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Tag: New Zimbabwe

Soldiers Detain New Zimbabwe CEO, Is Publishing Online Now Unsafe?

Now these things are coming closer to home! Techzim is an online publication and stories of a fellow online publication staffer being detained by soldiers can cause goosebumps to appear. CEO Jeff Madzingo is based in the UK. He came to Zimbabwe last week to attend the funeral of celebrated artist, Oliver Mtukudzi. Jeff […]

Zimpapers: A profitable media company that is in internet trouble

Zimpapers, the government owned media company that owns Zimbabwe’s dominant newspaper titles (The Herald, Sunday Mail ), a relatively new radio station, a soon to be launched TV station, announced its 2016 financial results last week. The media company¬†competes with the two other major media companies, the privately owned AMH (which owns NewsDay and other […]

Dear Zim web developers & media: Please don’t disable right clicking on your websites

Dear Zimbabwean people that build websites and offer content for reading, I just thought I would quickly share one frustrating thing that I’m forced to go through almost daily now. Lately, I run into more and more websites that have right-clicking¬†disabled. Selecting text is also disabled. I have to manually enable all these things. Usually […]

Zimpapers positions for transition to digital media with editorial team restructuring

Zimpapers, the government owned media house, which is also the largest media firm locally, announced some changes to their senior editorial team and structure. The move, according to the company, is so it “consolidate its status as an integrated media house”. A notable change with the restructuring is the appointment of founder and editor, […]