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Twitter’s New Policy Aimed At Government Officials Won’t Affect Most Local Politicians

Twitter recently introduced a new policy that was believed by most to be targeting Donald Trump under the guise of changes affecting popular figures and the impact of what they tweet. The feature is meant to strike a balance when influential individuals post updates that violate Twitter’s rules. Twitter conceded the following: Serving the public […]

Magistrate’s Court Grants Permission For The Rest Of Biti’s Trial To Be Live streamed

The magistrate presiding over Tendai Biti’s trial, Rumbidzai Mugwagwa, has given permission for the rest of the trial’s proceedings to be live streamed. This follows an application made by Biti’s lawyer Beatrice Mutetwa that her client wanted the proceedings to be live streamed. The trial is expected to run for the rest of this week […]

Presidential Election Results: Check Out Who’s Leading In Real Time Online As ZEC Announces

ZEC promised to start announcing the results of the presidential election at 10pm tonight. Well it’s past that and we knew ZEC doesn’t really keep time do they? Anyway, when they do announce you will want to check out the Pindula News Election Resource page to get a sense of who’s leading at any given […]

MDC Alliance Manifesto Maps Out Their Vision For Tech, Blockchain Has Central Role

Usually you expect politicians to be the last to know what’s going on especially anything tech related. Politicians seem to come from some other planet where long windy speeches are loved and appreciated or even understood. It’s refreshing to see tech entering the political discourse this election. Most times technology is discussed at political forums […]

MDC Leader, Nelson Chamisa Responds To Rwanda’s President ‘Tweet’, Says The President Has Forgotten The Meeting

Just some minutes ago we talked about the ongoing story of Nelson Chamisa claiming that he helped Rwanda’s president, Paul Kagame with the country’s ICT policy. Rwanda’s President took to Twitter to set the record straight by dismissing Chamisa’s claim saying that he ( Paul Kagame) doesn’t know Zimbabwe’s main opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa. Well, […]

Rwanda’s President Dismisses Chamisa’s Claim Of Helping Him On Rwanda ICT Policy, Twitter Starts #ChamisaChallenge

Zimbabwean opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party leader, Nelson Chamisa’s claim that he helped Rwandan leader Paul Kagame to turn around his country’s economy through helping him on Rwanda’s ICT policy has set the internet and social media world ablaze.  Speaking at a rally in Beitbridge, Chamisa said; Look what my brother Paul Kagame […]

Former ICT Minister says Ministry of Cyber Security uncalled for

Everyone knows by now that a new ministry was commissioned last month, the Ministry of Cyber Security, Threat Detection and Mitigation. The new ministry was established to deal with the significant threats posed by cyber criminals striving to effect regime change in the country. The government confirmed that the ministry’s focus will be on social […]

Here are some takeaways from Zimbabwe’s Cyber Indaba

Some of the issues touched on included the cyber crimes statutory matrix in Zimbabwe, the best practices for ICT legislation, a brief review of MISA and DSZ’s position on cybersecurity and cybersecurity resolutions from the Internet Governance Forum.

Govt explains position on Telecel, why Employee Ownership was dismissed

There’s a lot to be said about the issue surrounding Telecel. One could actually say it’s playing out like a soap opera of sorts really. So far, it’s been a mashup of politics, corporate mismanagement, betrayal, greed and the cries of a new age business that is trying to maintain its place in the Zimbabwean […]

Hope for Telecel as its foreign investors set for meeting with Minister of ICT

In a little under 4 weeks, the month of May draws to a close. There’s nothing significant there, that’s how the calendar works. But for Telecel Zimbabwe and it’s 2.1 million subscribers, 1,000 employees and slew of other stakeholders those days could just be the mobile operator’s last ones. Or are they? At a Parliamentary […]

Zimbabwe ICT Policy, cyber-crime bill are nowhere in sight

It’s been 9 years since the Zimbabwean government made a pledge to come up with legislation to curb cyber crime. Of course, there’s no point in holding on to political pledges really. It’s just that it helps give a clear indication of how long we’ve been kicking an issue around. Now that we are in 2015, what […]

Dealing with Baba Jukwa: POTRAZ crafting cyber security laws

It has been reported that the Parliament of Zimbabwe was told yesterday by representatives from local regulator, POTRAZ, that cyber-security laws were being crafted to deal with cyber attacks as well as social media infractions from bloggers like Baba Jukwa. Responding to concerns raised by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on ICT chaired by Nelson Chamisa, POTRAZ acting director-general […]

Zimbabwe’s new cabinet: Webster Shamu is the ICT minister

As you may know, the President of Zimbabwe is today announcing the new cabinet ministers that will head the country’s different ministries. In fact the announcement of the list is going on right now. We are, as would be expected, interested in who will head the ICT ministry. It is Webster Shamu. Him. Well, someone please update that Wikipedia entry.

Zimbabwe’s 2012 ICT Achievers Awards: The winners

The winners of the ICT Ministry organized ICT Achievers awards were announced last week Friday at a function held at Cresta Lodge in Harare. Now in their 3rd year the awards were presented by ICT Minister, Nelson Chamisa, and Thokozani Khuphe, Zimbabwe’s deputy prime minister.

POTRAZ currently unable to measure mobile networks’ service quality

Just days after Zimbabwe’s ICT Minister Nelson Chamisa declared he would crack the whip on Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in the country for poor service delivery, POTRAZ, the telecoms regulatory body, has revealed that it’s currently unable to measure the networks’ quality of service (QoS). The revelations were made this week in an article published […]

Advice for the ICT Minister, Nelson Chamisa, from some Zimbabweans

About a week ago, after Zimbabwe’s ICT Minister Nelson Chamisa declared it was time to read the riot act on the country’s mobile operators for poor service delivery, we decided to crowd source some advice for the minister through our Facebook page. We asked the following of the 4,300 people that follow our page: If […]

“The honeymoon is over” Chamisa tells mobile operators

“The honeymoon is over for the mobile operators!” These were the words of the Minister of ICT in Zimbabwe, Nelson Chamisa, at a function held alongside this year’s ICT Africa in Harare yesterday. Chamisa decried the current poor state of the mobile phone network services in Zimbabwe promising to rectify the situation. He said that […]

ICT Africa 2012: Launch of a new name. Belina & Mecer best exhibitors

Yesterday was the first day of ICT Africa 2012. Unlike last year, this is going to be a 2 day event. The first was actually the more active of the two as there was, in addition to the exhibitions, a heated discussion on smartphones on the market. Later in the evening, the Minister of ICT […]

Zim ICT Ministry breaks off from ICT Africa to host own tech exhibition

Zimbabwe’s Ministry of ICT, in partnership with a company called Africa Exchange, is set to hold an ICT exhibition and conference event called “e-Tech Africa Expo 2012” in October this year. The event will run from the 1st to 5 October. A conference will be run alongside the exhibition from the 3rd to the 4th of October. According to communication sent out to by Africa Exchange the event “provides a platform for networking, exchange of views and experiences towards the growth of ICT’s in Africa”.

ICT policy, thoughts of Harare workshop

We have noted before that we are supportive of the MICT’s (Ministry of Information and Communication Technology) exercise to draft a new National ICT policy. It is our hope that the policy document produced is not just a statement of intent but a commitment to specific deliverables. More ambitiously it can even be some kind […]

Harare’s National ICT Policy Review consultative process (Pictures)

Yesterday, we attended the National ICT Policy Review consultative process meeting for the Harare province that took place at the Harare International Conference Centre from 9AM to about 5PM. We, along with half a dozen other participants there, live tweeted the event and posted a few updates to our Facebook page.  This post here is […]

1,000 Zimbabwe schools to have e-Learning facilities by December, ICT Minister

Techzim caught up with Zimbabwe’s Minister of ICT, Nelson Chamisa, recently to get some insights into the ongoing e-Learning program rollout that the government has embarked on. In our interview with him, the minister said that the government plans to have e-Learning facilities at at least 1,000 primary and secondary schools in the country by […]

The Samsung Galaxy S 3 officially launched in Zimbabwe

Some several hours ago, Samsung Zimbabwe officially launched the Galaxy S III at a colourful function in Harare attended by the some notable names in the Zimbabwe tech industry. The Galaxy S III has been a big deal globally, for many good reasons such as being the fastest selling gadget in history, so it’s no […]

ICT Policy Review, the Roadmap

The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) has embarked on a 2 month long process to craft a new ICT Policy. The current ICT Policy was produced in 2005. At a press conference prior to the review process, ICT Minister Nelson Chamisa explained the rationale for the review saying “it has been six years […]

Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce to host ICT symposium

You’ll remember that around this time last year, The Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) held an ICT Sympiosium. At the event Twenty Third Century Systems spoke about the lessons they learnt expanding into Africa, which we posted here. Well, ZNCC is back with another ICT Sypmposium for 2012 to be held on the 3rd of April in Harare.

Zimbabwe ICT Africa 2011’s best exhibitions

Yesterday, on the second day of ICT Africa 2011, the Vice President of Zimbabwe, Joice Mujuru presented awards to the most outstanding exhibitions.
Two awards were presented, the first for the best stand at the exhibition and the second for the most innovative product.

Chamisa speaks to COMSA on Zim ICT ministry’s projects

We attended a Computer Suppliers Association of Zimbabwe (COMSA) organized breakfast meeting in the morning today where the Zimbabwe ICT Minister, Nelson Chamisa, spoke to the COMSA members on some projects that his ministry is working on.

Google’s message to Africa: create local content

“Many people believe Google creates or writes the information that you see on the Internet. We don’t; we just find and index it. Its actually created by people like you” – This is statement from a post made on the Google Africa blog by Bridgette Sexton, Googles’s Program Manager, Developer & Tech Outreach, Africa.

Full text of keynote address by Zimbabwe ICT Minister at 2010 ICT Achievers Awards

We managed to get the keynote address delivered by Zimbabwe’s ICT Minister, Nelson Chamisa at the inaugural Zimbabwe ICT 2010 Achievers Awards. We post it here as it contains information relevant to Zimbabwe’s ICT entrepreneurs and the general non-ICT business community

The Winners of Zimbabwe’s ICT 2010 Achievers Awards

Some 3 weeks ago, we posted that nominations were underway for the inaugural Zimbabwe ICT Achievers Awards. The awards ceremony was held last night at a hotel in Harare. This year’s ICT achievers were announced and recognized for their shining contribution to the country’s ICT sector.