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EcoCash wasn’t the first, but they sure did some things right…

Ever wondered, what made EcoCash so popular??? Well, that’s a whole case study on its own which I’m a bit too lazy to do right now (sorry to disappoint). But…. I will talk about one of the reasons. See? It’s not all bad. After all, it’s a Friday! So one of the reasons I will […]

The long wait ends, NetOne’s OneMoney finally launches a debit card

This evening, Techzim attended a NetOne event at which they launched the OneMoney ZimSwitch enabled debit card. You might be asking yourself what OneMoney is because last you checked their mobile money platform was called OneWallet. Well, OneMoney is a ‘OneWallet come back’ (hopefully). In more formal terms, OneMoney is OneWallet rebranded. I initially called […]

NetOne acquires new platform for OneWallet mobile money service, will relaunch it in March 2017

For years, NetOne, the Zimbabwean mobile network operator has struggled to grow OneWallet, its mobile money service and a lot of information on it that’s been shared so far indicates that the service hasn’t been profitable. Now, NetOne wants to change that with a new platform and yet another service relaunch.

OneWallet records weak subscriber numbers with less than 13,000 users, fails to capitalise on NetOne growth

However, even with the new look and the potential to lock certain services like the sale of prepaid electricity, OneWallet is still struggling to grow, failing to even match the subscriber growth rate that NetOne has recorded over the past year which is key in providing a pool for new user signups.

Minister of ICT mentions how State owned operator NetOne lost telecoms race, calls out management for missed opportunites

Speaking at the recent Mobile Money & Digital Payments Conference the Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira touched on how State-owned mobile operator, NetOne had lost out on the telecoms race. He pointed out missed opportunities and a failure to respond to market dynamics.

GSMA report highlights API economy growth – 40 APIs created weekly, opportunities emerge for MNOs & startups

These MNOs opened up specific APIs between 2015 and 2016 as a way of encouraging startup participation in providing solutions for subscribers while offering them expanded service bouquets that included solutions that were also accessible to mobile phones without internet access.

The Zimbabwean WhatsApp love affair, NetOne scandals, e-government & load shedding – Podcast

In this episode, we discuss the highlights of the POTRAZ Report including WhatsApp’s popularity; the online company registration now available in Zimbabwe, the end of load shedding and the scandals at NetOne.

Nettcash’s the only privately owned mobile money service selling ZESA. How did it pull it off?

The sale of prepaid electricity has been opened up to Nettcash, the youngest mobile money service which has no visible ties to the government. Just how did Nettcash pull this off when other operators like EcoCash and Telecash are being excluded?

Here’s a case for mobile money services through football clubs

There is an opportunity for induced Financial Services adoption in mobile money via the use of popular sports such as soccer. Through the use of simple technology, banks can motivate deposits and operators can activate inclusion beyond just sending and receiving money.

6 things NetOne’s OneWallet needs to do to get my money

NetOne has a fair subscriber base of just under 30% of the market, which has however failed to translate into a healthier OneWallet. Accounting for less than 1% of Mobile Money subscribers, it needs to overhaul the product or face extinction.

Cheers to mobile money & e-commerce opportunities in our cashless society

According to the latest numbers from RBZ, Zimbabweans are handling more and more transactions electronically. The biggest driver is mobile money through services like EcoCash and Telecash. This seems to point to the opportunity in e-commerce as Zimbabweans now have faith in online transactions and digital payments.

NetOne’s bold $200 million ambitions: How will the mobile operator meet this target?

  “Ambition should be made of sterner stuff.” That ought to be etched on every business manager’s wall, especially before setting targets and making projections. All industry captains have to keep in mind the fact that whatever goals are set need to be met with an equal amount of elbow grease. Which is true, even for […]

Are NetOne SIM cards sending information to the CIA? We’ll find out tomorrow

A lot of us had forgotten about Edward Snowden and his disruptive leaks until last week. As usual, anything Snowden means some highly sensitive information in line with cyber security. This time it looks like it’s a lot closer to home. Last week The Intercept published a story on a hack into the internal computer network of […]

Unboxing the value of the Telecash Gold Card

Yesterday Telecel Zimbabwe launched a debit card for their mobile money users called the TeleCash Gold Card.This product had been in the pipeline for a while now, with Telecel having given some information on the card and what it would mean for subscribers at the launch of Telecash some months ago. While the launch itself […]

Telecel reclaims “second biggest MNO” tag with strong subscriber numbers

Yesterday mobile network operator Telecel Zimbabwe gave oral evidence to a Parliamentary committee on Communication, Technology, Postal and Courier Services. According to a report in the Herald the operator released figures regarding its subscribers and its Telecash mobile money service. Telecel has 3.3 million active subscribers and is targeting to boost its switching capacity to 5.5 […]

The Netone-ZESA marriage- Pride goeth before a fall

A must-be-gleeful NetOne was granted an unexpected boost ahead of its competitors in the ZESA prepaid electricity retailing facility. They are the only MNO awarded the opportunity to sell prepaid electricity tokens. No surprises there if you have bothered to read a bit of ZIMASSET. I warn NetOne not to celebrate prematurely though. I have […]

MTN launches Visa card, Zimbos to send money home cheaply

Exciting news out of South Africa advise that MTN SA have launched a Visa card for their Mobile Money uses, following in suite of mobile payments pioneer M-PESA who did something similar way back in 2011! Orange also has a similar service. MTN has brought convenience to its users allowing them to make purchases at Visa […]

Comparison: Zimbabwe’s mobile banking services transacting fees

In Zimbabwe, those in tech (and banking) will remember 2011 as the year of mobile banking. Not in the sense of the use of mobile banking services by Zimbabweans, but more that it’s the year almost every financial institution and all mobile operators launched.

Western Union introduces domestic money transfer

Techzim has just found out that Western Union has been offering a domestic money transfer service since the 16th of May 2011. It appears as if not enough PR work was done in this regard as even an online search did not yield any information. The money transfer service enables locals to send and receive money within Zimbabwe without the need of a bank account. A receiver is able to access money within minutes of sending and is subject to agent locations. Western Union’s local agents are Microking (a subsidiary of Kingdom Bank), Easy Link, POSB, and FFS.