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The legendary Nokia 3310 turns 20 today

On the 1st of September 2000, the world bore witness to the birth of a true icon, the Nokia 3310. To those who used this phone, I’m sure they will remember it fondly. I’ll admit that I only got one much later on but it was nonetheless a very good phone. It was one of […]

All Major Mobile World Congress Live Streams In One Place

The Mobile World Congress officially kicks off tomorrow but a couple of the major announcements will happen today. We are talking Huawei, Nokia, LG and here are the links to their live streams. More will be added as they come. Nokia Huawei   Oppo Xiaomi     Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number […]

6 Phones Under US$140 You Can Buy In The Techzim Store Right Now

Before we begin, if you haven’t browsed through our Marketplace you might be missing out on a couple of Valentine’s discounts on selected products. Whilst you are there you may want to get a quick overview of some bargains in our store but not know where to start. Maybe I could lend a hand. These […]

The Most Popular Phone On The Techzim Marketplace Might Surprise You

If you’re in any one of the Techzim Community groups on WhatsApp, one thing you’ll realise is there are many of us in there. When I say many of us, I mean nerds. People who geek out over specifications of phones, the standard Android vs Apple arguments and a lot of other technical topics. This […]

End Of An Era As WhatsApp Support Is Discontinued For Nokia S40 Phones

Going… Going… Gone. If you still had a Nokia phone that was part of the Symbian S40 series of devices then you probably had a rude awakening after the WhatsApp on that device stopped working on the first day of 2019. Support for devices running this legacy OS expired on the 31st of December and […]

5 Solid and Affordable Gadgets You Can Buy In Zimbabwe This Festive Season

A few weeks ago, we partnered with some international brands to bring our Techzim community smartphones, tablets, VR headsets and other gadgets at reasonable prices in Zimbabwe. Through our Techzim Marketplace, readers can now access gadgets supplied through official reseller channels and that come backed with full warranty and after sales support. Here are some picks by our […]

Titans die for technology to evolve

It was 2012 and I was still in high school beginning to develop my affinity for gadgets and in that era I was the proud owner of a Nokia X2. I remember getting so excited when I found an app that could open pdf documents on it, it was such a huge achievement. I then […]

WhatsApp for Nokia, is my phone still supported in 2017-2018?

WhatsApp for Nokia has extended support for some devices running older operating systems while other devices were no longer supported by the chat application. Nokia devices running the Nokia Symbian S40 devices will be able to run WhatsApp until 31 December 2018. Now, devices running Nokia Symbian S60 do not support WhatsApp for Nokia anymore […]

Nokia reunites with Zeiss: will these changes help it get back to the top again?

The Nokia story sounds like one of the “the greats have fallen” type of stories. Question is, will HMD Global be able to turn the story into a “we rise again”??? Nokia was probably the boss of Symbian phones but once the iOS and android OS ‘got into the picture’, Nokia struggled to keep up. […]

Why the return of the Nokia 3310 is a brilliant move

When the Nokia 3310 was a big deal in Zimbabwe, back in 2003, I didn’t have a phone. I had never owned one. I was in college and couldn’t afford a phone. But this was one phone model I knew about. We all know about the Nokia 3310. It was one of the two most fashionable consumer […]

Nokia 3310 officially returns at MWC 2017 as a feature phone without emerging market ambitions

The prices and specs don’t look like they are set for an emerging markets type of device. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with that, though. Nokia is trying to establish itself in markets where it was displaced.

WhatsApp Shutting down WhatsApp Web for Symbian and Blackberry OS

The future is only but dimmer for the feature phones and smartphones of yesteryear with WhatsApp ending WhatsApp web support for Symbian and Blackberry equipped devices. WhatsApp Web/Desktop: removed the support for Symbian and BlackBerry! — WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) February 20, 2017 This comes after WhatsApp ended support for a number of devices on December […]

Return of the indestructible mbudzi? – Nokia 3310 to make comeback at MWC 2017

Now, Nokia wants to bring back the 3310. According to information that’s been leaked by VentureBeat, a modern version of the 3310 is set to be unveiled at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC 2017). It’s an homage to the 3310 of yesteryear.

Apple enjoys a minute victory over Samsung claiming top spot as Top Global smartphone vendor

Apple is enjoying very healthy sales of its iPhone with it’s 2016 Q4 sales trumping those of Samsung by a claimed 800 000 units. Apple’s market share for Q4 2016 was 17.8%, a whole 0.1% lead over Samsung’s 17.7% making it the top global smartphone vendor. However the hit to Samsung’s sales is attributed to […]

A quarter of Zimbabweans are using ‘Unknown’ imitation smartphones

A whopping 24.83% of Zimbabweans are enjoying their window to the digital space through ‘unknown’ imitation smartphones making up the second largest chunk of mobile and tablet vendor market share in Zimbabwe. The most popular brand of smartphones and tablets is currently Samsung and surprisingly third place is Nokia pulling strong at 11.04% which means […]

Brace yourself for the biggest smartphone battle in 2017

2016 has been very entertaining indeed in the smartphone realm with major hits and misses, successes and disasters and with how the game has been reshuffled one would have to wonder what to expect come 2017. We kick it off with the fan favourite Samsung which was set to launch the successor to the Galaxy […]

Nokia paving the way for their upcoming smartphones.

A few weeks ago Nokia confirmed bringing back their brand name to the mobile device space which came as a long awaited return (for me that is) hinting they might be launching an Android powered Nokia handset early next year. Preparations are underway for this initiative with the return of an official Nokia Facebook page […]

Nokia Officially back in the smartphone game!

In a Capital Markets Day event held last Tuesday Nokia confirmed in an official company strategy event that the company is coming back into the smartphone game licensing its brand name to HMD Global allowing them a 10 year exclusive agreement for manufacturing Nokia branded smartphones and tablets. HMD is a newly founded company born in […]

An estimated 10% of Zimbabwean smartphone users to be affected as WhatsApp ends support for Blackberry, Nokia

It’s a fair enough reason for WhatsApp to do this. After all, the changing landscape of instant messaging and mobile media was bound to affect earlier technology. WhatsApp, which now boasts of 1 billion users needs to add value to its growing user market, even if it means leaving behind some not-so-recent systems.

As Xiaomi enters Africa, local IAP, Africom takes lead for Zim market – offers a $250 device

Xiaomi is headed to Africa – well, to parts of it, anyway. Official distributors of the Chinese brand are opening their doors to the public through an official distributor, Mobile In Africa, who will service 3 countries (Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria), and all this is scheduled for this month.

It’s more than just the phones: what can we expect at Mobile World Congress 2015?

Queue the noise and excitement in technology, another “geek gathering” is here. All the focus this time will be on Barcelona, as Mobile World Congress 2015 (MWC 2015) the biggest mobile tech expo and conference kicks off next week. It’s tradition; each year brings with it a number of new mobile devices from major manufacturers […]

The top 10 mobile phone & tablet brands on the Zimbabwean market

We recently talked about how Android is now the leading mobile operating system in Zimbabwe, something that is attributable to a lot of factors around the availability of cheap Android devices. But what are the top 10 mobile phone and tablet brands in Zimbabwe right now? It turns out that in all of this Android […]

Android takes over as the leading mobile operating system in Zimbabwe

Move over Nokia and Symbian; Zimbabwe is now officially an Android market. The latest figures from GS Statcounter for the month ending January 2015 place Android as the leading operating system (OS) for mobile phones. 53.49% of mobile devices run the Google-owned OS, which has managed to overtake the Series 40 that is used on Nokia feature […]

Predictions for 2015: The rise of the Chinese phones

Bigger is better, but emerging markets matter the most. This doesn’t entirely sum up mobile devices in 2014 but it speaks volumes about what we saw in the market this year. For the high end market the focus was on how Apple (finally) took the leap and started offering a larger screen for its phone. For […]

Zim startup Avelgood Apps hits 10 million downloads in 2 years

Developers will tell you how app downloads always serve as massive validation for the work you do, so a resounding download total is always celebrated.The good thing is there are local development outfits that have reason to be jubilant because of such forms of validation. Bulawayo based startup Avelgood apps, which is the development outfit […]

Guess who’s back: The Nokia N1 tablet

I have always been partial to Nokia devices. I still remember with nostalgia my first phone, a Nokia 1100, it was small, elegant, and made for purpose. It was a phone and about the only “app” it had was the memorandum function which could take only about 20 notes. That and the phone book, a […]

Details of Microsoft’s first smartphone, the Lumia 535

The tech community has been largely anticipating Microsoft to make its shift to mobile that truly felt like the company is really serious about the future of mobile computing, so it made sense when Microsoft acquired Nokia for a deal that struck US$7 billion. Longtime purists can now see this future as the Microsoft Lumia […]

Zim smartphone penetration now over 15%, but what exactly is a smartphone?

Last week Econet released its half year results that carried indicators of the mobile network operator’s performance and placement in telecoms. According to the same report, Zimbabwe now has a smartphone penetration rate that now stands at over 15%. This is an improvement from the 10% that Econet also referenced in its last financial report […]

Zim app on iOS and Windows seeks $160k

A while ago we wrote about Twigle, the bird identification app developed by local startup Avelgood and its launch on the Windows Phone Store. This time Twigle has been made available to Apple users following its release on iOS. With thousands of downloads on the Windows Phone Store thanks to a solid bird watching audience particularly […]

Zim mobile OS stats: Android market grows but Nokia still leader

Zimbabwe is still Nokia country, well at least in terms of device and OS market share. According to figures from StatCounter, for the 12 months ending September 2014, Series 40 devices are still the most widely used with just under 34% of the market. Android OS is still in second place in with a 27.73% […]