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MTN Group appoints Zimbabwean Ralph Mupita as CEO

MTN Group, Africa’s largest telecommunications company, has appointed Zimbabwean born Ralph Mupita as their new Chief Executive Officer. Ralph Mupita who previously held the position of Chief Financial Officer will ascend to the CEO post on the 1st of September 2020.  “After a rigorous and extensive search process, we are pleased to have appointed someone […]

MTNs Chenosis platform seeks to solve Africa’s API problem

Earlier this month, MTN announced the launch of Chenosis. This is an independent API marketplace built to enable developers and businesses across Africa. It will aggregate open APIs making it easy for developers and interested parties discover and make use of these APIs. APIs??? For the uninitiated, we will need to explain what an API […]

MTN to exit the Middle East region over the next 3-5 years

MTN recently announced that it would be pulling out of the Middle-East region to focus it’s effort on the African continent. One of the reasons cited for MTNs pulling out of the Middle-East were weakening currencies in that region. In addition to that is the geopolitical instability of the Middle East which makes it difficult […]

The largest Mobile Network Operators on the African continent

Africa is an interesting continent in many regards. Telecommunications is definitely one of those areas that are interesting. For years, Africa has been heralded as being on the cusp of greatness and the role of mobile network operators hasn’t been downplayed in that narrative. With this in mind and a general fascination with the telecoms […]

MTN launches 5G in 3 South African provinces

MTN SA has deployed and launched its new 5G network in 3 South African provinces, i.e Gauteng, Western Cape and Free State. Before you get all hyped, the majority of the 5G being deployed will be the slower lower band 5G. We explained the differences between the existing 5G standards before, so check that out […]

Econet Global Interested In Securing Ethiopian Telecoms Licence

Econet Global, owned by Strive Masiyiwa is reportedly looking to acquire a telecoms licence in Ethiopia. The East African country is opening up the telecommunications industry to foreign investors for the first time as they plan to sell upto 49% of the state-owned Ethiopian Telecommunications before issuing two spectrum licences. Econet is not alone with […]

MTN Launches Mobile Money In South Africa Again

In 2012, MTN launched a mobile money service in South Africa but closed it down 4 years later due to prohibitive operating costs. That would’ve been a sad way for the story to end so fast-forward another 4 years and MTN is launching mobile money services in South Africa once again. This time they are […]

MTN Also Launched Their Version Of Sasai Last Year: Why Do These Apps Exist?

Telecoms companies seem to be unable to resist a trend. When they decide that they should start investing in media – a number of them do so (e.g Kwese and Cell C) without investing in the talent or knowledge to actually make viable products. Outside of VoD services, it seems network operators latest fixation is […]

MTN Launches Data Bundles For Customers On Roaming

Data bundles are the order of the day for African mobile network subscribers. The data offered in bundles is significantly cheaper than out of bundle data in most African countries. Whilst subscribers are not a big fan of the model mobile networks have long argued that this is the best way for them to provide […]

Telkom Looking To Buy Endangered Cell C

Cell C has been in a dark place for the longest of times with things coming to a head when the South African telecoms company announced that it had made losses of R8 billion earlier this year. Shortly after announcing the results, Cell C announced that they would be moving their network to MTN which […]

Ugandan Government Orders Telecoms Companies To List On Stock Exchange

The Ugandan government has issued an order mandating telcos operating within Uganda to list a minimum of 20% of their shares on the Ugandan Securities Exchange. The order also instructs them to have done so in the next two years Uganda Communications Commission also announced that they will be issuing out new licenses: In 60 […]

MTN SA Says Batteries Are Being Stolen At An Alarming Rate. They Could Be Ending Up In Zimbabwe

MTN has said there’s been an alarming rise in incidents of battery theft which has been adversely affecting their operations. In the past two weeks alone, MTN said they have lost 199 batteries and in April the company lost 733 batteries. Though the problem is countrywide, the most affected areas are currently Soweto, Tembisa, Vereeniging […]

Competition Commission In South Africa Says Data Is Too Expensive As Well

It seems like everyone is complaining about how expensive data is these days. The Competition Commission in South Africa has come out and said data is prohibitively expensive for South African subscribers in a recently published report. The commission’s report found that by international standards mobile prepaid data in South Africa is too expensive. In […]

MTN Is Going To Realign It’s Tariffs Too

One by one Zimbabwe’s Telecommunication companies have been hiking their prices. They have all been saying the same thing: It’s RBZ governor Mangudya’s fault that we are doing this go ask him. Welcome to the New World of RTGS$. MTN goes for hikes MTN has decided to follow suit. Naturally they are not calling it […]

MTN Copies Techzim, Launches It’s Own WhatsApp Airtime Service 😉

Weeks ago Techzim launched it’s own WhatsApp airtime service where you can easily buy airtime from within the comforts of WhatsApp. Well, MTN could not just help themselves and in a fit of jealousy, they too launched their own WhatsApp bot-shamelessly calling it the world’s first. We are not going to make this a race […]

MTN Claims Their WhatsApp Recharge Bot, Is A World’s First. I’m Not Too Sure…

Today, MTN launched MTN Chat which allows subscribers to recharge airtime, get customer support, make balance enquiries and receive customised deals. Mybroadband claims that MTN described the bot as a first, which is a bit iffy if you ask me. Well Techzim is selling airtime from all networks via WhatsApp using EcoCash. We are not […]

Cell-C Fast Becoming South Africa’s Telecel

If you have been following the Telecel story over the past few years you’ll know that the mobile network operator isn’t doing so well. Everything that can go bad for Telecel has been going bad; from debts and bad leadership to subscriber numbers that keep falling, it’s pretty difficult to see where the nightmare ends. […]

MTNs New Featurephone Costs R300 And Can Access WhatsApp. Game Changer

MTN has reportedly started rolling out their smart-feature phone which is aptly named Smart S 3G across Africa. The phone was announced back in 2018 at AfricaCom and after playing with the phone for a few minutes after the announcement I think this phone will be a big hit for people buying low-cost entry-level phones. […]

Adverts Everywhere! MTN To Roll Out Mobile Ads Across 21 African Countries, Econet Could Do The Same For Zimbabwe

MTN has just awarded a tender to Austrian advertising company, Out There Media (OTM) to bring ads to millions of mobile phones in 21 African countries where MTN has presence. What’s that? Out There Media owns an advert serving technology platform called MoBucks. This is a platform that allows mobile operators to make extra revenue […]

MTN To Use Liquid Telecom’s Network For 4G Roaming

Liquid Telecom South Africa, has secured its first customer MTN, to offer 4G roaming to millions of South Africans. Reshaad Sha, CEO of Liquid Telecom South Africa, gave more insight on how this partnership will work: With MTN as a customer we have an opportunity to utilise our existing spectrum assets, so more people than […]

NetOne To Enter Joint Venture With South Africa’s Telkom?

Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube is the man of the moment and when he speaks Zimbos listen. Last week Mthuli spoke about the privatisation of state-owned parastatals and it seems like there is a 6-9 month timeline for that to happen. In line with this privatisation, South African Telecommunications company Telkom is said to be in […]

After Almost Half A Decade Of Free Access, MTN Will Now Charge SA Users For Twitter

Remember when Econet had free Twitter in 2014 before discontinuing the promo in 2015 and then bringing it back a year later before charging for the service once and for all? Well, MTN customers in South Africa are going through a similar thing. MTN has been offering customers free access to Twitter for the past […]

The First 5G Trial In Africa Hits 20Gbps, 1000x Faster Than Econet’s 4G

MTN South Africa conducted a 5G technology and applications trial at its head office in Johannesburg in partnership with Ericsson. 5G refers to fifth generation mobile networks or wireless networks.  The two companies are collaborating on the rollout of 5G technologies in South Africa. The trial, which was part of their 5G demonstration as well as […]

EcoCash guarantees USD plus an extra 7% incentive for receiving money from the diaspora

Like I said, I’m on a roll to help you save money. Actually, maybe we should call it the #cheapskate series, what do you think? 😉 Anyway, so EcoCash enables you to receive money from the diaspora in USD through the EcoCash Diaspora service. The sender however has to send the money any one of […]

Is data really that much more expensive in Zimbabwe?

We all know as fact that data prices are unjustifiably high in this country. We know this but do we have the numbers to prove it? I had a conversation recently with a friend in South Africa and we started comparing data prices. Turns out that universal truth we all hold on to might not […]

MTN fined $8.5 million in Rwanda

MTN, Africa’s largest mobile operator has been fined $8.5 million (7 billion francs) in Rwanda for not sticking to the terms of its license in running IT services. An announcement on the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority website says the authority has made a decision to “impose administrative sanctions on MTN Rwanda Ltd for non-compliance with Directives issued […]

MTN launches TV service as telecoms operators explore converged service opportunities

The investment case for converged services has been explored by different operators across Africa as the case for revenue diversification in telecommunications becomes increasingly compelling.

MTN & EcoCash partnership enables wallet to wallet transfers across borders

This morning, EcoCash and MTN Zambia officially unveiled a remittance partnership that will enable MTN customers in Zimbabwe’s northern neighbor to send money into the country via the mobile platform MTN Money Wallet. The agreement launches sub-Saharan Africa’s first operator to operator cross border remittance channel. “Our partnership is not only business to business, but also […]

WhatsApp blocking in Brazil, Zuckerberg’s business plea, and why the MNOs are fighting a losing battle

As you’ve probably heard, WhatsApp will be blocked in Brazil by all mobile operators for some 48 hours. The reason: The operators have mourned to the government to block WhatsApp because it’s eating their revenues as people don’t call much anymore. The government, so far, had refused, but then someone (either the government itself or the operators […]

Astro Mobile secures partnerships with Airtel & MTN, looks beyond devices business

The most recent feat, which likely contributed to the award and continental recognition, was the securing of partnerships with Airtel and MTN. These arrangements will give Astro an opportunity to push its brand in every market where the two telecoms operators are present.