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National Building Society Gets Aggressive As Its Loan-To-Deposit Ratio Get Past 100%

Loan-to-deposit ratios (LDR) across the banking industry have declined steadily for the last couple of years, but National Building Society(NBS) stands out in this key metric for the year ended 2017 as it registered a loan-to-deposit ratio of 115%. The LDR is the ratio of a bank’s total outstanding loans for a period to its […]

Fake news peddlers lie about offering NBS backed loans

So there is an organisation calling itself the Caleb Trust that has sought to capitalise on the value proposition on offer from National Building Society. The only problem is that this organisation is doing this illegally. The Caleb Trust has decided to use two powerful things to prey on the Zimbabwean public: social media and […]

Winter is upon us: NBS must now deliver those 10,000 houses for Zimbabwe

When I spoke to the National Building Society Managing Director, Ken Chitando in March I had just one simple question: Are you going to deliver 10,000 housing units by the end of 2017? Maybe it’s just me but 10,000 seems to be a really big number. Remember, this is 10,000 newly built houses, not stands, […]

Looking for a mortgage to build a house? Check out these NBS account options

One of the most recurring questions when we commissioned this series on National Building Society (NBS) regards the types of accounts that individuals can open. The second question is which type of account makes one eligible to apply for a housing loan. (Check out the earlier articles here and here) The answer to the second […]

What the banks made in 2016. Here’s a list of some of Zimbabwe’s most profitable banks

It’s that time of the year when banks are announcing their annual financial results. So far, CABS, POSB, EcoBank, Metbank, Stanbic, NMB, Agribank, BancABC and FBC have all reported profits. The only bank that didn’t make a profit is NBS, understandably because the bank is new. Agribank apparently made the first profit in 7 years (2009 was the […]

8 take home points from NBS media briefing

I promised to keep unfolding details about National Building Society within a series. The organization itself is eager to engage the public and tell their own story and so they organized a media brief this morning. I attended the event and I just want to share the headlines that spoke to me. Consider this Episode […]

NBS committed to finance home ownership for Zimbabweans

National Building Society (NBS) is not just the cute new bank (building society) with a fresh and modern banking hall at Karigamombe Centre. Truth is, National Building Society is indeed the cute new bank with a fresh and modern banking hall at Karigamombe Centre but it is way more than that! If you do not […]