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Withdraw USD locally in Zimbabwe

Zimpricecheck has curated a list of options for folks travelling into Zimbabwe to access hard currency during this coming festive season. Access the list here. Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount: EcoCash number: {{error_message}} {{error_message}} If anything goes wrong, chat with us using the chat feature at the […]

CBZ capitalises on money transfer agent partnerships to open money transfer centre

CBZ over the last couple of years have been partnering up with money transfer agents. Western Union, World Remit, Money Gram, Mukuru, Express Links, and Hello Paisa money transfers can be collected from a CBZ branch. In light of this CBZ announced that their Robert Mugabe Street branch will now be a dedicated money transfer […]

Diaspora Remittances Decline By 11%

Arguably one of the most important sources of foreign currency has been remittances by those in the diaspora. When the economy tanked back in 2003, there was a surge in the number of people who left Zimbabwe looking for greener pastures. Those people often left their dependents back in Zimbabwe. Most send back money for […]

Mukuru Launches A Service That Allows Customers To Send Money From WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a very popular platform with over 1.5 billion active global users all waiting to be monetised. In recent times there has been a push by various startups to turn it into more than a chatting platform. In India the Facebook owned app can now make payments. Mukuru has joined this bandwagon in a […]

Mukuru Integrates With WhatsApp Making It More Convenient To Send Money

Mukuru has now integrated the WhatsApp Business’s API with its system. That means its now possible to ‘create orders’ for sending money (and many other things) via WhatsApp for Mukuru account holders in South Africa. First off: let me explain what’s called ‘creating an order’ based on Mukuru’s dictionary. ‘Creating an order’ is when a […]

Mukuru assures USD cash to money transfer recipients in Zimbabwe

Recently, Mukuru announced that due to the shortage of the Rand in Zimbabwe, it had temporarily suspended South African Rand transfers to Zimbabwe. Suspended in that recipients here can’t collect their money in Rand. Big deal for the recipient? Ofcourse not, Zimbabweans are not exactly clamouring to get Rand. It’s USD cash they want. For the sender, again, […]

Latest Mukuru partnership adds 19 new cash collection points

Remittance service company Mukuru (Mukuru.com) has partnered with Zimpost in a deal that allows its customers to collect cash at any of the 19 Zimpost branches countrywide bringing much-needed convenience to the companies remittance service distribution. Currently, the participating Zimpost branches include Lupane, Bulawayo, Plumtree, Beitbridge, Tsholotsho, Hwange, Gwanda, Norton, Harare, Chegutu, Karoi, Kariba, Mutare, Chipinge, Murewa, […]

Mama Money becomes latest remittance service to tap into mobile effectiveness with Telecash partnership

This means recipients in Zimbabwe have the option to get their remittances sent straight to their Telecash mobile money wallet, something that widens Mama Money’s payout network which has already gained a national presence through a strategic relationship with CABS and its Textacash service.

Afrocoin partners with EcoCash Diaspora to enhance service reach

Afrocoin, an international money transfer outfit that came onto the scene a few years ago with remittances, money transfer and airtime top-up services has announced its new partnership with EcoCash Diaspora, the remittance service arm handled by Econet’s mobile money service company EcoCash.

EcoCash and MoneyGram officially launch remittances partnership

Earlier today, we attended the official launch of the partnership between EcoCash Diaspora and the global money transfer company, MoneyGram. The EcoCash and MoneyGram remittance option works in pretty much the same way as the other integrated remittance services such as WorldRemit, Western Union and Chitoro.

Mukuru launches a remittance Storecard. Here’s how it differs from other remittances

Mukuru, announced this week the launch of Storecard in partnership with Zimbabwean retailers Halsteds and Electrosales. Essentially, the recipient of the transfer will be able to ‘redeem’ products equal to the transfer value from these participating retailers. Mukuru says that they (and these retailers) are making the overall cost of the transaction cheaper by levying only 5% of the transfer. Regular […]

EcoCash South Africa launch three weeks away, over 60,000 agents signed on

The EcoCash South Africa remittance service will be launched in less than 3 weeks. 200 customers will be signed up for the soft launch, and EcoCash has highlighted that it has been working with strategic partners for the training of agents and finalisation of other important details. Over 60,000 agents have been roped in for this through a partnership with PEP and its parent company.

New Mukuru-Mkesh partnership enables South Africa to Mozambique remittances

Through a partnership with Mkesh, the mobile money service owned by Mozambican mobile operator Mcel, Mukuru users in South Africa can now send money straight into a Mkesh wallet.

Mukuru takes on SA to Botswana remittances, will need mobile phone advantage

Moving money between any two countries is pricey business. The commissions for such services have always been steep, which explains why everyone from traditional banks to remittances services and lately, mobile networks are all out to get a slice of that cake. For most Zimbabweans, a familiar service provider in this space is Mukuru. The South […]

FinScope Survey reveals opportunity for mobile money & third party developers

A couple of days ago FinMark Trust, a South African based independent trust that conducts regional assessments on financial inclusion, insurance and market access released the latest FinScope Survey for Zimbabwe. This is a follow-up to a similar survey from 2011. The latest edition presented several insights into the state of financial inclusion in Zimbabwe based […]

EcoCash, Western Union consummate remittances relationship

Earlier today we attended the official launch of a partnership between EcoCash Diaspora and Western Union. The service which was already reflective on the EcoCash menu yesterday, had been on the cards for months now. Western Union is the latest remittances firm to partner with EcoCash after a similar arrangement was penned with WorldRemit earlier […]

EcoCash introducing service with Western Union, what can we expect?

EcoCash, the mobile money arm of Econet Wireless, is set to launch a new service that allows Western Union money transfers to be made directly into a recipient’s EcoCash wallet. Western Union already has a similar web to mobile money transfer arrangement with network operators in and outside Africa such as Kenya’s Safaricom, Tigo from […]

How to send money to Zimbabwe

So in sending money to the UK, one of the questions that people asked me was how do I send money to Zimbabwe. Why send money to Zimbabwe? I know, weird question. But there are people out there that still ask. Well, for those of you that still have relatives and friends that are still […]

How to send money to UK

There are instances when you are either travelling or have a friend or relative in the diaspora and need to send money to them. Yes, the flow of funds is not just one way, but undoubtedly more funds come into Zimbabwe than go out (I’m not referring to payments for goods here, but rather peer […]

“Sending” Money to South Africa

A lot has changed since the crisis of 2008. Things are better now. I should know since back then I spend most of my time rationing my food supplies and waiting in line for everything from salt,bread, call slots and web pages to load. Most of my time is spend at the gym now trying […]

WeChat is now a mobile money transfer app as well, but in China only for now

WeChat is many things already. So much more than WhatsApp, the app it started as a clone off. It’s so much more this anti-WhatsApp strength has actually been cited as a biggest weakness. But that’s not stopping the Chinese based messaging startup from becoming even more. The latest is that Chinese users of the app can now use it […]

Econet partners WorldRemit to enable diaspora remittances to EcoCash wallets

Econet Wireless Services and WorldRemit today launched a new international remittance service to enable anyone around the world to transfer money to an EcoCash wallet in Zimbabwe. Using the service, anyone in the 35 markets that WorldRemit operates from  (including US, UK, South Africa (See update below), Australia, Canada) will be able to transfer money directly […]

EcoCash’s competition isn’t Telecash, OneWallet or banks. It’s the internet & apps

Econet Wireless is one of a few telecommunications companies on the continent that has realized that the old telecoms model of charging for voice and SMSs – based on operating physical network infrastructure – belongs to yesterday. Yes, the business is current in many ways and revenues are still somewhat healthy, but the future belongs […]

Afrocoin launches in a few days. What do they bring to diaspora remittances?

Remember the new international money transfer startup called Afrocoin that we wrote about back in June? Then, they were just a profile on Crunchbase and a few screenshots here and there promising the service would be live in a couple of months. They are here. Afrocoin is launching, tomorrow their website countdown says. The startup got […]

Mukuru launches mobile app. Users can send money, chat with friends

International remittance service, Mukuru, announced today the launch of a new mobile app that provides money transfer and communication services to Mukuru subscribers.

More of the Afrocoin money transfer solution: the website screenshot

Last month, we wrote about a money transfer service set to launch soon called Afrocoin. With scanty information gleaned from their Crunchbase profile and website holding page, we were not sure of the details of the product it is. We are still not sure about many things, but an image sent to our tips email this afternoon gives more insight into at least their web presence.

Mukuru launches mobile prepaid debit card in South Africa

Mukuru.com has just announced the launch of a new cellphone based debit card in South Africa. It something like mobile banking services locally, except this is optimised for existing Mukuru services in addition to using the card for regular banking and point of sale. The new card is backed by Standard Bank.