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ZOL “Fire Fridays” = Unlimited Night Owl For Subscribers

ZOL recently announced Fire Fridays, which will come as a relief to customers on capped packages. For subscribers who have the Night Owl add-on, the deal is pretty simple. Every Friday night your internet usage won’t affect your Night Owl data cap which means you can download more aggressively and stream Netflix/YouTube/Lectures and play some […]

Check Out What ZODSAT, A Local VSAT Internet Service Provider Is Offering

Beyond ZOL, Telone and perhaps Powertel as VSAT internet service providers (ISP), not many people are familiar with or aware of ZODSAT’s existence. Actually, many people are also not familiar with VSAT connectivity frankly speaking. This is perhaps due to the fact that VSAT is mostly used in underserved areas since urban areas have enough […]

TelOne Finally Introduces Night Browsing Bundles

A few hours ago we reported that TelOne facing some service interruption issues and if you are TelOne customer who needed cheering up, TelOne has done just that with their latest announcement. TelOne has announced that they will be introducing a night browsing package similar to ZOL’s Night-Owl. This announcement was long overdue and it […]

ZOL ‘reduces’ fibre prices. Introduces cheaper Night Owl browsing #FibroniksFast

If you have tried to buy ZOL fibre you’ve probably made your market comparisons and found that the $29 for 15GB a month was probably not the best deal on the market. Not the best deal ofcourse assuming there was another provider that had fibre installed on your street. Or maybe even that maybe fibre just wasn’t affordable enough for you yet. […]