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Showmax’s 10 Most Streamed Shows Of 2019

2019 was a pretty eventful year for Showmax. The company made some considerable leaps in the world of streaming with one of the highlights being the trial of sports content. With 2019 having just ended Showmax released a list of the most popular shows on the streaming service internationally and in South Africa. 10 most-streamed […]

Nigerian Government Considering Social Media Regulation

World governments have a pretty complex relationship with tech giants and social media companies right now. The Nigerian government is among nations looking at a way of making social media better. The government is reportedly considering ways to “sanitise” social media. Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture was quoted as saying the time was right […]

Zimbabwe Listed Among Top 20 Ease Of Doing Business Reformers

Doingbussiness.Org has named Zimbabwe among the top 20 improvers for doing business. This is a critical sector that many potential startup founders follow with baited breathe and it’s good to see some positive movement in that regards. Zimbabwe is among five African countries which have improved including Djibouti, Kenya, Nigeria, and Togo. Zim is noted […]

Nigerian Government Considering Taxing Online Purchases

A lot of people ridiculed Mthuli Ncube when he suggested that Netflix should pay taxes to Zimbabwe. I didn’t understand why people took that stance – Netflix is providing a service to Zimbabweans and making thousands from it (that’s a guess on my part). Why shouldn’t government tax them? Anyway, Nigerians are mulling a similar […]

Uber Considering Launching Boat-Hailing Service In Lagos To Solve Traffic Problems

Uber is a pretty interesting company. From their origins as a luxury transportation company, they’ve transitioned to “affordable” ride-hailing, food delivery, bike hailing and are working on self-driving cars. One of the more interesting projects that might come out of Uber is a boat-hailing service inspired by the infamous Lagos traffic. Considering that 3 of […]

Nigerian Government Tired Of Fake Phones, Creates Committee To Reduce Their Numbers

The Federal Nigerian Government has created a committee that will ensure that the number of counterfeit phones in the country is reduced drastically. It’s not only Nigerians who are tired of fake phones – last year Kenya banned phones with battery lives lower than 8 hours of talk time. The joint committees; a Project Steering […]

Here Are Some Money Transfer Controls In Other African Countries, And Then Compare With Zim

The amount of online money transfers is fast growing year by year. It’s one reason to have a closer look at the situation in Africa regarding remittances and capital control restrictions.  To whom are online money transfers relevant? Online money transfers are relevant to anyone who wants to transfer money to a person in another […]

{Press Release}: Digital Payments Firm, Cellulant Listed On The Prestigious KPMG’s 2018 FINTECH100

Cellulant, a leading digital payments provider that reaches 40 million people across 11 African countries has been named among the Top 50 emerging Fintech companies in the world in this year’s KPMG FinTech100 report. Cellulant is among the only three African companies representing Africa from Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa to be included in the […]

Multichoice Tried To Increase Pricing For Subscriptions In Nigeria But The High Court Intervened

Multichoice, in true Multichoice fashion, intended to increase pricing of DStv Subscriptions with increases supposed to take effect on the 1st of August. DStv is already considered expensive across the region and this proposal led to some outcry from the Nigerian public. Their cries were heard and the Federal High Court in Abuja intervened. According […]

Microsoft Invests In African Startups In Bid To Improve Internet Access On The Continent

Airband Initiative is a little known program run by Microsoft. The initiative sees them partner with equipment makers, ISPs, energy access providers and entrepreneurs to make affordable internet access a reality. Through this very same program, yesterday, Microsoft invested in three African startups to provide internet access and cloud-enabled solutions to underserved African communities. All […]

Liquid Telecom And Telecom Egypt Strike A Deal To Complete The First Fiber Network From Cape to Cairo

Yes, the phrase Cape-to-Cairo is synonymous with imperialism but today you can dismiss that and start to associate it with connectivity. Because Liquid Telecom and Telecom Egypt have struck an agreement that will enable the completion of a 60,000-km terrestrial data network, known as “The One Africa,” that runs from Cairo to Cape Town. Telecom Egypt […]

Facebook’s Chief Product Officer visits Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal

Facebook just released a press release announcing that their Chief Product Officer, Chris Cox, is visiting Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal this week to explore opportunities for the American social media giant. Cox will visit the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, a Ghanaian startup university of sorts that focuses on producing entrepreneurs and companies by training, investing and mentoring […]

Nigerian parly embraces ICT with electronic voting, Zimbabwe still lags behind

The House of Assembly in Nigeria will this week officially adopt electronic voting, according to reports coming out of the West African country. The move towards an e-parliament, as it is being called, will be supported by internet and intranet access and comes after months of lobbying from various stakeholders. Electronic voting, in which records on all the voting that […]

Why Strive Masiyiwa’s detailed story of fighting corruption in Africa is important

Here’s a look at why Zimbabwean business icon and telecoms magnate Strive Masiyiwa’s detailed story of fighting corruption in Africa is important.

PayPal now available in Zimbabwe. But not for merchants and peer to peer

This, it turns out, is a payments week! It’s official, PayPal is coming to Zimbabwe starting tomorrow, 17 June 2014. The announcement was made today by Rupert Keeley, the executive in charge PayPal’s Europe Middle East and Africa region, in an interview he gave to Reuters. PayPal will be opening up its services to Zimbabwe and […]

The Internet Hall of Fame: Are these the top internet companies in Africa?

An organisation called World Startup Report (WSR) has released research data they call the “Internet Hall of Fame” which is essentially a report on data from the top 3 biggest Internet companies from some 50 countries around the world. There’s a lot of interesting information about internet companies in general so do go through it, but a few things about emerging and […]

iROKOtv founder: It is Naspers we are afraid of, not YouTube

When Google unveiled the new YouTube Partner Program in West and East African a couple of weeks ago, Njoku, the iROKOtv founder and CEO, explained in a blog post that contrary to what a lot of people deem to be the death of iROKOtv, he was unfazed by the news as their model and competition is actually not YouTube.

Nigeria’s Spark incubator raises 2 million to invest in local startups

One of the few locally owned and NGO-free incubators on the African continent, Spark, announced last Friday that they have raised $2 million to invest in Nigerian startups. The incubator, which the co-founder – iROKOtv founder Jason Njoku – actually says is more a conglomerate of companies than a traditional companies invests amounts $50,000 and $250,000 in startups which are then “incubated” as part of the Spark companies.

Veritas launches Zim draft constitution Android & BlackBerry apps

Earlier this week, we posted that feature phone friendly app platform biNu had made the Zim constitution draft available via mobile. Looks like they ignited the creation of similar apps as Zimbabwe’s referendum to decide the constitution nears.

Urine powered generator developed by Nigerian girls

Four girls from Nigeria showcased a urine powered generator system they developed at the Maker Faire Africa just held in Lagos.

Court clears way for Econet to claim more than $3 Billion in Nigeria

Yesterday, Econet Wireless International sent out a press statement announcing the dismissal by the High Court in Nigeria of an application by Bharti Airtel to block an International Commercial Tribunal from quantifying compensation and damages owed to Econet.  Airtel, an Indian telecommunications group, was seeking to prevent an assessment of the “quantum of damages and […]

Is Firefox winning the browser war?

The other day I received a tweet that made me fall off my chair, it claimed Chrome had overtaken Internet Explorer as the world’s most used browser. After regaining my composure I followed a few links and despite the much vaunted displacement realised that Chrome’s (all versions) triumph was over Internet Explorer 9, however IE […]

Nigerian Federal High Court dismisses Airtel application against Econet

A press release just sent out on behalf of Econet announced the dismissal by the Federal High Court of Nigeria Bharti Airtel’s application to prevent, pending an appeal, the implementation of a judgement in favour of Econet handed down in January this year. The judgement in question generally requires Airtel to reinstate the shareholding of Econet Wireless Nigeria Limited (EWL), the reversal of all decisions made that Econet didn’t participate in since the dispute began back in 2003 and the restoration of the EWL name (the company is called Bharti Airtel now).

Iroko Partners pumps up the volume with $8 million in fresh funding

Jason Njoku’s one and a half year old outfit has raised the bar for Sub Saharan African startups. Iroko Partners is charging ahead with its vision to put Nigerian entertainment online. Pando Daily published a post yesterday, revealing that the Lagos based startup had bolstered its war chest by way of two $4 million rounds. The funding came from Silicon Valley and emerging market stalwarts, Tiger Global.

You can build a startup in Africa. Here’s how

In 2011 Sarah Lacy, who was working at Techcrunch at the time but is now running a new tech blog known as Pandodaily, did the unthinkable by travelling to Nigeria on a mission to unravel its startup scene.

Econet Wireless uses YouTube for PR in Nigeria dispute with Airtel

In mega disputes the kind Econet Wireless International fights globally, you need neutral parties seeing things from your angle, and as many voices on your side as you can get. When you understand this the way Econet does, the logical decision to take is to go out there and tell your story; the whole story according to how you saw things unfold from the beginning.

Econet files for $3.1 billion damages against Bharti Airtel in Nigeria

A Reuters report today says South African based Econet Wireless has filed a law suit against Bharti Airtel for at least US $3.1 billion in damages.

Econet Wireless Group triumphs in Nigeria

According to a press release posted on the Econet Wireless website today, the Federal High Court of Nigeria handed down judgment in favour of Econet in the dispute between the company and Bharti Airtel Nigeria. The matter stems from shareholding problems in 2003 and until now, Econet had failed to get any favorable outcome from the courts.

Nollywood on YouTube: Nigerians and Ugandans get ‘local’ YouTube

Over the past two weeks, Google has launched it’s video service, YouTube, in Nigerian and Uganda. According to the announcements on the Google Africa blog, the local versions of the world’s most popular video service will provide by default more relevant content to the two countries. YouTube in the two countries will show visitors the most viewed and most subscribed-to channels in in the country.

Android powered Internet boxes can transform Africa

In the 21st century there’s one gigantic reality that many aspiring inventors bump into; there’s not much left to invent! While this may be so, the focus now (more than ever) is on building on what’s already there to solve humanity’s challenges and/or making life simpler. Groupon exploded onto the scene by tweaking a traditional coupon concept and panel beating it for the 21st century, the iPad (and “others”) squeezed laptops into a handheld wonder, while social networks took traditional human relationships online.