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Tag: Mukuru Groceries

3 ways Zimbabweans in South Africa can send groceries back home

Late last week Vaya and Thumela eKhaya announced a partnership that offers Zimbabweans in South Africa an avenue to send groceries back home. This service (and services like it) offer Zimbabweans abroad an alternative to the middlemen and runners who usually carry goods across the border. Besides avoiding the irregular and high fees charged by […]

Mukuru And Metro Peech Launch Grocery Service For Zimbos In SA To Send Groceries Home

It would be an understatement to say that things have been difficult. Prices of basic goods and services have been on the up and it has been hard for everyone to keep up. That’s saying nothing of the availability of some basic goods. In light of this Mukuru has launched “Mukuru Groceries“. The service will […]