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Some Netone Users Are Still Purchasing And Enjoying Cheap OneFusion Data Bundles That Were Phased Out

Whilst many of us are enduring the new OneFusion pricessome are still stuck in the past, enjoying the old OneFusion prices. Remember those old $3 One Fusion, $5 One Fusion, $100 One fusion and so on? Apparently some people are still buying those lucrative old Onefusion packages even though Netone recently came up with new […]

New MegaBoost Vs New OneFusion: MegaBoost Still Offers A Better Deal

Since Telecel revised down its data allocations to it bundles, I figured you’d need to weigh who is offering the best deal between Telecel’s MegaBoost and Netone’s OneFusion. The table below shows a comparison between the RTGS $10 and RTGS $20 packages of the two products. Choose for yourself who to ditch and who to […]

Netone Significantly Revise Down Voice And Data Bundles

It’s so unfortunate that Netone users are going to end the day knowing that from tomorrow (the 25th of April) almost all of the packages that made them enjoy the services of Zim’s second largest Mobile Network will be revised downwards- the perks will be significantly reduced. For instance, a dollar’s worth of weekly bundles […]

At First Econet (Buddie) Was Cool Then They Grew Old, Elevate Is Their Attempt To Be Cool Again

Econet Wireless launched 20 years ago as the alternative mobile network with a compelling story. Their story involved perseverance and determination outlasting unfair government denial to issue a license. Not long after that they introduced Buddie, their prepaid service plan that defined how virtually all Zimbabweans consume telephony services. Buddie was also a cool and […]

OneFusion Problems Had Devastating Effects; NetOne Lost Almost 50% Of Their Subscriber Base

POTRAZ -the regulator of the Zim telecoms industry- has just released their sector performance report for the first quarter of 2018 and the first statistic that screamed at me was the fact that NetOne lost almost half their subscriber base between the last quarter of 2017 and the first quarter of 2018. Zimbabwe’s second largest […]

Inspite Of OneFusion And Megaboost, Econet Posts Higher Subscriber Growth Than NetOne and Telecel

Potraz just released their annual report for 2017 and quarterly report for 4th quarter 2017. We found the pattern of subscriber growth or lack thereof to be quite interesting. Econet increased their number of subscribers by 4.9%, whilst NetOne saw a 1.9% increase. Telecel, however, is the only mobile network provider that lost subscribers and […]

Telecel Smells OneFusion Blood And They Launch Bundlemania To Promote Their Competing Bundles

Nhamo yemumwe hairambirwe sadza is a Shona proverbs that is literally translated, “Another person’s woes are not reason for you to refuse sadza (that’s the staple food around here).” Telecel has just said that to NetOne’s face. They have announced a promotion they are calling bundlemania to promote their WhatsApp, Facebook, Megaboost and WiFi bundles. […]

Full Letter That POTRAZ Wrote To Netone Over OneFusion Data Complaints

As promised when we broke the news that POTRAZ had ordered Netone to compensate customers who had been affected by the flaw in their OneFusion product, we have more detail now. What detail is better than the actual letter written to Netone from POTRAZ? We have taken out the name of the official who wrote […]

Why The New OneFusion Makes Sense And Doesn’t Make Sense At The Same Time

With NetOne introducing new OneFusion packages it’s only right that we take a look at why they may have made this move and if it actually makes sense. How this began… The uproar around the OneFusion service started about a week ago when subscribers started complaining about airtime running out much quicker than normal. Facebook […]

NetOne Updates OneFusion Packages: Data Has Been Slashed And 30 Days Is Now 21

There has been a picture circulating on social media that contains NetOne OneFusion’s new charges.Apparently, this picture is the real deal. We reached to NetOne and got confirmation that these are the new OneFusion packages indeed. The changes may not be what the OneFussion fans would have wanted though. Take a look at the updated […]

Are You Considering Leaving NetOne Because Of OneFusion? Here Are Your Options.

Over the past few days, the popular OneFusion product that was being offered by NetOne has caused an outcry due to ‘disappearing data.’ What’s changed? The uproar has come about due to major changes that have caused Facebook and WhatsApp to stop working as advertised under the OneFusion banner. The complaints are Pictures and videos on […]

You heard how great OneFusion is but you have a mbudzi: kill both birds with OneTech

No kidding these are tough times in Zimbabwe right now. Tough times demand that we all adopt the most cost effective options that give more tangible value. To be honest, this should always be our disposition even  when in good times, even when there are no notes of bondage aka bond notes. So when it […]

NetOne introduces a $3 OneFusion package

It’s been one year, five months, eighteen days and a few hours since NetOne launched the OneFusion promotion. I can confidently tell you that it has been of immense value to the people and clearly I’m one of them in spite of the slack on the number of hours. But I forgive myself seeing that you also […]

3 things that you probably think are true, but the POTRAZ telecoms Q2 report doesn’t agree

It’s easy to make assumptions based on the people around you (or even based on just yourself) and believe them to apply to “everyone”. In fact this such a common practice with us humans hence the birth of statements like “everyone is doing it”. But you and I both know that’s not true, not even […]

NetOne’s OneTech: Things you should know before buying the smartphone

So NetOne recently launched a new service called OneTech which will allow people to buy phones on monthly terms. The service will offer a range of smartphones and each smartphone you purchase will come with free OneFusion data package depending on what price range the device is in. Today, we are going to look at some […]

NetOne capped OneFusion, WhatsApp & Facebook data because some subscribers were abusing it

Earlier this year local mobile network operator (MNO) NetOne placed data caps on the WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook components of its OneFusion package as well as its standalone WhatsApp and Facebook bundles. The move disappointed its subscribers who had enjoyed the unlimited social media access which accommodated heavy usage through features like Facebook Live and multimedia […]

Zimbabwe’s telecoms products compared – Here’s what $10 gets you on Econet, NetOne and Telecel

When it comes to what you get for each dollar, though, it’s pretty straightforward. There are different products on the market from all three mobile operators and we’ve created a snapshot of what US$10 gets you over one month from Econet, NetOne and Telecel in 2017.

Telecel makes its internet more expensive, reduces daily data bundles allowance by half & frustrates subscribers

Here’s something that Telecel broadband subscribers have already noticed over the past few days – the mobile network operator adjusted its daily data bundles before Christmas, reducing the data allowance on its daily bundles by half. Subscribers are now getting 150 MB of data for a US$1 subscription, down from 300 MB and $2 is now worth […]

NetOne unveils generous daily and weekly data plans offers 5 GB for $5 with new bundles

For a minimum of 50 cents subscribers can receive 50 MB of data, $1 gets 300 MB daily bundles, or 150 MB weekly with the biggest allocation being 5GB of data for a $5 daily bundle.

NetOne’s OneFusion & Dollar a Day survive promo suspension, offer some relief to subscribers

The good news,though, for NetOne subscribers at least, is that OneFusion and Dollar a Day, The two star services from NetOne haven’t been suspended.

NetOne joins Econet and Telecel in the suspension of airtime promotions

It’s not just Econet Wireless and Telecel that have been forced by POTRAZ to suspend their promotions, NetOne has also received a regulatory directive to halt airtime bonuses.

NetOne boosts internet allowance on OneFusion package, offers 20 times as much data

When NetOne launched its OneFusion package earlier this month it received a lot of feedback, both good and bad. However, the biggest weakness that was identified was the feeble data allocation for each bundle. It turns out NetOne was listening. It has unveiled an updated version of OneFusion which is way more generous in terms of […]

Lack of number portability is killing NetOne’s growth prospects

Without the option to easily move from one service provider to another, subscribers who aren’t willing to face the frustration and inconvenience that comes with a new line and a new phone number are forced to hold on to their existing lines and even great packages that are released seasonally aren’t even explored by new subscribers.

NetOne gets it right with the simple but comprehensive OneFusion package

Local mobile operator NetOne has managed to get it right this time with its simple but comprehensive OneFusion prepaid package.

The NetOne OneFusion launch in pictures

Here are some pictures from the NetOne OneFusion launch held in Harare.

NetOne launches OneFusion, a comprehensive prepaid package with loyalty bonuses

The service gives subscribers a comprehensive plan that has bundles for on-net and off net minutes, data, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter bundles and international minutes (for some of the plans).