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Netflix’s Mobile-Only Plan In India Was A Hit

A few months ago, Netflix was in crisis mode – or at least that’s what media had us believe. With the threat of new streaming competition on the horizon, losing subscribers it all felt like it was time to hit the panic button. Netflix decided to roll-out a mobile-only plan in India. The mobile plan […]

Netflix Rolling Out Cheaper Mobile-Only Subscriptions

If you watch Netflix exclusively from your smartphone, you have some reason to rejoice. Netflix recently confirmed that they will launch a cheaper subscription option for mobile-only viewers. The service will start in India and Netflix has said it’s possible it will spread to other countries later on. I’ve binged a number of Netflix shows […]

Android Users, Netflix Might Be Draining Your Battery

Your favourite streaming application might be the root of all your battery woes. Mobile Enerlytics (a tech firm) recently discovered that Netflix running in the background was causing some significant battery problems on older Android phones. Here’s what they discovered: …we recently downloaded the Netflix app and started consuming video content on a Nexus 6 […]

Netflix Picks Up Zambian Animated Film

Netflix is taking a serious look at licensing content from the motherland. Earlier this year, a Zimbabwean creator secured a deal for his animated musical on the platform. The media company has announced yet another African film will be added to their roster. Mama K’s Team 4 is an animated show created by Zambian writer […]

Thinking Of (illegally) Downloading Game Of Thrones? You Will Probably Regret it

The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones is nearly upon us, which means that winter is finally coming. That also means an invasion of malware. As people, who don’t have access to HBO (those who live outside the US) or don’t have money to subscribe DStv, turn to illegally download Game of Thrones, […]

DStv Increasing Subscription Prices In SA Again

MultiChoice South Africa is reportedly at it again with their yearly price hike being announced on April Fool’s Day but apparently this is no joke. Yearly price hikes have become mandatory for South African subscribers and the 2019 hikes have been announced: The hikes are not too unreasonable and compared to previous price structures it […]

Delhi Crime Is A Rivetting And Heart Breaking Story

Apple’s Apple TV+ are the new upstart crows in the game and Disney+ is expected to arrive this year. They are shiny new and exciting but I have to say Netflix is the deserved champion of the streaming wars. One of their latest originals Delhi Crime is just even more proof of this.   The […]

Apple Announces New Video Streaming Service

Last night, Apple announced their streaming service Apple TV+. Similar to Netflix it’s a subscription service but unlike Netflix you’ll only be able to watch original (exclusive) Apple content. Yuhp, no existing shows and movies will be on the service. Where will this service be available? The service will be accessible through the Apple TV […]

TelOne Revises DEOD Pricing

TelOne has announced that they will be shifting prices for access to their Video On Demand service DEOD. Like ZOL, the price increment is being labelled an allignment in response to the Monetary Policy Statement and the new pricing structure for TelOne’s DEOD will look like this: The interesting thing about the price increase for […]

Internet Speed Challenge, How Fast Is Yours And What’s Enough

When I lie asleep at night I often dream of my internet. I dream that I live somewhere in North America where internet is cheap and I have a 1 Gbps symmetrical line. The comedown comes when I wake up to the sound of our annoying house bird and realise I somewhere in my beloved […]

Zimbabwean’s Animated Musical, Tunga Secures A Deal With Netflix

You may have not heard of the name Godwin Jabangwe but the screenwriter has hit the big time as Netflix has secured rights to his musical Tunga. Tunga is inspired by Jabangwe’s Zimbabwean roots and tells a story that many Zimbos will find relatable. According to Deadline, “It tells the tale of a young African girl […]

Watch: Spend The Weekend Watching Polar, Netflix’s “John Wick”

It’s pretty easy to get lost in the jungles of Netflix’s vast movie library. Sometimes if you share a profile, my family does that, you will be inundated by recommendations that are way off the mark when it comes to your taste. That doesn’t mean that there is nothing to watch even if you cannot […]

Multichoice Reassures Investors That DStv Is Still Far Ahead Of Netflix In Africa

Naspers decided that they will be listing Multichoice (parent company of DStv) separately on the JSE and that process is now underway. Multichoice has been showing potential investors what they bring to the table and one of those things is their subscriber numbers compared to Netflix. Multichoice compared its own subscriber numbers to that of […]

Apple Urging Investors To Shift Focus From iPhones As They Have 900 Million Users They Can Monetize

Apple announced their quarterly results and as expected they iPhone sales slowed down. This wasn’t as big as many thought it would be because Apple is telling investors not to focus overly on the iPhones. Why? Because iPhones are in the past and that’s not where Apple expect their growth to come from going forward. […]

Netflix Increased Subscription Fees For US Customers

So while we were busy with our offline and blocked lives after violent protests sparked by the fuel price hikes, Netflix US went and hiked its subscriptions too. The U.S, Netflix’s largest market by far, was already paying more than anyone else for the privilege of accessing what is essentially the streaming giant’s most interesting […]

5 More Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do With A VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) has recently been a remarkably useful tool in Zimbabwe, owing to the shutting down and throttling of internet by the government amid the #ShutdownZimbabwe protests. Many Zimbos now know that a VPN can encrypt their internet connection and allow them to ‘virtually’ locate their phones and computers in different locations […]

DSTV South Africa Versus Netflix: DSTV Adds More Users In 2018 Despite Netflix, That’s Probably Going To Change Though

So there is this myth that DSTV and Netflix are like Tom and Jerry. Always trying to do each other in with DSTV as the nimble and cunning Jerry using its willy guile in the form of exclusive deals such as their all important EPL deal to trip up anyone who may want to steal […]

Facebook Secretly Allowed Netflix And Other Tech Giants To Read Users’ Private Messages

A new report has surfaced revealing some troubling details regarding the data sharing practices of Facebook. The social media giant reportedly gave access of our data to more than 150 companies including the likes of Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Spotify, and Netflix. This means that all these companies had access to “hundreds of millions” of Facebook […]

Netflix Orders Its First African Original Series

Last week we talked about how Netflix had made a promise that they were going to order their first original African series in 2019. Well it’s not 2019 yet but it would seem Netflix has already made good on their promise. They have gone out and ordered their first African original series. It is a […]

As We Say Goodbye To Marvel Shows, Netflix Will Start Making Original African Content This Coming Year

Just in case you haven’t heard: Netflix has been giving Marvel shows that made its name in the streaming world the axe. First it was Luke Cage, then next the horrible Iron Fist was guillotined and in a recent ruthless move that shocked a lot of people, even the very popular Daredevil series was also […]

How To Access NetFlix US Library Using SmartyDNS

Last week we looked at how Zimbabweans are being charged more, a lot more, for Netflix when compared to their US counterparts. This is when we take into account what we are asked to pay versus the Netflix Library items ( TV Shows and Movies) that are available to watch from Zimbabwe on the streaming […]

South Africa To Tax Netflix & Other “Electronic Services”

Taxation of digital services seems to be the something that’s on the mind of many governments right now. The UK government wants to tax Facebook. Our very own Honourable Mthuli Ncube is also thinking about taxing Netflix and from 2019, South Africa will be following suit. The tax will impact services that are supplied from […]

Zimbabweans Actually Pay Much More For Netflix When Compared To The US and Other Countries.You Can Get Netflix For Only $3/Month

If you have the internet connection for it and a few USD to spare then Netflix is the premium entertainment service you want to be using. I mean no offence to the others but they are just no match when it comes to the variety of international content available. Zimbos pay less than Americans on […]

Mthuli Ncube Wants YouTube, Facebook, Netflix And Other Similar Entities To Be Taxed For Income Generated In Zimbabwe

In his presentation of the 2019 budget, Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube bemoaned the fact that foreign operators are taking advantage of technology to provide services to local individuals and thus generate income from Zimbabwe but are not being made to pay tax on it. Mr Speaker Sir, technological advancements have enabled foreign companies, particularly […]

Now That Kwese Satellite TV Is Gone Here Are Some Options For Kwese Subscribers

A lot of people, including myself, were shocked by the sudden announcement that Kwese was shutting down. In fact by the time a lot of the subscribers became aware of this the service had for all intents and purposes already stopped operating on the first of November and some had already paid their subscriptions for […]

Is DStv’s Showmax  Actually More Popular Than Netflix In South Africa?

A recent survey conducted in South Africa concluded that Netflix is less popular than Showmax in the country. Granted the survey was only a reflection of the thoughts of 3 154 participants, for a long time the assumption has been that Netflix is the king of everything VoD. At least they are the usual reference […]

Finally, TelOne Launching Broadcasting Service Today, DStv And Kwese Watch Out

So TelOne is finally launching their VoD (think Netflix) service. Back in June last year they had announced that they were ready for lift-off but at the last minute they scrapped those plans and went silent. After that disappearing act, it seems TelOne have finally got their house in order and they are ready for […]

The Streaming Alternatives To DStv And Kwese And The Best Devices To Access These

With banks cancelling DStv payments left, right and centre, and considering that DStv is quite expensive you might be considering alternatives that offer a better or at least a more cost-effective entertainment experience. Kwese came on to the scene and hasn’t done a much better job… Yes, you can pay with bond notes but the […]

Netflix Introduces ‘Smart Downloads’ Which Automatically Downloads New Episodes Of Your Prefered Shows

Netflix has revealed an update to its offline downloads feature that enables the app to manage content on its own. The old offline download experience is not going anywhere, but rather Netflix is adding a second downloading option called ‘Smart Downloads’. ‘Smart Download’ ensures a user’s favorite content is always available offline without using up excess […]

Netflix Currently Testing A More Expensive Subscription Plan Than Premium: Netflix Ultra

Netflix currently offers three subscription tiers, namely Base, Standard, and Premium, but the streaming giant now appears to be testing a new and an even expensive subscription tier for its users. Netflix is planning to debut a higher-priced ‘Ultra’ subscription tier for $19.80, It will top-off the current $13.99 Premium tier while offering the same benefits […]