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How to beat ZESA and still enjoy your DStv PVR

So a while ago I decided to invest in a DStv PVR 2P decoder as part of my mid year resolutions. I am still trying to find a reason why the Explora is worth that shocking price; the “DStv advert dude” is yet to convince me. After a lot of consideration I decided to opt for […]

Here’s a list of Africa’s Video on Demand & pay TV providers

Recently, we wanted to quickly refer to pay TV and Video on Demand (VOD) providers in Africa for an article we were working on, and found that we couldn’t find the information we needed in one place. So we just decided to start putting the information we’re coming across here in this article. The list is […]

Why African e-commerce startups need to be wary of Alibaba

Earlier today it was reported that two of the largest South African e-commerce retailers Kalahari and Takealot, that have been rivals for a long time are going to merge. The value of the deal has not been disclosed. The deal, which is yet to receive approval from the South African Competition Commission, comes after Takealot recently […]

African pay TV & fibre operator, Wananchi, raises $130m for regional expansion

Today, a group that seems to be Sub-saharan Africa’s largest triple play (internet, TV, and voice) service provider, Wananchi, announced that it has raised $130 million to expand its operations in countries in the region that include Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and its home, Kenya. This probably means that in countries like Zambia where Wananchi’s brands had limited market visibility, we will […]

Multichoice introduces BoxOffice to Zimbabwe

Last week Multichoice announced the introduction of its BoxOffice service to Zimbabwean DStv subscribers. The service allows subscribers with DStv Explora and HD PVR decoders to rent blockbuster movies for 48 hours. This is the first pay-per view service available for the local market, although it has been available in other Multichoice markets like South […]

Multichoice blocking FTA channels on their new decoders?

We already know how awesome the Explora decoder is. After all, at every advertising break no matter what channel you are watching there is this dude telling you about the magnificence of the new decoder: DStv Catchup: how you can watch the latest Series episodes and sporting event highlights on demand. How you can watch […]

Want to make an easy $300,000 in Africa?

Are you at least 21 ,socially flexible, fun-loving, open minded, bold, adventurous and are looking for a way to make $100,000 per month for three months? Are you comfortable in front of a lot of people and aren’t camera shy? No, it isn’t a call for “adult entertainers”, just an invitation to try out for the […]

DStv subscribers can watch FIFA World Cup matches on ZTV

Last night any DStv subscriber who tried to watch the opening ceremony and first match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup on ZTV got a blocked screen with a message highlighting how access had been restricted and that World Cup matches would only be available on Supersport. This was frustrating for DStv subscribers who had […]

Multichoice to use new satellite service to ensure more content and services

A report in Techcentral has explained how Multichoice has commisioned capacity on a new satellite from Intelsat with an increased capacity. The company currently uses Intelsat 20 which was commisioned in 2012. According to the report the new satellite, Intelsat 36, will expand content offering and pay TV services for the Sub Saharan market. The […]

DStv’s low income pay tv service, GOtv, mysteriously goes off air

This may not been news to affected GOtv users but we got word that the DStvs low income pay tv service, GOtv, has been off air since 31 January leaving clients without viewing. We called the DStv call center and the unsuspecting attendant confirmed that GOtv is experiencing a “slight challenge” which is still under […]

DStv subscriptions: A regional price comparison

MultiChoice Zimbabwe last week officially launched the DStv Explora in Zimbabwe and the official Zimbabwe price of $425 was a talking point compared to regional prices. As a follow-up, we have compiled regional DStv subscription rates across the 5 most popular bouquets. More countries will be added and updated continuously and you can visit our […]

9 things to expect: Multichoice’s ‘Explora’

For a long time, Digital satellite television hardware technology has remained mostly stagnant in our part of the world. The last big thing in satellite technology was the launch of Multichoice’s PVR decoder which heralded a revolutionary (at least for us) non-linear TV viewing experience; viewers could now pause live television. Since then, a lot has changed.

Google TV might be just the answer to your problems

According to reports; there are rumours swirling around Wall Street that Google is currently negotiating with content providers with plans to launch Google TV a content streaming service along the lines of Hulu and Netflix. It seems that unlike the YouTube premium channels, this is a separate brand that has the official sanction from Google and is aimed at providing content along the lines of American TV networks such as ABC Family and The CW networks.

That didn’t take long… SABC soaps weekly DVDs now available on Harare streets

When suggestions were made two weeks ago that Zimbabweans would seize the opportunity to sell weekly DVDs of South African soapies that were pulled from free-to-air satellite TV as part of the SABC’s new encryption, we didn’t think it would happen in the immediate. How wrong could we be!

SABC encryption a welcome development, says ZBC. Now pay your TV license!

An article in the state owned daily The Herald today says the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has “hailed” the encryption of the South African SABC channels a few days ago, which made the channels inaccessible on free to air decoders. The report says ZBC is urging viewers to pay up TV licences as this would enable ZBC to improve the programming.

Satellite TV: South Africa finally encrypts SABC channels

Local TV sucks. Well, ok, that’s too general. But those satellite dishes stuck to walls , housetops and trees even in the lowest income neighbourhoods suggest people are hungry for other content. Maybe it’s in addition to what’s served by the local TV overlords.

DSTV’s unfair pricing model

Like most men I like sports; I find Test cricket and the UEFA Champions league particularly interesting. I also like Nature and History documentaries although I care little for gossip news or “reality” televisions shows like Idols and X-factor. Under no circumstances will you find me watching Big Brother or Race.

EcoCash integrates to DSTV for pay TV subscription via mobile money

If you thought being able to pay for your DStv at a supermarket till point was convenient (it was, we tried it), this is just going to be awesome. It’s one development we know most middle income families have been waiting for.

Mobile services startup AppleVine introduces new DStv payment method

MultiChoice’s DStv is probably the most popular pay TV service in sub-Saharan Africa but subscription payment is not as convenient as most people would like. In Zimbabwe, it used to be that to make payment you had to do it at one specific bank; one called Interfin. Then, later, MultiChoice added more banks to their DStv […]

Pirates continue to rule airwaves, for now

So you are a Generations, Muvhango or Isidingo addict and you thought by the end of May your world would end, as the much publicised encryption of the SABC channels would take place. Well so far (touch wood) it seems the free SABC signal is still available on the popular ‘pirate’ decoders. So for how […]