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Resellers vs Product Builders, or how Econet may miss the internet opportunity

This is the main reason I don’t quite buy the “fast follower” thinking that the company has said is part of its modus operandi. The internet and the tools it provides freely to anyone, are not so we can follow fast to resell products.

Conversations with Zimbabwean startups: Mazwi & its play on book publishing

In the latest installment in our Conversations with Zimbabwean Startups series, we had a discussion with Taf Makura, the founder and CEO of Mazwi, the online publishing platform. He offered his perspectives on the challenges with running a Zimbabwean startup and some thoughts on issues like net neutrality and piracy.

Econet’s startup, Tengai returns online as Ownai

Tengai, the online classifieds platform from Econet is back online. The startup has however resurfaced with a different name, Ownai.

Conversations with Zimbabwean startups: Footballzone & getting local soccer online

We had a quick chat with Godwin Thierry Chaparaushe, the founder and CEO of local startup Footballzone and he shared his own insights on running a Zimbabwean startup.

Tengai 2.0 on the cards as startup makes plans to re-enter the market

According to some sources from Econet, the Tengai team is working on a comeback for the hacked e-classifieds site. Efforts are being put into creating a secure platform, though the sources couldn’t specify what sort of changes would be made to make the e-commerce platform more robust.

Here’s why the government might block WhatsApp

The suggestion of a WhatsApp ban is shocking, especially when we consider how it has made communication so much easier and cheaper. However, the latest numbers from the industry regulator suggest that its effect is huge on revenue and if the operators make that call, our favourite app could be banned.

Net Neutrality and the curse of the privileged byte

The same bundles that operators created to lure users are the ones that are denting their voice revenues and yet they won’t implement net neutrality.

Some takeaways from MISA Zimbabwe’s Internet Governance Conference

The second session of the MISA Internet Governance Conference held in Harare recently concluded with startups and online businesses sharing their experiences. The role of technical enablers in the form of Internet Providers and Mobile Operators would have been an interesting discussion, but unfortunately, only TelOne turned up. The discussion also brought onto the spotlight the […]

World’s first heavyweight Tennis champion

Mike was the world heavyweight boxing champion, a title he practised and fought hard to acquire through discipline, hard work and skill. He won his championship fight against an opponent widely suspected of using banned performance enhancing substances. Mike deserved every last bit of his boxing success. Then one day he decided to take on […]

Zimbabwean hackers & Net Neutrality, cost of internet, the Astro factory and mobile money: Podcast

While Net neutrality is one burning issue discussed in this podcast, other topics touched on include the cost of internet in Zimbabwe, mobile money’s growth and how it has been reflected in the latest Central Bank Monetary Policy, and the new TV and hardware factory from local devices company, Astro.

Econet’s anti net-neutrality moves are wrong. The hackers hitting them are wrong.

The problem is the lack of net-neutrality and not Econet itself. Going after Econet by hacking its websites doesn’t help anyone. If anything, the stubborn people I know Zimbabweans to be will dig their heels in, plant a flag of commitment to their position, however unjustifiable it is, and make a choice to refuse to look at things from a different perspective. Stalemate.

Econet threatened by AnonymousZimbabwe, the outfit behind the hack (update)

Anonymous Zimbabwe has claimed responsibility for hacking the e-commerce website while lobbying for net neutrality. It has also threatened Tengai and the mobile operator Econet, giving both parties until the 8th of August to issue a press statement or face unspecified action.

Strive Masiyiwa backed e-commerce platform which was hacked 4 days ago is still down

Tengai, a new classifieds platform that is partly owned by Strive Masiyiwa, was hacked four days ago by net neutrality proponents. While the technical circumstances of the attack haven’t been made clear, the extended downtime isn’t what most would expect from the e-commerce platform.

Tengai’s partnership with Econet triggers backlash

Some readers argued that Tengai, the new online classifieds startup, though registered and fully operational as an entity that is not a subsidiary of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe or the Econet Group, has ties to the mobile operator and is leaning on this association in a way that violates net neutrality.

Our problem is we don’t stand together. We don’t speak together

As a people we don’t seem to see far enough to realise what is hurting the competition now (or just someone we don’t care about) will surely hurt us too eventually. We laugh that is getting hit Econet and Stive while forgetting the same net-neutrality unfairness on us when they smell the blood.

Think internet DIY projects are difficult? Here’s what kids in Harare are picking up from the web

Here is how some children in Harare are using the internet to pick up DIY skills. This represents the power of the web in passing on information on virtually any topic that can be used for something constructive. It’s what the focus of internet consumption should be.

Net Neutrality pressure forces Facebook to open up

The net neutrality pressure in the 1.3 billion people market called India is yielding some interesting results. Facebook announced today a loosening up of to let “anyone” provide zero rated content via the platform. Developers, says Facebook, will be able to create services that integrate with Our first reaction was to doubt Facebook’s sincerity especially as […]

Facebook Lite launched in Zimbabwe, SA, Nigeria & 5 other countries

Our first reaction when we read that Facebook has launched a new Facebook Lite Android app, was that this is old news because it exists (or existed) already. So we searched and found this – a simple version of the Facebook website that was trialed and shut down in April 2010 – and this – a Facebook java app […]

Net neutrality & mobile network operators: Are they startup kingmakers?

Last year, when I wrote that we should all be worried about the path we’re going down when mobile operators start to have influence what internet subscribers can have access and no one has a problem with it. I wrote this because I was (and still am) worried that mobile operators, by making WhatsApp, Facebook and Opera individually […]

“Free” SMS from biNu returns. Will Econet Zero-rating restore it to former glory?

Remember the BiNu app? They were a free SMS app. The app could run on any feature phone, so essentially, biNu became a very popular “messaging” app. Because SMS was still very much in use, a free alternative achieving the same was very welcome. The app’s active users shot from just 0 to 60,000 in just 5 months. Yes, […]

Legalising Information – Should Zimbabweans have the “right to be forgotten”?

Back in May, the European Union’s Court of Justice ended a legal spat that binds Google to pay attention and where possible, comply with an individuals’ request to erase information from its search engine. Search engines in their entirety were tied to this ruling all of Europe, allowing people to censor data when searched on […]

In rejoicing for Zero rated content, Facebook & WhatsApp bundles, let’s worry about net neutrality

Locally, perceiving zero rated content packages, Facebook specific and WhatsApp specific bundled internet as anything less than positive feels like looking a gift horse in the mouth. It’s like pouring cold water over something that should be celebrated. But let’s have the net neutrality conversation for a minute. These zero rated websites and app specific bundles create an internet that is uneven. Right now, in […]

Banks, Econet & Net Neutrality: Econet asking more for mobile money traffic

Last week, we revealed that Econet and local banks hand reached an understanding with banks to open up its platform for full USSD functionality for the ZimSwitch mobile money transfer services. However, a headline story in today’s Herald Business has revealed the price Econet is charging the banks for each money transfer to a mobile […]

Latest Techzim Podcast: Econet bank integration, Net Neutrality, Easyparts…

Here’s the latest Techzim Podcast. Recorded yesterday 19 January 2013, it’s our first podcast of the year. In there we discuss the issue of Econet finally opening up its network to the local banks for money transfer services, The eCommerce play, the issue of net neutrality as it applies to Zimbabwe and other issues. […]