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Only 4% Of Adults In Zimbabwe Can ‘Copy And Paste’ Files: Worrying

This may come as surprise for many to know that as much as 96% of adults in Zimbabwe cannot ‘copy and paste’ files. In human-computer interaction, ‘copy and paste’ is used to transfer data from one area to another area. These worrying figures are according to the 2018 Global Education Monitoring Report Gender Review. This […]

Record Facebook Livestream Audience for ZBC News Online as Zimbabweans await Mugabe resignation which never came

This is probably the largest Facebook Livestream audience anyone in Zimbabwe has ever achieved. Just a few minutes after going live today, the state broadcaster, ZBC,  had more than 12,000 live viewers on Facebook. The reason? Zimbabweans are awaiting an announcement from the President of the country, Robert Mugabe, who is expected to either resign […]