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Ecocash controls over 90% of mobile money transactions

It is accurate to say that Ecocash has a monopoly on the mobile money market with more than 90% of all mobile money transactions happening on the Econet platform. These statistics were shared by Mr Chinoda of the Competition and Tariff Commission speaking at the Mobile Money and Digital Payment Conference. The Minister of ICT, […]

Cash crisis reduces mobile money transactions and subscribers

The latest performance report from POTRAZ has revealed that mobile money transactions have had a general decline during the first quarter of 2017 since last year. The total number of active subscribers has also declined by 1.6% from  3,303,188 recorded in the fourth quarter of 2016 to 3,251,784 recorded the first quarter of 2017. For a subscriber […]

From an offline to an online experience: the shift in Zimbabwean e-commerce

In recent months, we have been seeing the shift in companies from cash sales to the trendy electronic and online platforms. Some of the most unlikely “traditional” corporate are showing an interest in these “new age systems”. Are we finally seeing the start of a huge shift into online payments and mobile payments in Zimbabwe? In this interview, we discuss this dynamic with Vusi Ndebele from local payments aggregator, Paynow.

Here’s how Nettcash’s app is a solution for ZESA’s prepaid voucher problem

The Nettcash app offers a simple user interface and brings the ability to purchase ZESA tokens to mobile better than the NetOne OneWallet utilities. Except for it being a data consuming app, it is handy tool especially for vending.

Nettcash cries foul over mobile money agents, accuses other operators of nudging them out

Nettcash has complained that other mobile money operators are muscling Nettcash out of the agency network and going to the extent of taking over some agents and stripping their signage from the kiosks and premises.

Zimbabwe’s Mobile Money & Digital Payments Conference in pictures

The inaugural edition of the Mobile Money and Digital Payments Conference and Awards drew the who-is-who of banking and telecoms. See the event in pictures below

Econet still uninterested in interoperability (updated)

It seems Econet, banking on its market share and business interests, is still unwilling to enable interoperability in some aspects of their services, particularly hand to hand wallet to wallet interfacing. This is unlike the competitors OneWallet, Telecash and Nettcash.

Nettcash has something new lined up, what else should the money service fix?

Nettcash, the mobile money service, is set to launch a new product that will enhance its list of services and improve its current platform. We are not sure what the new product is, but there are some aspects of its current offering that it should consider improving on.