turned musicians into destitutes.” Certainly the proliferation of kudubba (copying) and pirates at places like popular Harare Zimex mall and the Gulf Complex is engulfing the music industry in flames of piracy.

Digital music sales in Zimbabwe. Taking it to the next level

Online music stores have been on the rise globally and continue to gain momentum. Selling music files on a per-song, albums and/or subscription basis at lower prices has become a phenomenon. Online music stores such as iTunes and Amazon MP3are now the biggest music retailers in the US, selling almost 25% of all music in the US. This represents opportunities for businesses in developing ICT markets like Zimbabwe and can help revive the countries’ music industries which have been on a downward spiral.

Full Presentation of Zimbabwe ICT Minister, Nelson Chamisa On Just Ended AU Summit – mp3 Download

Earlier today, we posted an article on a presentation the Zimbabwe Minister of ICT made at a function organised by the computer society of zimbabwe yesterday.

We promised to make available an mp3 file of the whole presentation so here it is. We would have loved to upload the full video as well but bandwidth is an issue here.