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African fintech startup Zoona secures $15 million investment, focuses on major growth over the next 4 years

One of Africa’s regional fintech startups, Zoona, announced that it has raised US$15 million in a new round of funding.

NettCash is now GetCash, as Brainworks prepares to integrate it with GetBucks

After acquiring Nettcash from Mozido and other local shareholders recently Brainworks is finally moving to rebrand the company in line with other financial services companies it owns. NettCash has been rebranded to GetCash. In addition to the rebranding, the company may also be planning to closely integrate the mobile money platform to their micro-credit, GetBucks. […]

Brainworks acquires Zimbabwean mobile money service Nettcash

Brainworks Capital Management has purchased 49% of mobile payments company Nettcash from local shareholders as part of a 2-phased takeover. Texas-based Mozido, Inc is currently the majority shareholder in Nettcash with the remaining 51% of shares.

Mobile money is the most credible solution to Zimbabwean cash crisis

Despite its mass adoption across the country where it has outpaced formal banking services, mobile money has only been mentioned as one alternative and not as the leading solution that it is primed to be.

NettCash parent company, Mozido, opens Africa HQ in Johannesburg

Mozido, the parent company of rapidly expanding local mobile payments company, NettCash, just announced the opening of a continental HQ in South Africa. Here are the two interesting things we picked up from the announcement

As Ecobank taps into Zimbabwean e-banking it’s leaving out 2 major blocks

Is the latest drive for e-banking from Ecobank adequate for a 2015 Zimbabwe which is a proudly informal economy? It would seem that the glaring omission from Ecobank’s strategy is an aggressive adoption of indigenous retail banking alternatives.

As Parliament tables e-Transactions Bill, here’s how it will benefit Zimbabweans

One of the proposed legislative bills, for the Parliament of Zimbabwe will be the Electronic Transaction and Electronic Commerce Bill, commonly referred to as the e-Transactions Bill. It is set to outline the regulatory parameters for electronic transactions and electronic commerce.

Local mobile money tariff calculator app tweaked, now includes OneWallet, Nettcash

A local Mobile Money tariff calculator app released last year has now been tweaked to catch up with some of the changes in local mobile money services. The app it now incorporates calculations and comparisons for OneWallet and Nettcash and the user interface has been dusted up a bit.

ZB Bank already retailing ZESA using mobile app (update)

As it turns out, in addition to the Nettcash app, the ZB Mobile App also offers agents a platform to sell ZESA prepaid tokens from their mobile phones. The functionality of the App, however, is clouded by the availability of POS which are probably prioritised for their physical receipts.

Nettcash’s the only privately owned mobile money service selling ZESA. How did it pull it off?

The sale of prepaid electricity has been opened up to Nettcash, the youngest mobile money service which has no visible ties to the government. Just how did Nettcash pull this off when other operators like EcoCash and Telecash are being excluded?

Here’s how Nettcash’s app is a solution for ZESA’s prepaid voucher problem

The Nettcash app offers a simple user interface and brings the ability to purchase ZESA tokens to mobile better than the NetOne OneWallet utilities. Except for it being a data consuming app, it is handy tool especially for vending.

Tengai ZW, Net Neutrality, Nettcash acquired, Job cuts in Telecoms – Podcast

In this episode of the podcast we discuss Tengai and its issues with net neutrality, the latest on mobile money service Nettcash, the regulation in mobile money in Zimbabwe, job cuts being effected in the telecoms sector thanks to a Supreme court ruling, as well as the crowdfunding campaign kicked off by a local startup, School Sports Network, for a live streaming service.

Nettcash continues on the offensive with introduction of DStv payments

In a bid to catch up with competition and lock steady revenue streams, Nettcash has unveiled the DStv payments facility through its mobile app which was recently launched and made available for download on Google Play.

Nettcash cries foul over mobile money agents, accuses other operators of nudging them out

Nettcash has complained that other mobile money operators are muscling Nettcash out of the agency network and going to the extent of taking over some agents and stripping their signage from the kiosks and premises.

Zimbabwe’s Mobile Money & Digital Payments Conference in pictures

The inaugural edition of the Mobile Money and Digital Payments Conference and Awards drew the who-is-who of banking and telecoms. See the event in pictures below

Nettcash officially launches mobile app & ZESA payments option

We have just attended an event organized by Nettcash where they launched their Android mobile application and announced the enhanced ZESA Utility options developed for their platform. We will be reviewing their application shortly but meanwhile, here is the launch in pictures.

These are the winners at Zimbabwe’s Mobile & Digital Payments Awards

A whole day of discussions around digital and mobile payments that brought together banks and mobile network operators, was concluded with the Awards Ceremony that recognised the best performing companies and products.

Econet still uninterested in interoperability (updated)

It seems Econet, banking on its market share and business interests, is still unwilling to enable interoperability in some aspects of their services, particularly hand to hand wallet to wallet interfacing. This is unlike the competitors OneWallet, Telecash and Nettcash.

Mozido acquires Nettcash, adds utility services

Mozido, a global payments provider recently acquired local mobile payments provider Nettcash. They have announced through their website that they merged the two wallets and immediately made available a new feature that allows users to buy prepaid electricity from their credit stored in the mobile wallet.

Nettcash has something new lined up, what else should the money service fix?

Nettcash, the mobile money service, is set to launch a new product that will enhance its list of services and improve its current platform. We are not sure what the new product is, but there are some aspects of its current offering that it should consider improving on.

What can we expect at Zimbabwe’s 1st Mobile Money & Digital Payments Awards?

The Mobile Money and Digital Payments Conference, an awards ceremony that seeks to recognise and honour outstanding performance and innovation in mobile money and digital payments will be held on the 27th of July in Harare

EcoCash tariffs reduced slightly. Who’s benefiting from this move though?

You probably saw it in a couple of adverts yesterday; EcoCash tariffs have been reduced. Not that the advert said it explicitly, it just listed tariffs effective 1 February 2014.These are only slight reductions, something that probably explains why this wasn’t promoted extensively. The new tariffs are in the table below. The adjustments have largely […]

Shared mobile money agents: Does this benefit the ecosystem?

It’s been reported that the Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) has pushed through an order compelling Safaricom, Kenya’s largest mobile operator, to share its mobile money transfer agents with the other mobile networks. This regulatory intercede in the Kenyan mobile money space is similar to what we noticed earlier this year in the Zimbabwean mobile […]

ZOL Zimbabwe gets new CEO, Denny Marandure

ZOL Zimbabwe, the Liquid Telecom owned ISP which is one of the largest locally, has just announced the coming in of a new CEO, Denny Marandure. Marandure will take the place of outgoing CEO and founder of the internet company, David Behr, who, we were told by the company will now become chairman of ZOL. The company also said Behr […]

Techzim Podcast: NetOne’s datacasting licence, Nettcash, Ezzytickets and Econet

In this podcast we spoke about NetOne’s application for a datacasting licence, Nettcash’s brand ambassador strategy, online ticketing platform Ezzytickets and Econet’s NFC card. What are your thoughts on the topics discussed here? Please share in the comments box below. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or […]

Nettcash introduces brand ambassadors to grow agent network

Some months ago we wrote about Nettcash and their official launch in the Zimbabwean mobile money space. The independent service was applauded as a sign of healthy competition in a market dominated by mobile network operators. Since the launch the mobile money landscape has gone through significant changes, with the different service providers noting significant […]

Open mobile money ecosystems – inevitable but not urgent for African operators

I had the had the thrilling and awesome privilege to chair the second day of the 7th edition of the Mobile Money and Digital Payments Africa 2014, in Johannesburg at the end of May. Different stakeholders in the mobile money and digital payments industry across Africa and beyond converged at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in […]

A comparison Zimbabwean mobile money tariffs

The local mobile money transfer market has been going through a number of changes with three players joining the fray in the past year. With such a field the most common area of competitive differentiation is pricing. We have put together the list of mobile money transfer rates for the mobile payment services offered by […]

Telecash agents and merchants total increases to over 3000

Telecel has just announced that its mobile money service Telecash has increased the number of its agents and merchants to more than 3000. This is close to double the number of agents that they had when the service was launched in January this year. At the time of its launch Telecash had 1600 agents, a number […]

Nettcash Mobile Money Services is launched with an innovative set of features

After more than a year spent building anticipation, Nettcash has officially launched its mobile money service. As most people had noticed for more than a year now, Nettcash has established an online presence with a website that gave an outline of their products (albeit with a coming soon tag) as well as a subtle offline […]