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Lytee Is A Startup That Will Allow You To Hire Workers The Same Way You Would An Uber

Have you ever heard of on-demand services for labour? That’s exactly what Lytee is. If you’re not familiar with what on-demand services are then let me explain further; essentially Lytee is Uber but instead of ordering rides, you’re ordering skilled and unskilled workers. This means you can get plumbers, electricians, IT specialists, someone to walk […]

Hi, I’m Gugu, Here’s How My Startup Is Changing Logistics In Bulawayo And Soon All Across The Country

My name is Gugulethu Siso and I am the Founder and CEO of Thumeza which is registered as a Private Business Corporation. Thumeza is a delivery solutions provider focused on on-demand and last mile deliveries in the Bulawayo area. We have used the peer-to-peer delivery model to successfully complete over 200 deliveries to almost all […]

How To Complete Technites Registration and Become A Technite maybe even start installing Kwese

Techzim recently wrote about you could earn up to $1500 per month working as a Technite. This was mainly centred around installing Kwese TV, a satellite entertainment service, which has recently seen high demand from Zimbabweans. Today, we’re going to look at how to complete Technites registration so you can become a Technite and potentially […]

Want to travel conveniently from city to city at a cheap price?? one word: SmartGo

As they say, “it’s always good to review something you’ve written about before”,so let me go ahead and do it. By the way, by ‘they’, I mean my colleagues and I ?. Over the past few years, ride sharing and/or on-demand transportation centered startups which leverage on mobile apps have been on the rise, it […]

Rwandan cab hailing app launches Zimbabwean version, 263 Taxi – is it a transport solution or an angle for investment?

One such Uber-inspired taxi service, Rwanda’s 250 Taxis which was launched in early 2016 recently announced its entry into the Zimbabwean market with the launch of cab hailing service called 263 Taxi.

Uber launches in Thika, Kenya – Fights for market presence in the East African country

Uber won’t have the market to itself. Safaricom, Kenya’s largest mobile telecoms operator has unveiled its own Uber-like cab service called Little Cab which is meant to provide a metropolitan transport solution at a lower cost.

Uber launches in Tanzania, meets its expansion targets for Africa

Uber the popular ride-hailing service has officially launched in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania marking its entry into its ninth African country and fourteenth city on the continent.

Uber launches in Accra, Ghana, maintains schedule for African expansion

Ride-hailing mobile service Uber has launched in Accra, the capital of Ghana marking its presence in a thirteenth African city.

Uber expands African presence, launches in Uganda’s capital Kampala

Uber the ride-hailing mobile service application has launched in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.

We don’t need Uber in Zimbabwe

Most of us who follow technology and crazy business valuations are already familiar with Uber, the on-demand service that allows anyone to get cab transportation at the tap of a button. The disruptive app started in the United States and but spread virally to the rest of the developed world. 60 countries and a $68 billion […]

The uberification of Econet and its new startup Technites

One of the first services you’ll notice as soon as you get to the Expo is called Technites. This is another startup idea from the Econet team and though the service hasn’t entered the market it is set for launch in the short term.