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Tag: Munyaradzi Gwatidzo

Astro Mobile launches new range of devices

According to Munyaradzi Gwatidzo, the founder and CEO of Astro, Astro wants to offer a great smartphone experience for a limited budget, something that takes into consideration Zimbabwean consumers’ improving tastes as well as the current economic situation where disposable incomes only allow for a limited investment into mobile devices.

Astro Mobile secures partnerships with Airtel & MTN, looks beyond devices business

The most recent feat, which likely contributed to the award and continental recognition, was the securing of partnerships with Airtel and MTN. These arrangements will give Astro an opportunity to push its brand in every market where the two telecoms operators are present.

This $20 Astro phone runs WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter apps #Mbudzi

No, that #Mbudzi in the title is not a joke. Astro has actually released one. Mbudzi, for those of you not in Zimbabwe, is Shona vernacular for goat, and generally means a cheap feature-phone in these parts. How the phone was named after the animal I have no idea, and if you do know, please help the rest […]

Astro unveils the Astro Virtual 2. Lies about it being the world thinnest phone

Local mobile devices and software company, Astro has unveiled their new flagship smartphone, the Astro Virtual 2, at an event held in Harare tonight. The Astro Virtual 2 succeeds the Astro Virtual (1) and it’s the first mobile device they have announced this year. Speaking at the launch, Astro CEO Munyaradzi Gwatidzo said the Astro Virtual […]

Astro working on a card based mobile payment solution called Payit

Bethel Communications called Astro because of their Astro brand of android devices is in the final stages in development of a mobile card based payment solution called Payit. The enterprise product is targeting informal traders and small businesses to enable them to accept  debit or crecit cards through their smartphones and a small card reader […]

It’s Nhava all over again, only this time the name is Swav

Good news like this press release travels fast. No sooner had it been published than Zimguardian picked it up and repeated the PR. It’s said if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it. Eventually a big local daily newspaper, the NewsDay, picked the lie and amplified it yesterday. But in these connected times we live in there’s high risk repeating a lie; someone will eventually call you out on it.