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NetOne calls, *171# USSD, data and SMS are all down

NetOne’s USSD, Data, Calls and SMS are all down. It’s unclear as to when the issue began but we started noticing at around 14:00hrs. If you try to place a call on the response is either the call drops or you’ll get a message saying “No Network Registered”. Some people have even said that they […]

OneMoney giving away 500MB for a ZWL$1000 deposit

Finally, a reason to deposit cash into OneMoney

Mobile data consumption smashed past 16 000 Terabytes in Q4 2020

a 13.1% increase from Q3 2020

NetOne data services are up and down due to a technical fault

NetOne data services have been inconsistent since last night and according to unconfirmed reports its down to a fault with a data processing module

COVID-19’s influence on mobile internet and data usage in 2020

A look at the effect COVID-19 had on mobile internet and data usage in Zimbabwe

NetOne data services are down…

NetOne data services have been down since late afternoon, there has been official word yet from Netone as to the cause.

NetOne suspending customers who they suspect to have hacked their internet

NetOne is suspending customers that they suspect to have hacked their internet using VPNs. Now just to clear things up, the use of a VPN isn’t illegal. They are applications that a number of people have had to use from time to time. Well, mainly when the government shut down the internet. Using a VPN […]