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Tag: NetOne Bundles

NetOne has released new prices for mobile data and bundles

NetOne last week released prices that are in step with POTRAZ’s authorization for MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) to price according to the interbank rate. Mobile data and bundles prices have also been reviewed, and they are as follows: Data Bundles Item New Price ZWL$ Old Price ZWL$ Hourly 1 024 MB 60.00 30.00 Night Bundle […]

NetOne Releases New Data and Bundle Prices

Its price hike week. Econet yesterday released their new prices for bundles and data. Today NetOne has made their move after announcing that they will be reviewing their price structure as of today. Data Bundles Item New Price ZWL$ Old Price ZWL$ Hourly 1 Gig 30.00 25.00 Night Bundle (1GB) 50.00 40.00 Daily 30 MB […]

NetOne to Review Bundle Prices

NetOne has released a statement regarding a review of bundle prices: The Econet, NetOne price hike domino effect strikes again. Econet sent out notices to its customers that it will be reviewing its Bundles and SMS prices. NetOne has followed suit. The last raft of price hikes came in May and this new announcement has […]

[Update] NetOne Revises Bundle Prices; Here’s What You’ll Pay Now (May 2020)

After the outcry by many regarding Econet’s decision to hike pricing of data bundles yesterday, NetOne has followed suit after 24 hours. UPDATE: When this article went up it contained innacuracies. The tariffs in the article were actually effected on the 17th of March. NetOne was yet to effect the new tariffs as they had […]

NetOne To Follow Econet’s Steps & Increase Bundle Prices

Following the price review effected by Econet, many consumers were ready to jump ship and go to NetOne but it seems most will not get the chance to do so. The network operator has announced that they will also review prices of SMS and data bundles tomorrow; Dear Valued Customer, Please be advised that NetOne […]

NetOne To Raise Tariffs For Bundles On 9 March

NetOne has tweeted that it will be reviewing its data and SMS bundles from 9 March. Dear Valued Customer, Please be advised that our bundle tariffs will be reviewed with effect on 10 March 2020. NetOne Twitter Econet reviewed tariffs for their bundled data packages back in February and surprisingly back then NetOne didn’t review […]

NetOne’s Hourly Data Bundle; A Good Deal?

Expiring data bundles have always been pretty controversial. Whilst subscribers complain that sometimes they can’t use up their data during the 24 hour period, mobile networks claim these expiry dates allow them to squeeze out as much value as possible. NetOne has taken the idea of an expiring bundle to its last leg by introducing […]

Netone Releases New Tariffs For Data Bundles (November)

Netone has this morning released new tariffs for its data bundles. The new tariffs have increased the minimum amount of money one has to spend to get on the internet with data bundles from $1 to $2 (for 11MB). Here are the new prices: Daily data bundle 11MB – $2 20MB – $3 40MB – […]

Netone Increases Data Bundles & OneFusion Prices. Here’s What You Now Pay

As you were warned yesterday, Netone has reviewed upwards its data bundles Fusion packages. Here’s what will you now pay: Daily bundles Weekly Bundles Monthly Bundles One Fusion Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount: EcoCash number: {{error_message}} {{error_message}} If anything goes wrong, chat with us using the chat […]

NetOne To Review Data Bundles

NetOne has tweeted that it will be reviewing its data and SMS bundles from 17 September. PUBLIC NOTICE — NetOne Cellular (@NetOneCellular) September 16, 2019 If I’m being honest I expected NetOne to review the pricing of their bundles shortly after Econet did so towards the end of August. A source had told me […]

NetOne Increases Cost Of Data Bundles… Again

NetOne recently announced that today they would be reviewing the pricing of their data bundles and as expected the new tariffs are more expensive. New daily bundles: 2GB of mobile data might be a good deal to some but for most this is just overkill and NetOne could do with a bundle between the 200MB […]

Exclusive – NetOne’s promo reversal only for WhatsApp & Facebook bundles data caps, everything else stays the same – POTRAZ

Following the recent announcement that local mobile network operator NetOne has been forced to reverse all unapproved promotions by POTRAZ, officials from the regulator have pointed out that it’s not all of NetOne’s new promotions that have been stopped. According to POTRAZ, NetOne will only be reversing the adjustments it made on its WhatsApp and […]

Zimbabwe’s telecoms products compared – Here’s what $10 gets you on Econet, NetOne and Telecel

When it comes to what you get for each dollar, though, it’s pretty straightforward. There are different products on the market from all three mobile operators and we’ve created a snapshot of what US$10 gets you over one month from Econet, NetOne and Telecel in 2017.

NetOne pulls plug on its “The One” mobile data bundles, back to basics

NetOne has put an end to its “The One” product/promotion. In its short-lived lifespan, “The One” managed to capture the hearts and minds of subscribers across all networks. So enticing of a product it was, just last week we handed NetOne the mobile data champions cup! But in a surprise turn of events, NetOne pulled the plug […]

Telecel introduces $2 Twitter bundles

Telecel has introduced Twitter bundles as part of the social media bundles segment which gives access to the platform for a set period.They are priced at 60 cents for a week’s access and $2 for a monthly subscription and are available on the *480# menu.

Just how much did NetOne benefit from Econet’s expensive bundles?

According to statements in the Newsday made by Reward Kangai, the NetOne CEO, the network has experienced a bump in data use, driven by increased traffic from applications like WhatsApp and Facebook.

WTF from NetOne as the operator introduces Twitter bundles

NetOne subscribers can now get daily, weekly or monthly access to Twitter by buying ordinary Twitter bundles or through a Facebook and Twitter bundle combo. This follows similar products such as WhatsApp and Facebook Bundles that NetOne introduced in the first quarter of this year.

Unboxing the Telecel Hie Bundles

The value proposition for subscribers is clear. Telecel has been generous with voice, SMS, and social media access and it is outpacing its competition with this offer. While both bundles offer savings on airtime purchases, the $10 bundle is easily the better pick of the two, considering the access to Facebook, generous free minutes and, of course, the free Twitter.

Telecel finally starts promoting its bundles, but the service has one flaw

Econet messed up with a price adjustment and product fix on its social media bundles. Telecel has finally responded to this by promoting its own bundles. The only problem is Telecel isn’t disclosing the download caps on its own bundles. Is this because its service will become potentially as expensive as Econet’s bundles?

With all these reasons to be upset about Econet’s bundles, you could try these options

Econet adjusted its social media bundles, but it wasn’t just a play on price. the new bundles packages have data limits. Rather than just yell at the operator, there are other options that you can explore. Here are just three examples, Telecel bundles, NetOne bundles and Africom WiFi.

NetOne and its imaginary Instagram Bundles

It’s been a little over a week since NetOne introduced its own WhatsApp and Facebook Bundles. something that everyone expected would happen eventually anyway. Now the pressure to make an impressive late entrance has seen the mobile network adopt strategies to make its own services stand out from the competition. This is what explains the […]

From WhatsApp bundles to LTE: NetOne goes all out on data services

Finally, NetOne has stepped up to the plate, and not a moment too soon actually. The mobile network operator launched its own Over The Top (OTT) service bundles, or more specifically WhatsApp and Facebook bundles. The modus operandi is the same: Give subscribers unlimited access to the most visible applications or services and have them pay […]