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Mxit’s demise, Zimpapers going digital, Tengai/Ownai, ShonaNdebele Tutor: Podcast

Mxit, the most successful African social media platform so far (in terms of user uptake at least) closed its operations a week ago. in this podcast we discuss some of the challenges that it met and what could have been a contribution to its demise. We also discuss the Zimpapers results and their reflection on […]

The death of Mxit and its lessons for African startups

The death of Mxit marks a sad ending to the one African social media platform that managed to give a glimpse of the opportunity that locally developed platforms can exploit. However, there are some other lessons in there, and some that other African startups should take note of.

Will Wangu takeoff as Zimbabwe’s Facebook or its own social network?

I’ve honestly lost track of the number of social networks that pop up every year. In between all  the suggestions that I get on Facebook (oh the irony..) to sign up for other sites and join other networks, it all just seems like a movement that one-in-a-dozen techies is still building Zuckerburg dreams on. There will […]

WeChat introduces a VoIP service as standalone app

Messaging is pretty much in WhatsApp’s hands now, Mxit COO is also acknowledging it, and 600 million is just the start. So what else is there to do, are there any chances this can be taken to the next level? Maybe with VoIP. Although VoIP (voice over IP) is not new, it seemed most top […]

The Alibaba success story: 5 lessons for African startups from Jack Ma

Last Friday Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba raised $25 Billion through a successful initial public offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange. This gave the tech startup a market capitalisation of $230 billion, a value that exceeded giants like Facebook, eBay and Amazon. For anyone tracking this Chinese internet business this looks like the final […]

Techzim Podcast: Econet and ZESA, Telecel WhatsApp Bundles, Mxit and more

In this podcast we discussed the recent Facebook emotions experiment, the Mxit decline, the Telecel WhatsApp Bundles, and the exclusion of private companies retailing zesa prepaid electricity tokens, with a special focus on Econet. Buy ZESA tokens Meter number: Amount ($): WhatsApp number: EcoCash number: Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge Number to […]

The decline of Mxit: App loses 25% users in South Africa

I have never really been a user of Mxit. But I have always known that to be more about my age than Mxit’s actual usefulness. School & college going users of the app have clearly had (or now it appears it’s ‘used to have’ ) good use for it for some time. Still, I used to encounter the Mxit […]

What ever happened to Mxit?

A week ago, Mxit announced that Michael Jordaan (not the basketball legend, but the former CEO of FNB), had been appointed as the new Chairman of Mxit. This is quite an interesting development considering that Jordaan is the man largely responsible for steering FNB into the most innovative bank in the world.

Facebook Home, Mark Zuckerberg and the next 5 billion devices

When Facebook unveiled yesterday what was supposed to be the Facebook Phone but ended up just being more a pervasive app (or shall we call it a launcher), we found the following by the Facebook chief standing out.

Mxit to host the premiere of full-length feature film

In what is set to be a first for social networks, Mxit announced today the exclusive premiering of full-length feature film on its mobile social network. A South African feature film called A Lucky Man will start showing exclusively on the network. The movie will be available via a Mxit app called Cinemo.

Redefining biNu, a mobile content platform with a social framework

Everything is the opposite in emerging markets, there are not many screens in the average person’s life, and the one screen that is there is the mobile and they use it as a primary means of internet access not a secondary or the third level. This is the internet for many consumers, and they are very price sensitive. They are lucky to have a computer with a broadband connection but the desire to have internet and to communicate is huge. If you have never had it it’s a really fantastic thing to have for many reasons.

Do your ideas and methods address the needs of your local market?

Some several months ago a Zimbabwean friend invited me to check out website he was working on that’s modeled along the lines of American local business review site, Yelp. Our conversation, when we met and went through the website, quickly went into the relevance of his service to ordinary Zimbabweans. He seemed very much aware of the […]

Facebook tops mobile web browsing in Africa (and other mobile internet stats)

Yesterday, Opera Software released its monthly State of the Mobile Web report, and this month focused on the growth of the mobile web browsing in Africa. The report looks at the usage of Opera Mini across 53 African countries in the past 12 months. One clear trend in the report is that Facebook.com tops mobile […]

Google’s Gmail SMS for Africa, a case of coming too late with too little

When last week I read on the internet that Google had launched Gmail SMS in Africa, I mostly ignored the news. I remembered reading something along the same lines some several months ago so I assumed Google PR was repurposing the ‘news’ or some international news organization had happened upon the old news and had […]

Perspective: Africa’s top 20 startups as ranked by Forbes

The February edition of Forbes Africa has a feature profiling the top 20 startups from the African continent. As expected, mobile played a dominant role with Mxit coming up tops as the most promising startup. In the truest sense of the word startup, Mxit might not qualify as it went through institutional investors and is more than seven years old. Definitions and valuations aside, the geographical origins of the startups profiled serves as yet another call to action for those of us in Zimbabwe.

On second thoughts, Africa’s tablet computing boom is inevitable

The proliferation of mobile based internet access and the evolution of traditional broadband services from niched to mainstream products, is transforming developing economies and their place in the knowledge economy. In the developed world, the death of the consumer PC segment is now almost complete.

World of Avatar acquires MXit

World of Avatar (WOA) has just acquired 90% of the legendary South African mobile social network and chat application, MXit. According to Memeburn the deal is valued at a reputed R500m(USD $71 million) and also involves Craig Knott Jnr taking over as CEO of MXit.

MXit, A Mobile Social Network For Africa

I’ll confess that I only came to know about MXit just a few weeks ago. I should have known it earlier, like a few years back maybe. In this age of Facebook, the influence MXit has on social interaction in South Africa is nothing short of a phenomenon.