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Tag: NetOne LTE

NetOne Did Not Just Increase Price Of Dysfunctional OneFusion. One-Fi Got A Cut Too.

Last week we covered the revised OneFusion packages. In our OneFusion update article, we failed to highlight the new packages for NetOne’s One-Fi service. As OneFusion, One-Fi also came with bundles specific to the service and when OneFusion prices switched so did the One-Fi packages. Changes It seems the only constant is change when it comes to NetOne. […]

LTE coverage in Zimbabwe triples in 12 months as Econet & NetOne invest in broadband coverage

Between October 2015 and October 2016, the number of LTE base stations across Zimbabwe increased by 343% as Econet and NetOne, the country’s largest and second-largest mobile network operators expanded their mobile broadband coverage.

How to activate LTE on your NetOne line, its type and why they use USIM over SIM cards now

Yesterday, TechZim was able to spend the day with a member of NetOne‘s Network Optimization team and an Engineer from Huawei Zimbabwe (NetOne’s network infrastructure vendors) to test mobile internet speeds around Harare. Apart from the speed test, we were able to ask a few questions on NetOnes elusive LTE connection shedding light on a […]

NetOne extends broadband services introduces a public WiFi option

Local mobile network operator, NetOne recently launched a comprehensive data, voice and SMS package but it appears that it also wants to reach out to non-subscribers as well. A  public WiFi service is now available from the main NetOne shop at Kopje Plaza in Harare. For $1 users receive a voucher for 100 MB of […]

100,000 new connections registered for LTE as Econet outpaces NetOne in its national rollout

is moved the total of active LTE connections to 124,179 up from a previous 26,185 connections. That’s almost 100,000 new LTE subscribers in 3 months. This increase is easily explained by the aggressive investment and promotion of LTE services from the two networks that have committed to 4G/LTE investments; Econet and NetOne.

NetOne launches promo offering free data for recharge data card topups

This is a mobile broadband promotion set to run from the 3rd of December until the beginning of March 2016. It is offering free data to NetOne mobile broadband subscribers that top up their data using the physical recharge data cards.

Econet goes hard promoting LTE – offers subscribers 300 MB free data

Econet has ramped up the promotion of its LTE service with free data for users that sign up to test it.

NetOne takes lead on national LTE rollout, now has 45 active base stations

State-owned Mobile Operator, NetOne has taken the lead in LTE rollout with 45 base stations active throughout Zimbabwe and another 15 set for activation in the short term. What is the operator’s strategy and will it be any better than what Econet has tried?

Econet open up LTE to smartphones. Unlikely to expand network fast

Starting early this month, Econet began a trial rollout of LTE services to smartphones, we are told. You will remember that before this, that is since as far back as the launch in September 2013, you could only access LTE via a USB dongle.

What does Zimbabwe’s insignificant smartphone penetration mean?

The smartphone penetration rate in Zimbabwe is approximately 15% which actually means that about 85% of all mobile communication in Zimbabwe is largely through dumb phones (mbudzi) and feature phones. These are some humbling statistics in terms of what it actually means for developments in broadband.

Desperate for good news, NetOne fantasizes about 5G?

NetOne’s CEO Reward Kangai has been quoted talking about the network’s plans to have a 5G network. It’s way too early to be talking about it, seeing that it’s not yet a reality and we haven’t even gotten to 4G throughout Zimbabwe. There are a lot of other things Netone should focus on, like maximising on OTT services, instead of selling this fantasy.

Safaricom now has an LTE decoder- Is this what we should expect from NetOne?

I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s not fully convinced that our country has this digital migration issue under control. Even though NetOne paid for this whole project, I’m proudly wearing the skeptics’ cap until I see something really convincing and I know there’s a huge number of Zimbabweans who feel the same way. The […]

NetOne’s $200 million bet on LTE; is this project worth it?

We’ve already established that LTE isn’t yet that much of a reality in Zimbabwe. We only have a smidgen of the service thanks to Econet’s efforts and when you do get to the areas that have LTE you need to use a modem for a laptop/PC based connection. All that is supposed to change courtesy of […]